Review: Lord Misrule (Book #5 of A Very Wicked Christmas Anthology) By Donna Cummings



Lord Misrule  ( book #5 A Very Wicked Christmas Anthology) by Donna Cummings

My Rating: ❤❤❤❤

Spice Level: 💋💋💋💋

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Juliana, Lady Courtenay, is no stranger to scandal. Not after her late husband died in the bed of another man. Now that the mourning period for her unwanted marriage is over, she is impatient to celebrate her freedom-and what better way than with a love affair during the most festive time of year? Finally she can experience the excitement of spending the entire night with a man completely devoted to her pleasure. Except when she asks Lord Misrule to be her very first lover, the rogue declines.

Lord Misrule is eager for a diversion that will banish the regrets that always resurface during the Christmas season. Yet he cannot accept the desirable widow’s tempting offer. If he did, he knew it would be impossible to adhere to his strict rules for affairs- no debutantes, no innocents, and no attachments-all of which are necessary to prevent future misfortune.

But when it seems Lady Courtenay will choose a loess-than-honorable man to be her lover, Lord Misrule’s chivalrous nature insists he charge to her rescue. He offers her a twelve-day affair, intent on providing her with a fortnight of pleasure without causing her heart, or his, a lifetime of harm.

My Review

I really enjoyed this one. It’s scandalous enough to have your husband die in the bed of another woman, but another man is a scandal that many would have hid from, but not Juliana. She is now free to do what she wants as a widow and has a plan. This one did have some Christmas magic to it by banishing their pasts. I loved how they both hand things they regretted and it brought them together.

Juliana is very forward and clear about what she wants but is also still innocent. She did not let her marriage and the scandal pull her down. I loved everything about her and the way she thought about things.

Nicholas got his nickname because of things he did and he has regretted it since it caused something tragic. He is a very honorable man even though he doesn’t realize it. I loved how he freaked out if he broke one of his rules.

They both had friends that knew them very well and told them what was what. I wanted a bit more back story, but there is enough to understand them.

*I received a copy via NetGalley in exchange for my honest review*


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