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The Beast of Blades by Rosamund Winchester

My Rating: ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ Spice Level: 💋💋💋


A man as cold and hard as the blades he wields, Brendan Rees is only interested in completing his mission, cutting his family’s ties to the Spanish, and returning to Wales. But his interests shift when he comes face to face with an intriguing and utterly ravishing “lad”. His curiosity piqued, he offers Rio a place in his crew, and his curiosity pays off in the form of a wicked diversion. 

Anamaria “Rio” Florian has spent her life on the streets of Calais, pretending to be a boy, and stealing and hiding to survive. But when the opportunity to make a better life is offered, she takes it, hoping that her greatest secret never comes to light. Because if it does, she may just fall into a trap set by The Beast. 

As the two battle with wits and passion, they discover that there is more to their attraction than they ever thought possible. But when Revenge comes for them, will they be able to overcome the greatest threat to The Beast and his most precious treasure? 

A passion like theirs is unmistakable to those around them and it will fuel them in battle with La Revanche. These two don’t mince words or hold back when it comes to their feelings for each other. The attraction was there from the moment they met face to face which confuses Brendan until a stupid choice lands them in the water tangled together. Both are willing to die to save the other when they have to fight, but together they are a force to be feared.

I didn’t see who was involved coming at all and that whole battle scene was amazing. There was no way to be sure who would come out alive or what would happen next. I knew a cousin would show up and was excited to see it was Rose because she is always to the point.

Rio knew the letter she found in the satchel was important and it could mean enough money to take care of her and the boys. I loved her from the start because saw a way to better their lives and went for it. She could handle herself and protect those around her without a second thought. I love how she knew exactly what to say to make him run to see Rio.

Brendan lives up to his name La Bête in so many ways. He can battle like no other and makes it clear what he wants and will get it. I normally don’t like a hero that is this sure of himself in getting what he wants in bedroom scenes. But the way he is written makes me really like him because he’s doesn’t give off a controlling vibe.

The ending scene with La Revanche is just so perfect and will make you shiver with how it ends. It has the vibes of the final “you have be weighed” scene from A Knight’s Tale but goes just a bit farther and I love it!


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