Sex in Romance Books: We Need to Stop Using the Term “Clean” Because it’s Not “Dirty”

Today I’m talking about something that has been on my mind recently and that’s sex in romance books. The push to write this comes from a discussion I had with a few authors. They all have been told at one time or another by some readers that they should consider writing “clean” books. Because they won’t read any more of their books otherwise.

Now one of these authors is one I read all the time and her covers clearly indicate that there are sex scenes. They are not erotic or erotica or even close to it. This author and many others I read actually write all different heat levels. I include heat level in my reviews so that readers know if it’s their preferred heat level.

Sex isn’t Dirty

Sex is one of the most natural things in the world and we shouldn’t be ashamed of it. Now I’m not saying you’re wrong if you don’t want to read sex scenes. There are a million reasons to not want to read them from having kids around and not wanting them to read it to just not liking them. To each their own and what they like. I personally don’t like to read hardcore BDSM or threesomes, but I’m not going to tell an author not to write it or bash those that read it.

Readers that say things like this to authors tend to say it in a way that makes it sound like they should be ashamed. It also adds to the stigma that romance novels are porn and shames other readers. This is why so many romance readers hide what they read.

Call it Sweet, Chaste, or Closed Door

I personally call anything with no mention of sex “sweet” because they usually tend to also have a Hallmark movie or fairytale feel. If they still have some grit to them like Lynda Cox’s Brokken Road books do. Then I call them “chaste” like she does because they aren’t all sunshine and roses, but still no sex scenes. “closed door” is another great way to refer to any book that doesn’t have sex scenes in it. Any of those terms take away the shameful undertone that “clean” can have.

I get that sometimes a cover and/or blurb doesn’t indicate if there are sex scenes or not. When you aren’t expecting a sex scene it can be shocking. I’ve been shocked both ways, but not in a bad way. But if you buy a book that has a half-dressed person or couple on it, there is a pretty good chance there is sex in it. Don’t get mad at the author for writing it.

If you’re ever not sure if there is sex or not in a book, you can look at the reviews on the site you are on or Google reviews of the book. Many bloggers include heat levels in their reviews.

Why is Sex Even in Romances?

The short answer is sex sells, but that is not the only reason. Again sex is a natural thing and you expect that a healthy couple in a relationship will have sex (the pre-marital sex in books debate is for another day). Everyone has their reasons for wanting to read sex scenes and they aren’t all the same. With authors, they don’t always start out planning to write sex scenes, but the story leads to it naturally and sometimes it’s the other way around.

Sex scenes aren’t just filler and usually add to the story. You can tell the difference in most cases. I know many readers that don’t like sex scenes so they just skim over them for anything that might be mentioned later. They don’t have a problem with sex being in the book, but just don’t like to read them.

Sex isn’t just in Romance

A funny thing is that when you attach romance to a book is when people tend to change how they feel about it. For example, my dad loves westerns, but won’t touch the westerns I have because they are romance. Guess what is the westerns he’s read? Yep, sex. Many men (not all) will read fiction that has sex scenes and romance, but don’t have a problem until romance is attached to the book. Outlander is another example of this. Romance didn’t really get attached to it until the show started. Before then many men would talk about it like it was sci-fi or fantasy only.

There are tons of fiction books that aren’t marketed as romance and have graphic sex scenes. My brother reads sci-fi and fantasy books and just about every single one has sex in it. I’ve read historical fiction that isn’t marketed as romance, but romance is a huge part of the story.

I end with saying authors can’t please everyone and readers can’t expect authors to change for them. There is always a book out there that fits your needs.

If you are ever looking for books with specific heat levels while here on my blog. You can hover (or click if on a phone) over the word “Reviews” on my menu and hover over “By Spice Level”. All you have to do is click on whatever level you are looking for and it will take you to a page of only reviews that match that level.

On my blog, I read from 1 kiss to 5 kisses.

1 – means there are little to no kisses in the book and not even a whisper of sex. You can’t get any more “sweet” than that.

2 – means that sex is behind closed doors. It can be lead up to as in going into a room or kissing, but clothes are still on. Or it’s just referenced as happening without details.

3 – means there are sex scenes, but they aren’t graphic as in not every little detail and the language is pretty tame for the most part. There aren’t usually more than 2 sex scenes.

