Review: Rebecca (Angel Creek Christmas Brides #15) by Lily Graison

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Rebecca by Lily Graison

My Rating: ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ Spice Level: 💋


Rebecca thought this Christmas was going to be another spent in the cold while looking into tinseled windows and dreaming of a life she’d never know. But fate throws her a lifeline when she jumps on a train headed west. When she arrives in Angel Creek, Montana to discover she’s assumed the identity of a mail order bride, she wonders how long it will take her new husband to realize she can’t cook, sew or clean a house properly?

Caleb Reilly bows to mounting pressure from his ailing mother and young daughter and sends away for a wife. The closer it gets to Christmas, the more he regrets the decision—until his new bride steps off the stagecoach. She isn’t what he’d been expecting. Nor does she resemble the woman he corresponded with and Caleb soon realizes Rebecca isn’t who she says she is. Can he trust this stranger with his daughter? And can he trust his own judgement when logic tells him one thing but his hearts begs he do another.

Another heartwarming Christmas time romance. Fate leads her on an adventure that changes her whole life. I love stories like this because one little thing leads to bigger and amazing things. There’s an instant connection between them and nothing can break it even when he realizes she isn’t who she claims to be. I loved how sweet they are and they seem to be perfect for each other and fate brought them together.

Rebecca is someone you just instantly like with her strong and spirited personality. She didn’t plan on getting on that train or pretending to be Diana, but the opportunity was literally handed to her. I loved how she was trying to become what he was expecting, but she had already won his heart.

Caleb wasn’t looking for love when he sent away for a mail-order bride, but something changed inside him the moment he saw her. He knew he loved her no matter who she was. He will melt your heart with how he talks about their wedding.

Review: Snowbound with the Viscount by Shana Galen

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Snowbound with the Viscount by Shana Galen

My Rating: ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ Spice Level: 💋💋💋

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The weather outside is frightful….
Holly Farthing is not in the Christmas spirit. As a young widow, the holidays of the past three years have been lonely. When her good friend invites her to a house party, Holly almost declines. Until she learns Viscount Ivy will be in attendance. Ivy was a close friend of Holly’s brother at school, and she’s pined after the new viscount for years. But the Lord Ivy has always treated her like a little sister. Predictably, at the house party, Ivy barely notices Holly. It seems she’s lost her chance to capture his attention and affection…and then snow begins to fall.

But fireside with the viscount is delightful!
Adam Ivy is surprised when Holly arrives at the Dorsey house party alone. He assumed such a lovely young woman would be betrothed by now. Adam is drawn to Holly but unsure if there’s anything more than friendship between them. Then Holly’s future and reputation is plunged into danger, and Adam rushes to the rescue by proposing a false engagement. He’s certain he can straighten the matter out quickly…and then the snow begins to fall.

As the temperatures turn frigid, passions between Holly and Adam simmer. But can Adam prove to Holly that his feelings are anything but false?

I love Christmas time romances because they always have a magical element and this one has that plus a little mystery. I couldn’t put it down because you could tell there was a spark between just waiting to explode. They’ve known each other since they were kids and everyone knows there’s a spark there and her friend uses the house party as the perfect excuse to play matchmaker.

When another guest threatens her in multiple ways the fake engagement is the only way to stall while they figure out if what the man says is true and why. That fake engagement quickly turned to more as they spent more time together. I loved how they fell into acting like a couple without a thought and kept shocking each other. When the truth came out it I wasn’t expecting all of it and loved how that ended.

Holly seems so shy and quiet on the outside, but she’s really a strong and fiery woman. She loved her husband and having her memories of him threatened sent her into a panic, but she wanted the truth and wouldn’t be bullied. I loved how open and honest she was with Adam and that she had to know the truth.

Adam thought he jumped to protect Holly because she’s his friend’s sister, but his heart knew the real reason and it quickly showed when they were alone. I loved that he thought he was just protecting her, but everyone saw the love between them.

ARC Review: The Legend of a Rogue (Part of A Very Highland Holiday Anthology) (Legendary Rogues) by Darcy Burke

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The Legend of a Rogue by Darcy Burke

Available now in the anthology or on it’s own December 1, 2020

My Rating: ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ Spice Level: 💋💋💋

anthologyAmazon | Barnes & Noble | Kobo | The Legend of a RogueAmazon | Kobo

Two years ago, storyteller Elspeth Marshall spent a magical afternoon with a handsome stranger. Roy enthralled her with the legend of a mystical sword—almost as much as with his kiss. When she encounters him at a Highland inn, she hears the sword may be real…and that his name isn’t Roy. She determines to find the blade as well as the truth about the enigmatic man she hasn’t been able to forget.

Wounded at Culloden, Tavish Crawford lost his family legacy, a centuries-old sword on the battlefield. Now many people would like to find it, including a villainous secret society and the captivating woman who has remained in his memory. When nefarious forces overtake the inn, he’ll do whatever it takes to protect the sword and the woman who has stolen his heart.

