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A Scarlet Woman by Lorna Peel

Releasing September 6, 2017

My Rating: ❤❤❤❤❤

Spice Level: 💋💋💋💋 1/2

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Dublin, Ireland, 1880. Tired of treating rich hypochondriacs, Dr Will Fitzgerald left his father’s medical practice and his home on Merrion Square to live and practice medicine in the Liberties. His parents were appalled and his fiancée broke off their engagement. But when Will spends a night in a brothel on the eve of his best friend’s wedding, little does he know that the scarred and disgraced young woman he meets there will alter the course of his life.

Isobel Stevens was schooled to be a lady, but a seduction put an end to all her father’s hopes for her. Disowned, she left Co Galway for Dublin and fell into prostitution. On the advice of a handsome young doctor, she leaves the brothel and enters domestic service. But can Isobel escape her past and adapt to life and the chance of love on Merrion Square? Or will she always be seen as a scarlet woman?

My Review

*I received a copy from the author in exchange for my honest review.

This is a very different book in many ways and I loved it! There are many things covered in the book that you normally don’t see or if they are mentioned they don’t play a major part in the story. I never knew what was going happen next because something was always getting in the way for them, but also bringing them closer together. Many shocking scandals, secrets, and happy endings throughout the book that keep you hooked. Their love story intertwines perfectly with everything else. Their love could withstand anything. The ending was perfect and unexpected.

Isobel is a very strong woman to have held her head high and came through everything that happened to her. I admire her doing what she had to in every situation no matter how shocking it was and that she kept her head high. She didn’t let her father’s words fully pull her down, but did need the right person to show her that she was worthy.

WIll did not look down on anyone and wanted to help those less fortunate no matter what. I loved the way he tended to always be thinking like a doctor and how he could talk to people so easily no matter what. He needed Isobel and much as she needed him at the time they met.

This book does touch on many subjects that might shock some readers such as abortion, some characters sexuality, strong language, and things that could be considered erotic.

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