Trying Out A Blog Schedule


I have been telling myself for weeks that I need to be more consist in posting on here. So after talking to Christy Carlyle (p.s you should totally check her out) about blogging, I decided to sit down and make a schedule for my blog. Now this schedule doesn’t mean I will only blog on those days and is subject to change as I figure out what is best for me.

Here is the schedule:

Monday – I will either post about what I am currently reading or give a writing update.

Wednesday – I will post a book review. If I haven’t finished a book in time then it will be a review on a book I have read in the past before starting my blog.

Friday – Is random post day. This could be anything from a writing update (if I haven’t done one on Monday) to something about my pets or anything that is on my mind that relates to books, or being a modern day bluestocking. It will be totally random.

As I said above this might change as I go and get more used to it. If I am signed up for anything that requires me to post on a certain day and it falls on a scheduled post day then whatever is scheduled will be moved to either the day before or after. there may also be posts on other days during the week depending on holidays, what I have scheduled, etc.


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