4 – means the sex scenes are more graphic and the language is a bit more explicit. There are usually more sex scenes and they are longer.

5 – means the doors are wide open and things are getting more on the BDSM (I don’t consider blindfolds and light restraints to be on this level) side of things. Sex scenes tend to happen a lot (as in over 5) or there are just scenes that aren’t fitting for other levels.

Review: Taken by the Rake (The Scarlet Chronicles #3) by Shana Galen

*This post contains affiliate links which means I may earn a small commission if you buy a book through my link. There is no extra charge and I use these funds to feed my book addiction and keep my puppy in sweaters and toys. I only post links for books I love.*

Taken by the Rake by Shana Galen

My Rating: ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ Spice Level: 💋💋💋

Amazon | Barnes & Noble | Kobo

Sometimes beauty…
Honoria Blake knows she must have had a moment of madness when she accepted a summons by the Scarlet Pimpernel to travel to revolutionary Paris and help his League. She’s an expert forger and glad her services can be of use, but the violence of the Reign of Terror has her longing for her quiet, unobtrusive life in London. Then a bloody man staggers to the door of the house where she’s hiding, claiming he was sent by the Pimpernel. Recently escaped from La Force prison, the former Marquis de Montagne is sinfully handsome and charming. He’s also desperate enough to kidnap Honoria. So much for her return to the quiet life. 

Can be a beast…
Laurent is a consummate rake, but even he is captivated by the beautiful Honoria. Laurent cares almost nothing for his own life, but he was always close to the royal family and the little princess was like a sister to him. He will risk everything to save her from a life of imprisonment and possible execution. His plan is risky and surely doomed, but if he can convince Honoria and the League of the Scarlet Pimpernel to help him, it just might succeed. The only question is how far he’s willing to go and whether he’s willing to risk the life of the only woman he’s ever loved to save a doomed princess. 

This series just gets better and better and you feel like you are there in the thick of the revolution. I knew they were going to be an interesting couple as soon as he kidnapped her. I loved every moment of them alone because they really got to know each other and develop into an awesome couple. They could be at each other’s throats at times, but it didn’t last long. The plan to save the princess kept me on the edge of my seat especially when it came to time to do it.

Honoria is one of the sweetest people and she sees the real Laurent. I loved her right away because she listened to him. Her reason for not liking male attention was heartbreaking, but she wasn’t going to let it hold her back anymore.

Laurent comes off as an arrogant man at first, but once you get to know him he will win your heart. I loved how he was willing to die for those he loved and would do anything to save them. He had a huge heart and when he loved someone it was with his full heart.

I’ve got major book hangover after this one and didn’t want it to end. I also learned some lovely words that my French lessons haven’t taught me. I can’t wait for the next one!

Author of The Month: Lynn Winchester

*This post contains affiliate links which means I may earn a small commission if you buy a book through my link. There is no extra charge and I use these funds to feed my book addiction and keep my puppy in sweaters and toys. I only post links for books I love.*

Today I want to share with you one of my favorite authors. Lynn Winchester writes some of the most amazing American and western historical romances. Her characters and stories show the power of true love and aren’t perfect.

Dry Bayou Brides Series

This series takes place in Dry Bayou Texas and one of the reasons I love it is because of that. Rarely do I find a historical romance set outside of Montana or Wyoming. I’ve reviewed a few of them already.

The Shepherd’s Daughter

Welcome to Dry Bayou, Texas, where Southern Charm meets the Wild West!

Ray MacAdams and Billy Ducharme have been best friends since her family moved to his ranch fourteen years ago to start a new sheep ranching operation.

Through thick and thin, good and bad, fire and rain, their friendship has only gotten stronger—so strong that nothing could possibly break their bond, a bond that for Ray has suddenly changed from simply friends to something deeper… Something that makes her dream of days and nights beside the man she loves, something that makes her wish she were more than just the shepherd’s daughter.

Then Billy’s mail order bride arrives.

The mail-order bride is everything Ray is not: refined, well-mannered, and pretty as a porcelain tea cup. How can Ray possibly compete for Billy’s heart when his new bride is everything he could want in a proper wife?

