How I Got Started Reading Romance (2)

This question comes up a lot for me and probably other bloggers and I love telling the story and thought I should post it here.

I have always loved books and read all the time as a little girl, but as I got older life got in the way and my reading slowed down for quite a while with the last thing I read being a Star Trek book when I was probably twelve. I may have read here and there after that, but don’t remember.I didn’t really look at books anymore then in 2013 I discovered free ebooks on Amazon and got some random ones including my first romance.

I had heard all the serotypes about romance books and told myself I wouldn’t read them because I wasn’t into the knight and shining armor thing and that was what I had been told they all were. I went to the western section and picked a book that was a romance and thought maybe this is different from what I have been told. I was nineteen and hid that I had gotten this ebook until I read it.

The Lawman (Willow Creek #1)This book was The Lawman by Lily Graison and it not only changed my mind about romance books but also got me back into reading again. I couldn’t wait to get the rest of her books and soon read all of the Willow Creek series. I found her facebook page and posted about how much I loved the books and lot long after that friended her on facebook. Reading her books led me to other authors and other historical romances and soon I was a proud romance reader. I started interacting with other authors and readers in groups and facebook parties and no longer keeping to myself because I found others like me and I could be myself around them. I think somehow her books reminded me of my childhood and my Grandpa by letting me escape into the history of the old west and reminding me of my Grandpa when I was younger watching him work the farm.

So I have Lily Graison to thank for introducing me to the world of romance books and proving that the stereotypes I heard of the woman needing to be rescued and that all its all knights in shining armor with no story are false. I may read all kinds of historical romances now but my heart will always be with westerns thanks to this book.


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