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Dressed in White by Sandra Sookoo

My Rating: ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ Spice Level: 💋💋💋

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Surviving the wilds of Cornwall is more life changing than they thought.

Miss Caroline Sloane is on her way to Poughill, Cornwall. In highhanded fashion, her estranged grandfather has arranged a marriage for her to a sea captain she’s met but once, and she wishes to convince him otherwise. She’ll marry for love or not at all, but an accident with the crowded mail coach on which she’s traveling throws her existence into chaos.

Alan Blackmore, the Earl of St. Clair, has been summoned to his Devon estate by his ducal father. His engagement, designed by the duke years ago, has now come due and he must wed to merge holdings. The last thing he wants is a leg-shackling, for he enjoys his life of a rake too much, and he means to tell his father off, but one dark, rainy night on mud-slick roads changes his course forever.

Lost and injured in windswept and rugged Cornwall, the first order of business is survival. As their injuries heal, Caroline and Alan come to know each other while living a simple, uncomplicated life. A friendship of necessity slowly grows into something passionate and scandalous, but when reality returns to rescue them, they both must decide what is more important: duty, tradition, or an unexpected love.

Sandra took a “trapped in a cabin” story and put a twist on it because they were also fighting for survival and complete strangers tossed together. I was emotional from the start with the carriage accident since we got to know all the passengers and the details of it were haunting. They not only learn about each other while trapped but also about themselves. The spark between them is always there and you can see it getting hotter with each passing day until it finally ignites and then you will need a fan for those scenes. They are such as passionate couple and I was actually sad when they were rescued because the emotions of going back to their lives were so raw.

I cried when everything came full circle and their families’ true intentions showed. The wedding scene had me balling my eyes out because the emotions from everyone were nothing like I expected. I didn’t want it to end and had a major book hangover. This book will stay with me forever.

Caroline is my twin and all-time favorite heroine. Her tongue has a mind of its own and she says many wicked things. She doesn’t hesitate when she decides what she wants and grows into such a strong woman throughout the story. I loved that she didn’t play games or act silly about things.

Alan is one of those heroes that to the outside world he is a rake and hides his feelings, but with Caroline the true Alan shines through. He has such an upbeat attitude that could come off as not caring to some, but you have to love him. Even when he made a mess of things you still will love him. I loved how easily he opened up to her and how strong he became. He reminds me so much of my boyfriend.

I can’t wait for the next book in this series and see it becoming a favorite series!

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