Beta Reading

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If you have a book that you want a fresh set of honest eyes to look at the pacing of the plot, characters development, if the characters are appealing to readers, plot holes, inconsistencies in character appearances, and overall feelings of the book and characters. I offer this kind of beta reading at a rate of $50 per book. I will look at the book from a reader’s perspective and writers perspective to understand the characters and story. I am not an editor but can catch some typos and make suggestions.

If you are interested contact me below. I require a 50% deposit and can work with a number of files. It usually takes me two to five day to beta read because I don’t want to rush and I take notes.

Things I look at:

Readability – if any parts drag, if there are parts that would be skipped over for good parts, info dumping, if every phrase or use of slag is understandable, if any loose ends were left unfinished, if there are too many storylines or sub-plots going on at once for the length of the book, did everything fit the time period, could anything rub many readers the wrong way, any wrong names used.

Steamy Bits (if applicable) – if they are overly cliché, if they are too frequent, slow, fast, not enough, do they fit in where they are, was something missing, if they are understandable, does any part make me cringe, if they make me need a fan if spicy, are they sweet enough if a sweet book.

Flow – if scenes lead logically into the next scene, does the flow make you feel like something was skipped or missed, is there enough time to process and build up between intense scenes, does anything feel rushed.

The World – Is every action easy to picture, Would real places be recognizable in real life, was any parts of the action sequences hard to understand, is there enough detail or not enough.

Dialogue – if each character sounds realistic and different, if what they are doing while talking is easy to picture, is it easy to picture where they are while talking, is there any dialogue that could be left out, does any dialogue need broke up with action or description.

Characters – is it easy to picture each character, if reactions and actions seem logical and realistic, do the emotions feel real, does the focus stay on the main character(s), if any characters are too aggressive, if any were too dramatic or whiny throughout the story, if any were too stereotypical, who were favorites and why, who was hated and why, who got on my nerves and why, were any in the way of the story, did some feel like they could have been left out, if appearances and personalities were consistent.

Any specific things that an author is wondering about.

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