What Makes Me Read A Book

For this week’s random post I am talking about what makes me read a book. I know this is something many authors ask their fans as trends change and everyone is different in what catches their eye from the covers to the blurb and other factors.So here is how I pick books that I read when looking at new to me authors or browsing amazon.

 The Title. The title of a book is usually the first thing to catch my eye. If it is different from the others or has a character’s name then  I will notice it right away and probably click on it. Something rare that I love is if the title describes a scene in the book like Unlaced. That was the first book that I read that actually described a scene in the story and it made it unique to me.

The Cover. The next thing that catches my eye is the cover. A well-done cover will always get my attention especially if it has bold or bright colors. I don’t really have a preference out having the couple on the cover versus just the hero or heroine. It depends on the story and title on which I like best. If the story or title mainly surrounds around the hero then I like to see him on the cover or as the focuses if the couple is on the cover same for the heroine. It’s a bonus if the cover looks like a scene in the book or matches the title or the people look a bit like the characters, but I know that isn’t always possible. The book I mentioned above has a cover that also does this and another example is The Lady Unmasked that matches the title by having a mask. It’s also good for the cover to match the spice level a bit.

The Blurb. A blurb that leaves you with a mystery of what happens will pull me in quick. I like to be left in the dark a bit about the characters pasts when reading the blurb. If it hints at something in their past without clearly saying what it is then I want to read it and find out.When I read the blurb for Stormswept I had absolutely no clue at what happened to the hero and had to know. If it mentions a mystery like a murder or a robbery then I will definitely want to read it. I also look at the blurb for an idea of the spice level because I don’t want to get something way out of my preference when I think it isn’t only to be disappointed or shocked.

Romance Tropes. I don’t have much of a preference with it comes to this and what I like changes with my mood. I have phases of loving something like friends to lovers  or enemies to lovers or star-crossed lovers that have to fight to be together. Two things I know I don’t like is if the heroine is kidnapped by the hero for no good reason or if the hero does something violent to force the heroine to marry him. Forced marriages are only good if they actually like each other before and it’s due to a misunderstanding and if a hero intentionally hurts the heroine physically to get her then he is not a hero.

Now I will be the first to admit that when it comes to some of my favorite authors that I don’t look at any of these things when it comes to their new books unless it’s a new series. I will, of course, notice the title and cover when getting the book, but I have read books without reading the blurb fully.


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