What I’m Currently Reading: Beauty and the Rake by Erica Monroe

Beauty and the Rake  (The Rookery Rogues, #3) This week I am reading another book by the amazing Erica Monroe. I am reading Beauty and the Rake this week! I am a huge fan of this series and can’t wait to see what this book has in store for me and what twists there will be. The cover is amazing and very eye catching because of the yellow and I love that. This will be this week’s review on Wednesday. If you would like to check out my reviews of the first two books in The Rookery Rogues series then click these links Review: A Dangerous Invitation by Erica Monroe and Review: Secrets in Scarlet by Erica Monroe.

I also have a short writing update! After a short break, I am back to writing and happy to be back at. When I started writing this story my hero was going to be the complex character and my heroine was going to simply, but she has now become more complex than my hero in some ways. She has good reason to be this way and just keeps finding her way into situations that mess with things and how she wants things. I still don’t fully know how this story will end and look forward to seeing where the take me on this adventure.


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