What do I like to read?

What do I like to read-

If you are a follower of my blog you already know I read many historicals that are set in the 1800’s England which many just refer to them as regency even if they aren’t set in the regency time period as those are the most popular and available. I do read and love other romances. I go through phases of what I want to read like many people do.

Westerns are where I started and I absolutely love them (who doesn’t love a cowboy). I burned through many westerns , but find it hard to find ones that peak my interest nowadays. It seems there aren’t as many historical westerns out there as there are contemporary or other romances. I have been seeing more recently that are not sweet or inspirational.

Medieval, Celtic and Renaissance romances are something I like to read every once in awhile. These are ones that can be hard to find too and depending on what you are looking for they can also be time travel romances. I once read one set in medieval Wales and loved the history in it, but have yet to find another one like it. When it comes to Celtic romances I do actually like fairies, healers, and spirits which I usually don’t like to read (unless it’s a Halloween story), but they add to the stories and history for me.

Civil war and pirate romances are rare ones for me to read. I have read a couple that I enjoy and it just depends on the plot and my mood. If there is a funny story or mystery involved then I will be interested. I’m not a big fan of the fighting that can be in civil war or pirate romances because they can overshadow the romance for me.

As you can see I will read just about any historical romance and it’s a bonus if there is a mystery that I can try to solve. And this post has made me want to go on a book search on Amazon since I haven’t done that in a while.

If you are interested in what I have read that hasn’t made it on here yet then check out my Goodreads All Time Favorites below. If you click the title below it will take you to my Goodreads profile where more books are listed.

Kelly’s my-all-time-favorites book montage

The Earl's Inconvenient Wife
The Rancher
The Gambler
Lady Dearing's Masquerade
Intentions of the Earl
More Than Passion
Her Wicked Ways
The Outlaw
The Lawman
Lady Bess
No Greater Glory
His Wicked Heart
To Seduce A Scoundrel
To Love A Thief
Never Love a Scoundrel
Scoundrel Ever After
To Win His Wayward Wife
Her Sudden Groom
The Officer and the Bostoner
Sonata for a Scoundrel

Kelly Snyder’s favorite books »
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