Throwback Review: Forever Betrothed, Never The Bride by Christi Caldwell



 Forever Betrothed, Never the Bride by Christi Caldwell

My Rating: ❤❤❤❤❤

Spice Level: 💋💋💋

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Hopeless romantic, Lady Emmaline Fitzhugh, is tired of sitting with the wallflowers, waiting for her betrothed to come to his senses and marry her. When Emmaline reads one too many reports of his scandalous liaisons in the gossip rags, she takes matters into her own hands.

War-torn veteran, Lord Drake devotes himself to forgetting his days on the Peninsula through an endless round of meaningless associations. He no longer wants to feel anything, but Lady Emmaline is making it hard to maintain a state of numbness. With her zest for life, she awakens his passion and desire for love.

The one woman Drake has spent the better part of his life avoiding is now the only woman he needs, but he is no longer a man worthy of his Emmaline. It is up to her to show him the healing power of love.

My Review

This is my first book by Christi Caldwell and I am hooked. I love a good scandal and this was different in a great way. An arranged marriage, a wallflower and soldier that is tortured by his time at war. I loved how Emmaline had a temper, but was still understanding and didn’t run when she found out about Drake’s past and how he suffered. I really understood Drake and why he didn’t want to get married because he thought he was crazy. they really were met to be together. I can’t wait to read the rest of the series.

Review: My Fair Princess by Vanessa Kelly



My Fair Princess by Vanessa Kelly

My Rating: ❤❤❤❤

Spice Level: 💋💋💋💋

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Despite being the illegitimate daughter of a prince, Gillian Dryden is happily ignorant of all social graces. After growing up wild in Italy, Gillian has been ordered home to England to find a suitable husband. And Charles Valentine Penley, the excessively proper, distractingly handsome Duke of Leverton, has agreed to help transform her from a willful tomboy to a blushing debutante.

Powerful and sophisticated, Charles can make or break reputations with a well-placed word. But his new protégée, with her habit of hunting bandits and punching earls, is a walking scandal. The ton is aghast . . . but Charles is thoroughly intrigued. Tasked with taking the hoyden in hand, he longs to take her in his arms instead. Can such an outrageous attraction possibly lead to a fairytale ending?

My Review

I received a copy via NetGalley

This book sucks you in from the first page. As soon as I started reading and realized what she was doing I was hooked. Charles and Gillian are total opposites and it is funny to watch them interact, but also sweet. They fight and drive each other nuts, but they enjoy it most of the time. There was a small mystery when it came to the smugglers and I went back and forth about who I believed was involved and if they were involved or not.

I wanted Gillian as a friend! I completely understood her and loved her attitude about gossip. She didn’t let being the illegitimate child of a prince stand in her way and she didn’t hide from it. She is protective of her family and friends. When she stood up for her mother and friends in the ballroom I cheered. She may have seemed selfish, but she actually thought about others most of the time. Plus who doesn’t love a heroine that carries weapons?

Charles comes off as perfect, but not in a way that would put you off. He doesn’t flaunt his title unless needed and he is not stuck up at all but is always proper. He cares about his family more than himself. He can shock you at times with things he says and does especially around his sister and when no one is around to hear him. He will put someone in their place when needed and in public too.

I loved Charles’s sister and wanted to know the rest of his family. The same for Gillian’s family because of her mother who is just so sweet.

*I received a copy from the author and NetGalley in exchange for my honest review*

Totally Bored of the Typical Historical Romance? Try These Books!

Are you bored with the typical historical romances that have balls, castles, and dukes? If the answer is yes then read on to see some of my favorites that I think are outside of the typical historical realm of romances books. These are books and series that I fell in love with because they were different from the other books I love and I wish there were more like them.

  1. The Rookery Rogues Series by Erica Monroe

The Rookery Rogues: Volume 1 (The Rookery Rogues Book #1-3)This series is a historical romantic suspense. The reason I love it is because there is a mystery to in each one and they connect throughout the series in a couple of ways. They also involve some bits of a real crime that happened during the time period. Another reason is because there are no balls, castles or dukes. It is set in the rookeries of London and shows the other side of London where people struggled to survive and no one involved is a part of high society. These romances feel more like real life than a fairy tale.

