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Welcome to The Sassy Book Lover! I’m Kelly and I’m the sassy southern belle that loves books and runs this blog. I read my first romance The Lawman by Lily Graison in high school. I remember scrolling through the free ebooks on Amazon and seeing it and didn’t notice it was a romance at first because I knew nothing, but the stereotypes about romances. I did not know they could be westerns and I picked it because I love western movies and shows (I paid no attention to the cover). Once I started reading it and realized it was a romance I would hide it when reading certain parts and started falling in love with the romance world. I have been hooked ever since and you can always find in the romance section of any store with books.

That is how I came to know the romance world. I proudly call myself a modern day bluestocking (you can read my post about it here). Besides being a sassy book lover I am a fur mama to a cute little morkiepoo and a crazy tortie cat. I also work as an author assistant, help my brother with his photography blog, speak a little of a few languages, and watch historical shows like Outlander and Poldark and not just for the men 😉 .

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About the Blog

I started this blog because I wanted a place to talk about all the books I read and the amazing authors.I also wanted a place where I could talk about my own writing and anything book related. I can talk for hours about the books I love and my family would go crazy listening to me even though my wonderful brother listens to me recap a book I am writing a review on so that I have it all worked out before hand.

I read two to three books a week, but I don’t consider myself a professional reviewer. I just post simple reviews (sometimes long ones) that are my honest opinions and thoughts about a book. I do participate in blog tours, blitzes, other book-related posts and every once in awhile I do something with my fur babies. Here are a few posts that I have done that let you get to know me more:

What Makes Me Read A Book

What do I like to read?

Fun Facts About Me

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