Back To The Normal Routine


I am back to my normal routine and schedule with the blog after a month of reviews. I have a lighter schedule this month with books that need to be reviewed so there will be more writing updates and other posts this month so I thought I would start off with giving some updates!

Update #1 My writing!

I didn’t win at NaNoWriMo which I wasn’t aiming for and I came very close to hitting my own goal, but holiday stuff got in the way. I have been applying myself to my writing since then and I’m getting there a couple of thousand words every time I sit down and write. My brother has become the person I bounce things off of when trying to figure something out and if it makes since. His science knowledge comes in handy with some details like how I will kill someone and if it’s possible.

I somewhat know how I’m going to end it and some of the in between, but I still have to fill in some places. My characters are still leading on where they want things to go and how they will act. My Heroine surprised me by being very bold in a scene, but in a good way.

Update #2 What I’m reading

This month I have a few reviews already lined up one being Theodora by Christina Mcknight its review will be up Wednesday! I read the whole thing last night and loved it. I was excited by the title because Theodora is one of my favorite names and we almost named our kitty Claire that.

After that, I have a couple of new to me authors I have not read yet the first is Virginia Taylor’s Wenna then I have To Tame a Wild Lady by Ashlyn Macnamara. I think I may have a book by Ashlyn Macnamara, but have read it yet. I also have The Duelist’s Seduction by Lauren Smith and I absolutely love her books.

I will probably have a few more books this month, but I haven’t decided on which ones yet.

Update #3 I have a newsletter

If you haven’t noticed yet on the side you can subscribe to my newsletter to get emails with just my reviews (weekly), special writing updates, virtual assistant updates or all three. It totally up to you on what you receive and you can signup here!

That’s all of the updates I have for now and can’t wait for what’s to come.


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