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A Yankee Spy in Victorian London by Patricia Catacalos

My Rating: ❤❤❤❤❤

Spice Level: 💋💋💋

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England – 1865…Caitlyn Cody Carrington has come from America to England on a quest to exonerate her great-uncle accused of treason. But his supposed act of treason is but a ploy to ferret out an elusive double-agent. She is asked to play the role of angry, vengeful great-niece in the hopes of attracting the double-agent who will wish to use her disgruntlement to his advantage. Serving as a spy for the Crown, she must report to the mysterious spymaster, Raven, and partner with the charismatic Jonas Jacobs, Earl of Huntingdon. Both men intrigue, confuse and enthrall her…until she discovers why they both captivate her so.

My Review

*I received a copy from the author in exchange for my honest review

More twists and thrills! You will be sucked in with their instant connection and finding out who the double agent is. I could not predict how anything happened from the widow’s reaction to the way everything ended. I giggled at her great uncle’s match making and cried in the end. Any time I thought I had figured out who the double agent was another twist would happen to throw me off track. I had no clue at when it was revealed who it was and almost dropped my Kindle. They were meant to be together even though they didn’t fully get along at times.

Cody is a very impressive woman. She could read people, handle a gun, and notice things that others didn’t. I loved how she could create a scene when needed and that she was quick to pick up on the hint about Raven. I cheered for her in the end when she showed how well she could take care of herself and be a spy.

Jonas is one you instantly like even with his reputation. I’ve loved him since the first book and how the mystery still surrounds him. He wasn’t one to hide from his feelings most of the time and he listened to the advice he was given. I loved how open he was about things and acted in the end.



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