Can the shepherd’s daughter convince her childhood friend that their love for one another goes beyond friendship, or will Billy marry the pretty interloper and leave Ray out to pasture?


The Seamstress

Tilly Mosier has only ever had one dream…to not work in her family’s store. She wants to live her own life outside the shadow of her controlling parents. When she’s presented with the opportunity to open her own dress shop, Tilly finally thinks her life is on track for a bright, happy future.

Until Hank Bartlett returns to Dry Bayou.

Hank Bartlett was always known as one of the meanest little boys in town, and he was meanest to Tilly Mosier, the chubby little girl who always got under his skin. Sent away to medical school six years before, he’s back home to settle down and plant roots.

The only problem is that the woman he wants to plant roots with is determined to keep him at a distance. He can’t blame her; he’s never given her a reason to like him or trust him.

But he’s never stopped thinking about her, the one girl he’s always wanted for his own.

What happens when a woman determined to live her own life is pursued by a man who is determined to win her heart?


The Widow

Leo Watkins is an ill-tempered widower with a busy smithy to run and no desire to adhere to silly niceties. He likes his life just the way it is and doesn’t care what other people think. But when his son convinces him it’s time to remarry, Leo needs a crash course in wooing a bride.

Missy Piers is a school teacher, a young widow, and the only woman in town fiery enough to put a grumpy old blacksmith in his place. So when Leo asks her to help him catch a wife, she’s reluctant to do so.

Until she starts to fall for the awkwardly charming farrier.

Leo doesn’t know what to do about the infuriating yet intoxicating widow. She’s bossy, uptight, and…beautiful. And she makes him feel things he thought long buried.

Falling for Leo isn’t in Missy’s plans; he’s ornery, stubborn, and entirely too handsome. So why does his presence make her weak, and why does his touch make her yearn for something more?

When these two opposing spirits are offered a second chance at what they’ve lost, will they find love, or will their hearts shatter to pieces?


The Rogue’s Bride

Guilty of a terrible crime and dogged by a sense of obligation he can’t shake, Gaston Mosier hopes to find a little peace by getting himself hitched. Maybe his new wife can help him feel human again.

Aimee Prentice is seeking a life far away from the trouble she left behind, and becoming a mail-order bride is the only way out of a bad situation. So, when she arrives in Dry Bayou to marry the mysterious man from the ad, she’s surprised to find a man more handsome than she ever imagined. And more troubled.

Gaston only wanted to marry a quiet, simple woman, someone who could keep him company and bear his children. He didn’t expect to find outspoken, startlingly beautiful Aimee waiting for him at the stagecoach station.

What’s Gaston to do with a bride who riles him as no one ever has? What’s Aimee to do about a groom who is more cold shoulder than warm welcome?

One seeks redemption, the other seeks protection, so what happens when trouble finds them both?


The Rake’s Bride

Jean-Luc La Fontaine is tired of sowing his wild oats. So, after a disastrous summer in France, he’s back in Dry Bayou, ordering himself a mail-order bride. A new wife will help him forget about the siren with sapphire eyes…

Intelligence, wealth, prestige… It means nothing when you fall in love with the wrong man. So, when scandal chases Isabeau Montefret from France, she runs to America, determined to forget the man with the wicked smile.

Isabeau hoped becoming a mail-order bride was the answer to her problems. She’d change her name, start a new life, and lose herself in a small town. When she discovers that the man who disappeared with her heart is the man she agreed to marry, Isabeau settles in for the fight of her life.

When the one woman he’d left France to forget arrives in town, claiming she’s his new bride, Jean-Luc doesn’t know what to feel. But when pain gives way to the truth, he must risk keeping a dark secret, one that would steal every chance at happiness. Isabeau once made him believe in happily ever after, now he must learn how to keep his new bride at a distance, lest he lose everything.

Can Jean-Luc be a true husband to the woman he’s been deceiving? Can Isabeau convince Jean-Luc she’s his one true love? Will these two rediscover what they had once upon a summertime?


The Gentleman’s Heart

Isadora Mosier never fit in, and she didn’t mind. She still laughed and loved and experienced life at its fullest. But when an accident steals the use of her legs, she’s left with a half-life…until she’s given a new one, as someone else.

