Review: Enchanted by Moonlight (Fortune and Glory #0.5) by Sandra Sookoo

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Enchanted by Moonlight by Sandra Sookoo

My Rating: ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ Spice Level: 💋💋💋

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Sometimes, the romance of a lifetime starts with one perfect night.

It’s the year 1885 and the world has just begun giving up its ancient secrets. Miss Charlotte Blakely is a librarian in Rome. She’s researching evidence of the fabled Veil of Veronica, but her time abroad is drawing to a close. Her viscount father is dying and has called his children home, yet a chance encounter with a stranger one balmy night might change her direction.

Mr. Everett Desmond is the English ambassador to Rome. He’s dashing and would have been daring had he gone down a different path, but being jilted at the altar sent him far from England and sordid memories. Now, life has grown staid and boring. When he literally crashes into a pretty lady on the street, he’s intrigued enough to further an acquaintance.

Desire flares after a couple of moonlit strolls, and a kiss at the Trevi fountain irrevocably changes both of their lives. Budding romance blooms beneath the heat and they find themselves enchanted enough to land into potential scandal. Is it a love to last a lifetime or is it merely a moonlight indiscretion? Only they can decide what they truly want for the future.

Charlotte and Everett will leave you needing a fan from the moment they meet. There is heat between them from the second they lock eyes and it just intensifies with every moment they are together. I loved the back and forth between them and how neither ones played coy when it came to what they wanted. A week just wasn’t going to be enough for them and they soon realized fate brought their adventurous hearts together.

Charlotte is a rare woman for her time with how she does things. She doesn’t care for society or its rules and does as she pleases with discretion of course. I loved her from the start with how she doesn’t play games and lets it be known what she is interested in.

Everett longs for adventure and he didn’t know it would find him and turn his world upside down. He is also a rare man for his time because nothing about Charlotte shocks him and he knows what his heart wants. I loved him from the start but his grand gesture at the end will make your heart flutter.

I must applaud Sandra because she accurately included not one, but two forms of birth control for the time. I can’t wait for more of Charlotte and Everett because they are sure to be the next Emmaline and Miles from her Thieves of the Ton series.

ARC Review: Kisses and Scandal #1 from Kisses and Scandal: A Survivors Series Anthology by Shana Galen

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Kisses and Scandal by Shana Galen

Releasing April 14, 2020

My Rating: ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ Spice Level: 💋💋💋

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You’ve met the men of the wildly popular Survivors series. Now meet the charming friends and relatives who walk the streets of London with them. Kisses and Scandal features three exciting novellas set in the Survivors’ world, including one never-before-published story.

Kisses and Scandal
Lady Philomena is the sister of the Duke of Mayne. She’s beautiful and sought-after, but she’s made the mistake of falling in love with… the footman. James Finnegan loves his lady but has a secret that won’t only break Philomena’s heart. It just might endanger her life.

This kind of pairing is the fairy tale we all love. The lady falling in love with the footman and she doesn’t care what anyone thinks. This one has the added twist his secret puts her in danger and he must do whatever he can to protect her. I really loved how they seemed to click and it’s heartbreaking when the secret comes to light, but love wins in the end. It’s a quick and cute story that will have you giggling at her mother in the end.

Philomena is a strong woman that when she sets her mind on something she will have it. I loved that she never backed down from what she wanted or worried about the scandal. She also knew that her heart wanted him no matter what.

James joined the household as a footman for his part in a dangerous scheme, but meeting Philomena changed him and now he must protect her. I love that he was always the one worried about the scandal. There was never a doubt about his feelings for her.