Snow Storm 2016

We survived the snow storm! It started snowing huge flakes Friday morning and by that afternoon businesses were closing for safety reasons because the roads were getting dangerous (35+ accidents). We had or battery powered candles ready that night because lights started to flash, but luckily the power did not go out! That was our biggest fear after last year’s power outages during the snow and ice.

Saturday I woke up to over 5 inches of snow and being snowed in. They don’t salt the road which is curvy as often because we are outside the city and we have a long driveway that was iced over so no one was going anywhere. Little Abigail was loving it even though she could barely walk through it with those 2 inch legs. Spot hated seeing it and stayed curled up.

Yesterday it finally stopped snowing and people could actually get out, but the roads were still a bit icy and we stayed home. Abigail has went out so many times the last few days just to play in the snow, she wore herself out jumping in snow piles. Today it is in the 50’s, but there is plenty of snow still on the ground.

If you follow me on Instagram then you have seen all of my photos and videos, but I will post some them below. If you want to see more snow photos check out my brother’s blog at and on Instagram @celtic_leaf

Disney Belle Makeup

Lately I have been watching Disney hair and makeup tutorials on YouTube and decided today to play around with my makeup hair to do a modern Belle look since she is my favorite princess.

I curled my hair with my straightener to add a few more curls to my hair. I don’t know what the names of the colors are that I used for my eyes because they came in a kit I got for Christmas, but I will do my best. My base color was a light gold shimmery bronze, my crease and outer corner was a bit darker bronze, my eyeliner was a chocolate brown and the highlighter was a very light gold. My lips were a nude rose pink with a bright pink gloss.

I didn’t anything yellow to wear, but I added a little watch necklace and bronze and green earrings. And a side not about my favorite authors page. I haven’t finished adding all of them yet but will soon.