For this week’s random post I thought it would be fun to post some fun facts about me. The original plan for the post was going to be some photos of my little dog Abigail and cat Spot from a shoot for the 4th of July, but dealing with a cat that is mad from having to take a hairball medicine is worse than herding monkeys. Now on to the facts!

  1. Where do you write? I write in my living room on the sofa. I put headphones on and block out everything and everyone around me. I have a lap desk that keeps my laptop at the right height and angle for me so I can stretch out with Abigail beside me.
  2. What do you listen to when writing? My Spotify playlist is a mix, but mostly I listen to classic country music (Randy Travis, Glenn Campbell, George Jones, George Strait etc.). I also have some movie and show soundtracks like the Outlander soundtrack and the Burlesque and Dirty Dancing movie soundtracks and I also have some Native American drums.
  3. Favorite shows and/or movies? Now that is a mix. A few shows: NCIS, Bones, Lip Sync Battle, Outlander, The Musketeers, Game of Thrones, NCIS New Orleans, Law and Order SVU, and many old westerns. A few Movies: Dirty Dancing, The Man in the Iron Mask, A Knight’s Tale, Walk the Line, Gone with the Wind, and just about any John Wayne western or Cary Grant movie.
  4. What do you do for fun? I love to learn new things which usually means I have more than one project going on at one. Outside of reading, I crochet, paint, draw, do hand embroidery, take pictures of my pets, and recently I’ve started hand sewing a bit making dresses for my little dog. I am self-taught in everything except the sewing since my mom has been sewing forever.
  5. Right or left handed? I am left handed which is why I am self-taught in many of my hobbies. When you’re the only leftie in your family it’s sometimes easier to teach yourself.

There you go five fun facts about me. I had fun writing them and as a bonus here is a couple of pictures of Abigail and Spot from their photo shoot. I hope to get more when Spot is in a better mood. I made the dress and bow tie and the photos are curtasy of Colt S. Photography (he’s my brother 😉 ).


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