Professor Allon Banks is a broken Civil War veteran who never thought he could find a mind and wit to match his. As he begins to correspond with Philomena Parks, he discovers a spirit that captures his heart. Overcome with his need to see her face to face, he travels to Dry Bayou to meet his Philomena and make her his own.

Dora is shocked with Allon arrives in town, searching for the woman he’d fallen in love with on paper. What happens when he finds out the woman he’s been writing to is a cripple? What happens when Dora falls for a man who is already in love with someone else? Someone who isn’t real?

Allon is torn between his love for the spirited Philomena of his letters and his attraction to the lovely, warm Dora who seems to know more than she’s saying. When he discovers Dora is keeping secrets, Allon must decide if the woman in the letters is the same one he can’t stop thinking about.


The Gambler’s Prize

Becky Castle left everything behind in France, determined to live a new life, with a new name. After years of so much wrong, things are just beginning to go right…but she can’t seem to find the peace she so needs to feel at home in the small town of Dry Bayou, Texas.

Jean-Marc La Fontaine left home to make his fortune on the Mississippi River. But when his riverboat casino runs aground of a greedy man, Jean-Marc runs back to the one place he could hide—and collides with a woman most intriguing.

Becky doesn’t care much for the charming and incorrigible riverboat gambler, but she can’t help how her heart flutters when Jean-Marc is near. He is utterly wrong for her, but her heart and mind can’t seem to agree.

Jean-Marc wants Becky more than he’s wanted anything in a long time—there’s something about her that draws him in, making him yearn for things he thought impossible. He’s determined to make Becky his, but when life hands him a chance to make things right, will he risk what he wants for a shot at a new beginning?

And what happens when Becky discovers that the charming Jean-Marc isn’t the only man with her in his sights?

As danger threatens to topple them, can Becky and Jean-Marc find the strength to stand together? Or will they fall forever?

— Read the final book in the much-acclaimed, best-selling Dry Bayou Brides Series. —


Dry Bayou Legacy Series

These books were apart of the Montana Sky Kindle World series. They take place in Montana but connect back to Dry Bayou through characters.


Joanna Stopay isn’t in Morgan’s Crossing to visit her godmother, as everyone thinks. She’s in town to find the man who killed her brother. Her plan for justice is working perfectly, until a smiling fool of a farmer’s son ruins her chances of nabbing the bandit who stole everything from her.

Timothy Hanlon is excited about his first adventure away from his family in Dry Bayou, Texas. He’s come to Morgan’s Crossing, Montana, to earn his fortune, but one nearly fatal encounter in a dark alley ties him to a very unlikely creature: a woman in trousers. JoJo is as feisty as she is beautiful, and her dangerous plan to find her brother’s killer can only spell trouble…so why can’t Tim stop himself from helping her?

JoJo doesn’t have time to fall for Tim’s charm, not if she wants to make Dalton Hess pay for his crimes. Tim Hanlon is too smart and much too distracting, but when these two get caught in a trap, JoJo must learn to lean on him to survive.

When these two young adventurers find what they’ve been searching for, will it be love or vengeance?



After years of living in her vibrant twin sister’s shadow, shy and awkward Henrietta ‘Rhetta’ Hanlon is ready to spread her wings, and that means heading north to Morgan’s Crossing, Montana. Maybe she’ll be able to be herself in the wide open spaces…

The child of a Lakota woman and an American Army Colonial, Mahkah ‘Mac’ Solomon is caught between two worlds, seeking a place of his own, a place where he can find that one thing his heart is missing. Working at the Wheeler Hills ranch, his heart yearns for something more, and he finds it when lovely, sweet Rhetta comes to visit.

Unused to any man’s attention, Rhetta can’t seem to shake her growing interest in the handsome, brooding ranch foreman. His rare smiles light her afire, and his gentle touch makes her soul sing. But is it her he’s really interested in, or the woman who looks like her? 

Though wary of her own feelings, when her sister is kidnapped, Rhetta must depend on Mac to help save her sister’s life. When these two burdened spirits are thrown together, will they find love under the big blue sky or will they allow their fears to silence the song of their hearts?


Brides of Blessings Series

This a multi-author series that takes place in a small gold mining town in California called Blessings. It’s an addictive series and I love that Lynn’s heroines are from very different places. The series is about strong women.