2. The Secrets and Scandals Series by Darcy Burke

Her Wicked Ways (Secrets & Scandals #1)Now this series does include some characters with titles, but the stories to me are not the typical ballroom romances. In Her Wicked Ways, the heroine is banished from London for her behavior and the hero is like Robin Hood stealing from the rich to take care of children. In His Wicked Heart, you get to see more about the fashion and fight clubs. The heroine is an orphaned seamstress that the hero thinks is a prostitute when they first meet. In To Seduce A Scoundrel, there is a bit of a mystery surrounding the hero and the reason he is known as a scoundrel. The heroine is all about protecting everyone’s reputation. You are also introduced to one of my all time favorite characters that adds another mystery to the series. In To Love A Theif, The hero is a former constable turned viscount and the heroine is set on getting back some stolen family heirlooms at any cost. There some twists in this story. In Never Love a Scoundrel, there are many twists and turns to the story. The heroine’s aunt keeps her under her thumb and tries to use her to take down the hero’s family. The hero’s life was turned upside down when his half-brother showed up years ago and now he is back again. In Scoundrel Ever After, The hero is trying to leave his criminal past behind him and become a gentleman only to be framed for murder. The heroine is a wallflower looking for adventure by running away with a wanted man.

3. The Black Rose Trilogy  by Renee Bernard

Black Rose Trilogy Box Set (Black Rose Trilogy, #1-3)This trilogy is on the gothic side and deals with revenge from star to finish. This is all about female justice. The heroine is taken from an orphanage to be used in a plot of revenge that has been in the works for years. Nine years later she has changed her name and became an independent woman with a mission to help other women with revenge. You will go through many emotions with this trilogy as you get to know the heroine and hero along with everyone else involved.

4. The Lady Unmasked by Ava Stone

The Lady Unmasked (Regency Seasons, #7)Is part of the Regency Season Series that I haven’t finished yet. It is a Halloween story that surrounds a haunted castle and a very interesting, but fun family. There is an ancient spirit that is released in the castle that is inspired by a Greek spirit. I have read a few books in this series and they are all worth reading. The Halloween stories are a must.


5. Regency Treasure Hunters Series by Darcy Burke

The de Valery Code (Regency Treasure Hunters, #1)The title of this series was what first caught my attention and it means what it says. I absolutely love this series because it involves treasure hunting and some medieval tales. I hope to see more of this series because It is unique.


Review: Beauty and the Rake by Erica Monroe



Beauty and the Rake by Erica Monroe

My Rating: ❤❤❤❤❤

Spice Level: 💋💋💋💋

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Once, she was beautiful…
Abigail Vautille dreamed of escaping the Whitechapel rookery and starting a new life, until one tragic night left her scarred and penniless. To save her family from debtor’s prison, she strikes a deal with the rogue who owns her father’s gambling vowels–if he excuses the debt, for two weeks, she’ll give him her body, but not her heart.

Once he was charming…
Inspector Michael Strickland of the Metropolitan Police has always had a way with women. Success comes easily to him, and he glides through life on his good looks and family name. But Abigail lights a passion within him he never knew existed. He sees the beauty within her, not the beast she believes herself to be.

Together, their love is beyond a fairy tale.
After a dangerous figure from Abigail’s past resurfaces vowing vengeance, things take a sinister turn. But Michael will stop at nothing to keep the woman he loves safe. When the stakes are high and the scars are more than skin deep, passion might be the key to a happily ever after.

My Review

This in an addictive series! There weren’t as many twists, but it still kept me guessing. I loved that it had hints of the Disney movie as that is my all time favorite movie and this book did a great job. I got the creeps everytime Clowes was mentioned and kept hoping they would catch him and be done with him through the whole book. Michael’s library sounds amazing and every time they were in it I could picture the scenes and I was shocked by his father’s hidden collection. I yelled no out loud when everything seemed to be going great and then something would change. Just when I thought that we had seen the last of Clowes I was hit with the twist of where he really was. I wanted to dislike her father, but he really did love and care about his daughters enough to realize what his gambling had brought them too.

