Review: The Lady Unmasked

The Lady Unmasked
The Lady Unmasked by Ava Stone

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For the last year, visions of the disappearing angel Lord Quentin Post danced with and kissed at his brother’s Samhain masquerade have haunted his dreams and his plagued his waking thoughts. Convinced that hosting the masquerade once more is the only way to find the girl who got away and unmask her once and for all, Quent enlists the help of his sisters and friends alike. He has thought everything through down to the last detail, except…After returning to Ravenglass it’s another girl completely who invades his thoughts at every turn.

Miss Lila Southward fell quite in love with Lord Quentin the first moment she met him, and she’s loved him every moment since. She is overjoyed when he and returns to Ravenglass and Marisdùn Castle, however her heart is crushed when she realizes he’s searching for a mysterious angel he met the previous year, and not for her. Or is he?

And when an ancient evil is released inside the walls of the castle, nothing will ever be the same again.


I received a copy from the author for an honest review.

Absolutely amazing book! If you love haunted castles and ghosts then you will love this book. Lord Quentin Post and his whole family are so much fun especially the triplets. Ava Stone is so good and painting a picture of the details that I had the images of the ghosts stuck in my head all night.

Who would have thought that an ancient evil spirit could help bring two people together by wrecking havoc on their lives? I wasn’t expecting the spirit to do everything that it did especially when it came to Lila’s father.

It’s a must read!

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