The Blessed Bride

Leaving Ireland for America, Patience “Pati” O’Connor has followed the trail of her heartbroken father west, to the Sierra Nevada Mountains. With no money and a missing father, Pati has no choice but to settle down in a small, gold mining town of Blessings, California. Maybe the rough and tumble place could use a skilled seamstress…

Pete Jones has spent a lifetime fighting. Wounded in battle during the Mexican War, Pete is left with shaking hands, nightmares, and a sour disposition—but his new job protecting gold claims in Blessings just might be what he needs to kick the anguish of his past.

When Pati’s new business is robbed, she seeks help from the ornery yet honorable Pete, who doesn’t seem too keen on sticking his nose into her business. But Pete can’t seem to say no to the vibrant, fiery, oh so beautiful lass, which may spell trouble for his plans to stay lonely and single.

As the town begins to grow around them, and as trouble starts to slither in, Pati and Pete are desperate to find a love more valuable than all the gold in the mountain.

But can Pete be a man worthy of Pati’s love, and can Pati convince Pete she is destined to be his blessed bride?

Amazon –

Blessing from Heaven

Nyevah Ivanov arrives in California seeking a new home, far away from the barren sorrow in Siberia. But when her brother abandons her, Nyevah determines to realize her dreams on her own terms. Despite not knowing much English, she finds work at the saloon, and is soon making a home in the boomtown of Blessings. But something is missing…until she meets a stunningly handsome loner. 

Mourning the loss of his wife and child, Jeremiah Bridger has lost himself in the mountains, trapping and hunting…and wallowing in his own private hell. After a supply run into Blessings brings him face to face with the most beautiful and agitating woman, Jeremiah can’t seem to stay away from her sparkling golden eyes, sweet smile, and bright heart—no matter how many times he tells himself Nyevah is just a naïve foreigner. 

Nyevah has never been one to give up, even when the going got hard, so when Jeremiah Bridger plants himself in her way, she can’t help but push back. He’s about as nice as a wounded bear, but she knows there is more to him than that. And when pushing back only seems to draw him closer, Nyevah can’t help but fall for him.

But is Jeremiah ready to risk his heart again? Will Nyevah fulfill her dream in Jeremiah’s arms? The growing town of Blessings already knows the answers.


Bethel’s Garden Series

This is a new series that is set in Washington at The Bethel Home for Girls. I love that they are set in another state that I don’t see often.

Lavender’s Fire

Lavender Bethel is the eldest daughter of her adopted mother’s gaggle of noisy, overly excitable children. And while she loves each and every one of her brothers and sisters, she yearns for a life outside of Porter’s Grove. When she isn’t teaching in her mother’s school or caring for the large garden, she is day dreaming about what lies over the mountains in the distance.

Ashley “Ash” Tucker, is looking for blacksmithing work in any small town that’ll welcome him. Since losing his brothers, he can’t seem to find the peace he once had, and so he wanders…looking for it. When he stumbles upon an all-girl’s home, he can’t believe his eyes—the teacher is the most beautiful, maddening, and amazing woman he’s ever met. And when he finds work with a man desperate to get his hands on the woman’s land, he’s stuck fighting to keep his heart from getting involved.

So what happens when Ash and Lavender end up on separate ends of a land feud? Will Ash be willing to give up his search for peace to finally find what he’s really been searching for? 


I’ll be doing a reveal for the next one soon.

Standalone Romances

Walk the Lightning

This story is part of the multi-author Whitcomb Springs series.

Reverend Paul Isaacs has known the weight of loneliness for 35 years. Day by day by day, the silence and heartache batters him. And in the town of Whitcomb Springs, there’s no one to ease that ache, to fill that void…

Until Alivia.

Alivia Ryder isn’t one to allow sorrow to rule her life; having lost her husband of 5 years she is determined to start over. To live and thrive again. And when she arrives in Whitcomb Springs, her heart draws her to the handsome, reserved, and sad-eyed preacher.

When a storm strands Paul and Alivia in the church, one stunning realization brings the two lonely hearts to the brink of something powerful.


Katriona’s Keeper

This is book #11 in the multi-author Alphabet Mail-Order Brides series. It also takes you back to Dry Bayou.