Abigail was hard to like at first but as the story went on I felt for her. She would do anything to take care of her sister including becoming a prostitute. She didn’t realize that she was grieving because of her hand and blamed her best friend instead of the person at fault to protect herself in a way. When she finally opened up she was a very lovable heroine that just needed to see herself like everyone else did.

Michael is a unique hero. I thought I knew him pretty well from the last book, but no. He isn’t just the rake that everyone sees’s him as he is actually a very intelligent man that keeps the real him hidden around most people. Once you hear about his family you can understand why he thinks the way he does about marriage. He doesn’t hold anything back when talking even if it’s his sister.

Michael’s sister sounded very interesting and the ending was great. I was shocked that the gentleman thief didn’t make an appearance, but there were more people to get to know this time including Michael’s servants and Bess.

*I received a copy from the author in exchange for my honest review*

What I’m Currently Reading: Beauty and the Rake by Erica Monroe

Beauty and the Rake  (The Rookery Rogues, #3) This week I am reading another book by the amazing Erica Monroe. I am reading Beauty and the Rake this week! I am a huge fan of this series and can’t wait to see what this book has in store for me and what twists there will be. The cover is amazing and very eye catching because of the yellow and I love that. This will be this week’s review on Wednesday. If you would like to check out my reviews of the first two books in The Rookery Rogues series then click these links Review: A Dangerous Invitation by Erica Monroe and Review: Secrets in Scarlet by Erica Monroe.

I also have a short writing update! After a short break, I am back to writing and happy to be back at. When I started writing this story my hero was going to be the complex character and my heroine was going to simply, but she has now become more complex than my hero in some ways. She has good reason to be this way and just keeps finding her way into situations that mess with things and how she wants things. I still don’t fully know how this story will end and look forward to seeing where the take me on this adventure.

A Busy Week: Adopting A New Kitty!

This week has been busy with preparing to bring home our new kitty. It has been over nine years since we have had a kitten in the house, but since we have a dog we decided that a kitten was best to adopt. Because a kitten can get used to a dog quicker and our dog would do better with a kitten than a full grown cat.

We went last Saturday to our local animal shelter to look at kittens and after about thirty minutes we had picked one, but we couldn’t bring her home yet. She needed to be spayed first and the soonest appointment at the clinic was Tuesday with a Wednesday pickup so that gave us time to go buy all new kitty stuff and kitten-proof the house. Which is what we spent the next few days doing by moving plants, cleaning, and looking for hazards. We also got Abigail ready for the new kitty by putting out everything and buying her a new food dish. Wednesday morning came and it was time to pick her up at 7:30am and when she got home she was ready to get out and do her thing. Abigail just wants to baby her and they will get along fine as soon as they get completely use to each other. No one is afraid of the other and it’s just learning each other.

So without further ado, I would like to introduce little miss Clarie. Claire is a fourteen-week-old tortie with sass. She has only been home for two days and knows how to get her way. She is fearless and when she sets her mind on something she figures out how to get it even if it means getting a human to do something. Playing with toys, trying to scare Abigail, and climbing as high as possible are her favorite activities.

She does not hold still for long so here are a few photos. If you follow me on Instagram @sassybooklover there are a few videos of her.

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Review: The Widow’s Auction by Sabrina Jeffries



The Widow’s Auction by Sabrina Jeffries

My Rating: ❤❤❤❤❤

Spice Level:💋💋💋1/2

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Though Isobel Lamberton, the widowed Lady Kingsley, is confounded by her dealings with the obstinate Justin Antony, Lord Warbrooke, his commanding presence sparks something deep within her. But such romantic thoughts are for naught. For Justin’s political aspirations always come first. And Isobel’s own secret past could damage both of them permanently.

So when Isobel’s friend talks her into participating in a scandalous auction of masked widows at a gentleman’s club, she reluctantly agrees…and soon begins to relish being an object of desire. But none desire her more than Justin, who recognizes the outspoken Isobel in disguise and sets out to teach her a lesson worth far more than money…

My Review

I received a copy from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

This is a short, sweet and steamy read, but very well written. It didn’t feel rushed at all and draws you in right away. I loved the back story and how unique the story was. Her best friend is very open and a bit blunt that it can shock you at first, but it also adds a bit humor in a way. I flew through it and didn’t want it to end.

