Easter Pet Photo Shoot – Behind the Scenes and Sneak Peek

Today was photo shoot day for Abigail and Spot for Easter! You’ve heard the term herding cats, well this is herding spider monkeys. Never plan a photo shoot when your cat’s bowl is empty and ¬†your dog has decided to act like a puppy again.

The full shoot will be up either tonight or in the morning on my brother’s blog Colt S Photography and I will reblog it too, but here are some behind the scenes photos we took and a sneak peek of the finished shoot. We both edit differently so you will probably notice a difference in his blog from mine.

Abigail as usual was a good model once she was ready and took some great photos in exchange for cookies. Then you have Spot who decided to tear apart the setup and make us go in another direction. We had to pull our backdrop down so he would stop playing behind it and poking Abigail through it. Normally they both are great for their photos, but he was mad because his bowl was empty. We did finally get him to work for treats towards the end and we were able to get the shots of them together. Abigail loved showing off her dress and sitting with pretty flowers. She would have sat there all day for pictures. Just ignore her puppy rolls as I call them lol.

Here is the behind the scenes photos

And now the sneak peek!

Happy Women’s Day!

Today is International Women’s Day and after seeing people going back and forth over what a woman should do and not do and if being a feminist makes you a strong woman or not, I decided to write a post about it.

First of all, every woman is a strong woman in her own way. She may not be a self proclaimed feminist and think women should stay home cooking, cleaning, taking care of kids and a husband or she may be a woman that works, doesn’t cook, might not want kids and thinks it’s wrong to expect her to give up her career once she is married or if she has kids. Both are strong women for doing what they do because there is no right or wrong way.

I am born and raised in the south where many people still believe a woman’s place is in the home and many older female family and friends followed that path. Many because they were raised that way, but my mom raised me to make my own choices and to know I didn’t have to stay at home and raise kids unless I wanted to.

I have been told many times that I need to learn how to be a great cook to keep a man happy or one day you will get married and won’t have time to work and I have even been told I need to wear dresses, wear makeup more, do my hair more and be a little lady and keep my opinions to myself because that’s what men want. Some of these comments have come from guys. Some men do and there are women out there like that, but some men don’t want that and there are women out there for them. I wasn’t what some call a girly girl. I grew up following my grandfather around while he worked and played in dirt wearing my overalls and cowboy boots, but I still liked to wear a dress and play with makeup something. I still do and everyone knows I’m obsessed with nail polish, but I wear my jeans all the time, I really don’t cook and I don’t keep my opinions to myself.

Today is a day to celebrate all women because they are all strong in their own way!