Determined to create something that will leave a legacy, Katriona Wigg heads west to Dry Bayou, Texas, where she plans to marry a man she’s never met. Being a mail-order bride isn’t ideal, but she doesn’t have a choice. Offered a chance at something extraordinary, Katriona is willing to do whatever it takes to make her dream a reality, even marry to get the money she needs to build her own vocational school.

But if her new husband thinks he can tie her down, he is in for fight of his life.

Race Tucker has spent years watching the people around him find love and contentment, and when the bug finally bites him, he does what any overly busy ranch foreman does—he sends for a mail-order bride. To have and to hold, to keep and to provide, Race believes he has what it takes to be a fine husband. But he doesn’t know what to do with the woman who arrives in town to marry him—a woman more at home in trousers than dresses. A woman more than capable of bringing him to his knees.

When their marriage starts to get rocky, can these two opposites find a middle ground? Or will Katriona’s keeper let her go?


Stay tuned for a post featuring her alter-ego.

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Review: The Governess (Wicked Wallflowers #3) by Christi Caldwell

*This post contains affiliate links which means I may earn a small commission if you buy a book through my link. There is no extra charge and I use these funds to feed my book addiction and keep my puppy in sweaters and toys. I only post links for books I love.*

The Governess by Christi Caldwell

My Rating: ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ Spice Level: 💋💋💋

Amazon | Barnes & Noble

Regina (Reggie) Spark has loved Broderick Killoran, the resourceful and protective proprietor of the Devil’s Den, ever since he saved her from the streets and made her his right hand at the notorious gaming hell. For just as long, Reggie has never admitted her true feelings for him. Nor has she revealed her spirited ambitions—to buck convention and expectations and open a music hall.

While Broderick built his gaming empire with ruthless cunning, his loyalty to his employees is boundless. So when he learns of Reggie’s plan to leave his side and take charge of her own future, the betrayal cuts Broderick to the core. He responds as he would to any business rival…with swift retribution.

Instead of wilting, the savvy Reggie rebounds with a fury that shocks Broderick and stirs a desire he’s been holding in reserve for only ladies of nobility. But as their seductive battle of wills ignites under the harsh spotlight of the London Season, secrets are exposed as well—ones that could be ruinous in decent society but invaluable for the heart. 

Three of my favorite tropes in one! friends to lovers, rags to riches, and my all-time favorite a redeemed bad boy. These two will keep you on the edge of your seat with the back and forth and you wonder if they will kiss or not. They are two stubborn people going to battle and neither one wants to open up. I loved when Reggie’s secret came out and how Brodrick reacted. My heart almost dropped when he went to the opera because I thought he was going to listen to his sister.

Reggie will not let her secret ruin the family or let Brodrick control her life. I loved her from the start because she won’t give up or run from anything. She had a heart of gold and slowly everyone saw why she was trying to leave.

Brodrick melts my heart. We’ve gotten to know him a bit from the other books, but this time his story really comes out. He is stubborn to the core, but when kissed her that first time I knew his walls were coming down. I loved when he told his story.

Little Stephen breaks my heart in this one. He is struggling so much and taking it out on everyone at every chance. I loved seeing more of his story and hope he one day gets his own book.

Review: Mr. Hunt, I Presume (Playful Brides #10.5) by Valerie Bowman

*This post contains affiliate links which means I may earn a small commission if you buy a book through my link. There is no extra charge and I use these funds to feed my book addiction and keep my puppy in sweaters and toys. I only post links for books I love.*

Mr Hunt, I Presume by Valerie Bowman

My Rating:❤️❤️❤️❤️ Spice Level: 💋💋💋

Amazon | Barnes & Noble | Kobo

He never forgot her…

When General Collin Hunt is ordered to take a much-needed holiday, he resigns himself to rest and recreation at his brother’s country estate. But when the only woman he ever loved—and selflessly gave up—shows up as his sister-in-law’s governess, his carefully ordered life is turned inside out.

She’ll never forgive him…

When Erienne Stone defied her family and fled her life of privilege, she never expected to be reunited with the man who’d abandoned her more than a decade before. But Lucy, Duchess of Claringdon, is a hard woman to say no to, even when Erienne’s heart is in danger of breaking all over again.

