Life and Writing Updates

I just realized it has been quite a while since my last blog post so I decided I should do a quick update. 

The crazy weather has messed everyone up. Going from really cold where you need extra blankets to windows open in a short time and back again is crazy. I haven’t done a painting update because it has just been too cold for me, but will probably do some this weekend.

For the last week everyone in the house has been sick (another reason for not painting) so Abigail and Spot have been fur baby nurses. But I did make a little dress for Abigail and it was not crocheted. This was the first time I actually sewed something besides a pillow! I didn’t even have a real pattern (just a simple template for the top), just a design in my head and I went for it. I am nowhere near the sewing queen like my mom, but I think I did a good job.


Now for a writing update. I started a new story and have took a break from the first one because this new one came to me in a dream and wouldn’t leave me alone no matter how hard I fought it. So I put my first on the back burner until it starts speaking to me again like this new one is. It’s a historical western and my characters have been through a lot in their lifes.

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