A Little Writing Update


It’s the first day of my new blog schedule and I’m going to give you a little writing update. It has been awhile since my last writing update and in that one, I just mentioned that I had started a new story. I am happy to say that these characters are still telling me their stories and with the help of a new laptop I am able to write much easier than before. I’m a slow writer since I think faster than I type and have to slow down and play out things in my head multiple times to get it down right in my writing.

I had a pretty good idea of how I wanted things to go in this story and as always my characters had a few surprises for me and I am listening. I learned my lesson about arguing with characters a while ago so I just do what they tell me to do even if I might not agree with it at that moment. Some of the surprises have been characters that weren’t supposed be involved with the whole story, but they decided otherwise. Another one was my heroine deciding that she was going to be a woman that you don’t mess with instead of a shy girl and she also changed her hair color on me. The one that shocked me was when one of my supporting characters suddenly had a story to tell which has never happened to me before. He just dropped it on me in the middle of a scene that he wasn’t even in.

I have learned that doing a small backstory of my characters beforehand does help even if they decide to change things a bit here and there. I also need a face as inspiration before I start to play out things in my head and to make them a person. I am not a person that can layout everything beforehand, but I do have scenes laid out in my notes that randomly come to me and when the perfect time comes they will find their place. I know where I want them even if I’m not there yet.

Well, that is my writing update for this week! thanks for reading.


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