Writing Update: That Moment When You Get To That One Scene


That moment you get to that one scene that has been in your head forever and you jump up and down. I have had a scene in my head and notebook for months, but it just didn’t fit in anywhere until last week when I finally reached a point in the story where it naturally fit in and connected to other scenes. I was jumping up and down because that meant I was getting somewhere with my hero and heroine’s story. I didn’t want them stuck in one limbo for too long. This scene was important for two reasons (1) to get them on the same page with everything and (2) for them to move forward against what’s in their way, but it could make things more dangerous. I think this will help me move forward at a quicker pace somewhat. They still have a lot to say, but this was a hill to climb and I know there are a few more they have in store for me.

I also have been able to start on my playlist for this story. It took some time to find the perfect songs, but they are popping up now since I have started understanding my hero and heroine more and have gotten past this scene. And just because this is a western doesn’t mean it’s all country music that helps me imagine a scene.

 Bonus What I’m currently reading!

 I am getting ready to start A Dangerous Invitation and Secrets in Scarlet both by Erica Monroe A Dangerous Invitation (The Rookery Rogues #1)Secrets in Scarlet (The Rookery Rogues, #2)I thought I had already read A Dangerous Invitation, but my Kindle app and Goodreads say otherwise. So I will have start reading it to know for sure and they both, of course, will have reviews up on next Wednesday (I already have one ready this week) and the Wednesday after that or I might do both on the same day depending on how fast I am.


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