Writing Update: Notebooks Are Your Best Friend


I have discovered that notebooks can become your best friend when it comes to writing. I always have something pop into my head when I’m not near my work or it doesn’t fit into where I am at so having a notebook is perfect for that. I’m one of those people that can wake up from a dream that is a scene for my story and I have to write it down in some form so I don’t forget it. I have a physical notebook and I use a note app on my phone for when I can’t get to my notebook right away. Something funny is that once I write it down I don’t forget it for a long time.

You’re probably thinking ” you’re writing a romance so aren’t you afraid of someone reading your notes that aren’t on your phone”. Not really because I use my notebook as a doodle book too so the front is pages of drawings and if someone did read my notes they probably wouldn’t know what they were for. They are random thoughts that have no rhyme or reason and they are usually written in my version of shorthand that makes no sense to most. Typing out my notes is actually harder for me because if I’m typing then I can erase and edit and it can mess up my thoughts where when writing I really can’t do that and I just put everything down on paper without caring how it sounds.

my main notebook doesn’t have anything on it that says top secret story notes. Any highly sensitive (aka steamy) notes that I wouldn’t want my family to read go on my phone that is locked or another notebook that is kept safe in my room.


Just an innocent notebook. Nothing to see here. 



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