Lady Isobel is such a lovable character. She is strong and knows how to hold her own when it comes to being the board director, but she is also innocent in some ways because of her husband. I loved that she praised her late husband and I think on some level she loved him even though the marriage was lacking in many places. Her back story really explained a lot about her husband who sounded like a very nice guy.

Justin was not the kind of man you expect at first. He comes off as a guy that could ruin your reputation and wild man, but then you get to know him and he is the not like that all. He really cares about the charities he is involved in and he would never ruin someone.

The whole story was very well developed for a novella. I would have liked to know a bit more about Justin, but he was still well developed. Her best friend is a woman that can shock you in the little time you know her.

*I received a copy from the author and NetGalley in exchange for my honest review*

What I’m Currently Reading: The Widow’s Auction by Sabrina Jeffries

What I'm Currently Reading

Normally this week I would have a writing update, but the last week has been so busy that I hardly touched my laptop and never got a chance to write. But everything is settling down around here and I can get back into the groove of things.

The Widow's AuctionI am currently reading The Widow’s Auction by Sabrina Jeffries and its review will be up tomorrow instead of Wednesday to celebrate its release day! The cover isn’t your typical romance cover, but it defiantly catches my eye and matches the title. I can’t wait to read it.

I might also post another book review on Wednesday, but I don’t know what I will read yet and need to go through my books and see if I have another quick read.

P.S if you follow me on Instagram be prepared to be overloaded with cute kitten pictures in the coming day because we just adopted a new kitten and pick her up Wednesday!

What Makes Me Read A Book

What Makes Me Read A Book

For this week’s random post I am talking about what makes me read a book. I know this is something many authors ask their fans as trends change and everyone is different in what catches their eye from the covers to the blurb and other factors.So here is how I pick books that I read when looking at new to me authors or browsing amazon.

 The Title. The title of a book is usually the first thing to catch my eye. If it is different from the others or has a character’s name then  I will notice it right away and probably click on it. Something rare that I love is if the title describes a scene in the book like Unlaced. That was the first book that I read that actually described a scene in the story and it made it unique to me.

The Cover. The next thing that catches my eye is the cover. A well-done cover will always get my attention especially if it has bold or bright colors. I don’t really have a preference out having the couple on the cover versus just the hero or heroine. It depends on the story and title on which I like best. If the story or title mainly surrounds around the hero then I like to see him on the cover or as the focuses if the couple is on the cover same for the heroine. It’s a bonus if the cover looks like a scene in the book or matches the title or the people look a bit like the characters, but I know that isn’t always possible. The book I mentioned above has a cover that also does this and another example is The Lady Unmasked that matches the title by having a mask. It’s also good for the cover to match the spice level a bit.

The Blurb. A blurb that leaves you with a mystery of what happens will pull me in quick. I like to be left in the dark a bit about the characters pasts when reading the blurb. If it hints at something in their past without clearly saying what it is then I want to read it and find out.When I read the blurb for Stormswept I had absolutely no clue at what happened to the hero and had to know. If it mentions a mystery like a murder or a robbery then I will definitely want to read it. I also look at the blurb for an idea of the spice level because I don’t want to get something way out of my preference when I think it isn’t only to be disappointed or shocked.

Romance Tropes. I don’t have much of a preference with it comes to this and what I like changes with my mood. I have phases of loving something like friends to lovers  or enemies to lovers or star-crossed lovers that have to fight to be together. Two things I know I don’t like is if the heroine is kidnapped by the hero for no good reason or if the hero does something violent to force the heroine to marry him. Forced marriages are only good if they actually like each other before and it’s due to a misunderstanding and if a hero intentionally hurts the heroine physically to get her then he is not a hero.

Now I will be the first to admit that when it comes to some of my favorite authors that I don’t look at any of these things when it comes to their new books unless it’s a new series. I will, of course, notice the title and cover when getting the book, but I have read books without reading the blurb fully.