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What the Stubborn Viscount Desires by Sandra Sookoo

My Rating: ❤❤❤❤❤

Spice Level: 💋💋💋

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Stubborn hearts might be the last to fall, but when the hard tumble comes, it’ll last forever.

Jonathan Banshire, Viscount Trewellain, has become a bitter, sarcastic lord and against anything remotely smacking of romance. Though engaged to a woman whose hand he’d won in a game of cards years ago, he hasn’t thought of her in years. But he’s also a king’s agent, and as his duty to the Crown, he’s being sent to Spain to track down a missing peer. He goes to escape his personal life.

Miss Sophia Wickham is tired of men deciding her future. She’s on a mission to live her life on her terms, but can’t due to an ambiguous engagement to the Viscount Trewellain. Determined to gain her freedom, she sneaks onboard the ship intent to have Jonathan release her from that old promise. When he refuses in a fit of pique, she’s stuck as a stowaway, bound to the one man she can’t stand.

In Madrid, they search for not only the missing lord, but also stolen Spanish crown jewels and an ancient relic. Through crashing a glittering ball to hunting down clues to exploring the hidden catacombs and caves beneath Barcelona, the unlikely pair comes to an understanding. Vulnerable and trapped, truths are revealed as well as the fragile state of their hearts. But machinations of a madman bent on revenge could destroy a budding romance, and when the specter of death makes an appearance, Jonathan must finally decide what it is he desires the most.

My Review

Three words. Spies. Relics. Romance. My three favorite things in books! When their story was hinted at in Caught with a Stolen Diamond I knew it was going to be a wild adventure, but had no idea of what it was between them. There is so much heat between them that it practically jumps off the pages. They are truly a unique couple that are opposites but perfect for each other. I was holding my breath wondering what was going to happen and wanting to know who was behind everything.

Sophia is the boldest heroine I have ever read and she my all time favorite! I loved her from the moment she stepped on the ship, but even more when she didn’t back down. She never gave up on him once she got to know him and saw the real him. When she kept at him to not give up was amazing. I loved how you could tell her tone depending on if she used his title or name.

Jonathan has the weight of so many things on his shoulders that he needs to let go of. Even though he one of the most stubborn people he is really very sweet. I loved that he didn’t send her back home and took her with him without a thought. The journey of him letting go of the past and realizing his true self was amazing.




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