Stop Piracy and Support Authors

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Book piracy has been around forever and recently it seems like it is happening more. Some people may not realize that it is illegal, but most do and say that authors make enough money or that it’s because they can’t always afford to buy a book. If you get a book from any site that isn’t Amazon, Barnes & Nobles, Kobo etc or any place the author list as a place to buy their book then it has most likely been placed there without their permission even if the site claims to have it. You also put yourself at risk for viruses by downloading these files and it may even ask for a credit card number and who knows what could happen with that.

Some things that you may not have thought about before which I know I didn’t until a few years ago :

1. Most authors still have daytime jobs because not everyone is Nora Roberts and making millions.

2. They can spend months to a year writing hours every day for one book.

3. Writing is not a cheap job to have. There are editors, proofreaders, cover designers (even if you can design you own it’s still not cheap) and many other things that cost money and are needed.

4. What they make usually goes right back into their books and it’s not much. They don’t make 100% of each sale and to make back what the book cost them and the hours they spent to write they would have to sell thousands of books.

5. They try to keep books affordable for readers because they are also readers and understand what it’s like to be a book addict.

6.No matter what they love what they do and will continue to write.

I know I use to think all authors were like Jessica Fletcher on Murder She Wrote and that the all made tons of money writing a book in a few days time. Then I started connecting with authors on facebook and learned that this is not reality. I also learned that there are many free books on Amazon, Barnes & Nobles, and Kobo. We are talking millions of free books on sites that are safe and that the authors list their books on. My tablet is full of these free books along with the ones I buy when I can.

If you have an Andriod smartphone you can download the Google Opinion Rewards app and earn play store credits by doing quick surveys and use those to buy books through the play store. The Bing search engine has Amazon gift cards you can earn for using their search engine and you can use those for books. You can go to your local library and check out books to read and if they don’t have a certain book you can request it and some now even have ebooks if you only read ebooks. All three are safe and legal.

Support the authors you love by buying their books (from sites that they list say they list books) and of course leaving a review 😉



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