The tree and decorations are already packed away for next year. We had a great dinner of roasted chicken, boiled potatoes, green beans and rolls and we stuffed ourselves. We didn’t have any snow, instead we had to have the AC on since it was almost 70 outside and raining.

Abigail and Spot loved their gifts. Abigail got a new bed and little crocheted cowl. Spot got a new squeaky mouse toy and a crocheted polo poncho. Pictures will be below.

My family knows me very well. Books and craft stuff is always a great choice for me. I got book 5, 6 and 7 of the Outlander series which will probably keep me busy until the new season, a paper cutter that I needed since I can’t cut a straight line to save my life, a large owl and barn themed paint by numbers that will take me awhile to finish, a purple book light and a nature themed adult coloring book!

They also know that craft stuff especially the painting keeps me busy and quiet for hours at a time. I don’t usually touch my phone or get online when painting which is odd since I am a multi-task person and usually doing a couple of things at once.


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