A meddling matchmaker may be the key to their second chance…

After a decade of pain and heartache, can two star-crossed lovers trust the truth in their own hearts?

I love star crossed lovers and second chance romances and this one is a great mix. Fate brought them together with a little help from Lucy. The flashbacks of them just pull at your heart and it’s clear that they were meant to be together. No matter what their minds told them, their hearts were leading the way. I absolutely loved the proposal scene.

Erienne couldn’t do what her family wanted while her heart was broken. I loved how much she cared about her brother and would do anything to help him. She was very strong, but also knew her heart was pulling her.

Collin doesn’t know how to relax and leave work behind. His heart always belonged to her and he wasn’t letting go this time. My heart broke when he was told the lie about where she was.

This is a great quick read.

Where Have I Been? Life and writing Update

Hi everyone!

If you’ve noticed that my reviews have not been going up three times a week for quite a while there’s a reason for that. I thought it was a good time to let you know what’s going on and it’s nothing bad. It’s all actually good stuff.

I’ve been busy and not able to read as much I would like to. My work as a virtual assistant keeps me pretty and as a beta reader keeps me busy. This stuff you still see on my social media. But what you probably don’t know is I also run another blog. My other blog is a beauty and lifestyle blog and in the last six or so months has really taken off. Doing photos and writing posts for over there take up a lot of my time.

Right now I’m trying to learn how to balance everything and not be running on little to no sleep. I have no plans to stop reading and reviewing. So dont worry.

Writing Update

This is also something that is taking up my time. If you’ve followed me for a while then you know I’ve had a couple of stories I’ve started. Well, I’m on another new story, but I’m handling things differently this time. I realized that being an organized mess doesn’t work with writing for me like other things. I’ve also learned that even though I’m a history nut, my mind doesn’t want to write historical romance.

My muses and scene ideas always come to me in a present-day form. So I am working on a contemporary romance. There are still cowboys involved so don’t worry about that. I am also plotting and being more organized with this story so I don’t end up with a mess and dropping it.

Some Exciting News

Tuesday if nothing happens I will be filming a video with the author and blogger H.T. King for her YouTube channel. We will be talking about romances books. I’m excited and nervous because I’ve never done anything like this. The video will be out in March and I will have a blog post to go with it then too.

Review: Captivating the Scoundrel (Legendary Rogues #4) by Darcy Burke

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Captivating the Scoundrel by Darcy Burke

My Rating: ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ Spice Level: 💋💋💋

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Daphne Foliot has always known she’ll be married off to a man who, like her, descended from one of King Arthur’s fabled knights. That doesn’t mean she wants to be, even if it is her beloved father’s wish. Raised without a mother, she owes everything to the man who encouraged and funded her education and supports her dream of becoming the first female member of the Order of the Round Table. But when she suspects her chosen husband is a traitor to the Order, she plans to expose his treachery, regardless of their extraordinary mutual attraction. 

Heir to the thirteen treasures of Britain, Gideon Kersey vows to do anything to protect his family’s legacy from a secret society bent on exploiting the items for personal gain, including marry a woman he doesn’t love. Except she ignites a passion he was certain died with his first wife, and when the truth behind the Order’s objectives threatens everything Daphne knows, Gideon must fight to save her—and any future they hope to share.

Darcy knows how to end a series with a bang! I’ve loved the whole series, but this was favorite. The story of finding the cloak all the info surrounding Gideon being the heir to all of will have King Arthur lovers like me bouncing off the walls. Daphne and Gideon are a mix of enemies and allies turned lovers that will have you on the edge of your seat at every turn. From a rushed wedding to a great fight scene, I couldn’t put it down for a second.

Daphne is my favorite heroine. She is smart enough not to completely believe anything without proof and she listens to her heart. I loved her right away because of determined she was to find what she wanted. She was nothing like her father.

Gideon just wants to do what’s right. He was a bit of a villain in the previous books, but I knew there was more to him and I wasn’t disappointed. I loved how determined he was to keep the treasures safe. He knew he lost his heart to Daphne quickly.

The ending was exactly how I wished it happened even with Daphne doing the one thing I hoped she would do but didn’t expect her to do! So many things come out in this book that about different things that it’s a favorite. I’m sad to see the series end, but it ends on a great note.