Something I realized the other day was that I shouldn’t let the number of pages and words get to me at this stage. I started to get hung up on the page number I was on and the word count which distracted me like crazy. A little voice kept telling I needed to be farther along and my word count was low and that so and so story were farther along. Then it hit me that I’m only on my first draft and nowhere near the end so those number will go up. So I told myself to ignore them until I am closer to the end because the characters have a lot to say still and to turn off the little trackers for now. It is really easy to get hung up on numbers and compare yourself to others, but every story and writer are different.

I looked back at some of my old hidden short stories and saw that every single one was different. One was a few pages, but with little action, while another was longer with a bit more action, but rushed, then I had mixes of all kinds. The point was that when I wrote those I didn’t care about numbers and just hoped I had enough paper to write on. I also apparently didn’t care about spelling back then either or wrote in some kind of code so no one else could read them lol.

Those numbers are still important in the end and I do have a goal in my head for where I would like to end, but I will not stress about it right now. When you are a slow writer like me it takes time. Now back to celebrating the 4th of July!


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