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The Lady’s Lover by Deb Marlowe

My Rating:❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ Spice Level: 💋💋💋

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At Half Moon House, any woman can come to Hestia Wright for help. She’ll move heaven and earth to make things right for the downtrodden women of England—but she’ll never give her heart to another man. 

The Earl of Stoneacre has long admired Hestia. He can’t help but be smitten with a woman with her strength, honor and purpose—not to mention her legendary beauty. But she’s made her indifference plain, and Stoneacre is not a man to push in where he’s not wanted. 

Now they’ve been ordered to work together to defeat the Wicked Lord Marstoke once and for all. As the uneasy allies face untold peril and confront their pasts, trust and passion grow . . . but the greatest danger of all might be succumbing to a love that could never survive the obstacles in their way. 

Hestia finally gets her happily ever after in more ways than one! There’s always been something between them waiting to bloom and she can no longer ignore it when they are forced to work together. The longer they were together the closer they got and it was just a matter of time before they both realized it was forever. When she believed that letter I wanted to scream!

I did not see who was giving the info to Marstroke coming at all. None of my guesses were close even after the story of the person was told. It was a shock from the time that person was revealed to the end of everything. The ending was absolutely perfect!

Hestia has spent years putting others first and living behind a mask, but Stoneacre makes her want to drop the mask and live again. I’ve loved getting to know her throughout the books and this one just makes me love her more. She survived so much but was never broken. The scene with Stoneacre’s mother was another shock and so good!

Stoneacre has never hid his feelings when it came to Hestia and he sees through her mask like no one else. I loved that he never pushed her about the past, but pushed her to feel again. He would never give up on her are judge her for anything.

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