If you love stories about magical treasures you won’t want to miss out on this story! This is the prequel to Darcy’s Legendary Rogues series and goes back to after the battle at Culloden and gives us a story of a sword called Lann Dhearg that flames in battle. Elspeth and Tavish work together to find the sword and protect it from a group that are hunting for treasures like it.

Elspeth has been telling stories of these legendary treasures for years and the story of Lann Dhearg told to her by a stranger leaves her wanting to know more and it and him. I loved that she collected these stories so they wouldn’t be lost forever and how brave she was at all times. She was hurt when he never returned and was shocked to see him two years later going by a different name.

Tavish always meant to go back to Elspeth, but he had to find Lann Dhearg after losing it at Culloden. He knew the sword was powerful and he needed to protect his family’s legacy before it ended up in the wrong hands. I loved the moment he figured out the secret to controlling the sword’s power and when he made it clear he wanted to marry her. Who he really is was a surprise I didn’t see coming and I loved it.

ARC Review: The Bachelor Earl: Includes Bonus Scenes from The Untouchables by Darcy Burke

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The Bachelor Earl by Darcy Burke

Releasing December 1, 2020

My Rating: ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ Spice Level: 💋💋💋

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The romantic prequel to the USA Today bestselling series, The Untouchables! This book includes bonus scenes from The Untouchables series featuring many of your favorite characters.

For two years following the death of her beloved husband, Eugenia, the Dowager Duchess of Kendal has grieved and kept to herself. Her cousin is hosting a house party and has persuaded Genie to attend—it’s the perfect opportunity to emerge from mourning. Genie is looking forward to seeing old friends but is shocked when she learns the true purpose of the occasion: to match widowed ladies with widowed and unmarried gentlemen.

Once infatuated with a young Eugenia Aldwick, Edmund Holt, Earl of Satterfield is thrilled when Genie arrives at the matchmaking house party. Mutual attraction sparks between them immediately, however he is in need of a wife who can provide an heir and she is unable to do so. Genie would also dearly love to be a mother after losing her daughter several years before. Can they embrace a second chance at love or will the demands of his title and the pull of her maternal heart prove too strong to ignore?

This is the prequel to Darcy’s Untouchables series and takes you back to a house party where the Duke of Kendal’s (the first Untouchable) stepmother found a second chance at love. I’m a big fan of second chance at love stories and this one doesn’t disappoint.

Genie and Edmund’s story was years in the making and everything brought them together at the perfect time. The scandalous house party allows everyone to be open and free to discover if they have a connection. I loved how scandalous it was especially the scene at the barn. I was holding my breath when she left the party and with events that followed.

Genie made a promise to her husband that she’d try to find happiness again, but she doesn’t think she’ll ever find that same happiness again. She pulled at my heart with the internal battle she had over being attracted to Edmund and then telling him her story. I loved seeing her go from kinda shy to a firecracker with him.

Edmund is a hopeless romantic that wants a love match and his heart has wanted Genie for years. There was no doubting his love for her even from the start because he only had eyes for her. He wasn’t going to let her go and didn’t care about duty. I loved him from the start because he would do anything for her.

Review: The Highlander’s Excellent Adventure (The Survivors #8) by Shana Galen

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The Highlander’s Excellent Adventure by Shana Galen

My Rating: ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ Spice Level: 💋💋💋

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Just because they’ve run away…
Ines Neves and Emmeline Wellesley have both run away. Ines hid in a carriage from a tedious suitor, only to find, too late, the carriage had traveled out of London, not just around the block. To make matters worse, the carriage is that of a stranger: a handsome Highlander. Or perhaps a big, strapping Highlander makes matters better? Emmeline Wellesley has had four Seasons and cannot tolerate another. To force her mother to listen to her, she’s run away. But things haven’t gone well. She’s been locked in a closet, had all her money stolen, and somehow adopted a dog. When an old family friend shows up to save her, she doesn’t exactly welcome his help.

Doesn’t mean they don’t want to be found.
Duncan Murray doesn’t know what to make of the Portuguese-speaking woman in his carriage. She refuses to return to London, so he takes her to meet Nash Pope, a so-called friend who speaks Portuguese. On the way, he meets up with former soldier Stratford Fortescue and Stratford’s opinionated distant cousin, Miss Wellesley. The four travel together to Nash’s estate, and that’s when everything goes really wrong. On the run to Scotland, Duncan finds himself increasingly attracted to Ines, even though he knows he can never marry her. Stratford has always wanted Emmeline, but his family secret means he doesn’t deserve her. This excellent adventure might bring the couples together, but only if they manage to elude gun shots, a murderous brother-in-law, a vicious dog, and outlaws.

Two romances in one book are hard to pull off without one getting more attention than the other or you lose track of who’s POV you are reading. But Shana gives both an equal amount of attention and the story flows perfectly! When the POV changes it’s labeled at the start so you don’t lose track. Each couple was perfect for each other and together they all have some adventures that bring them together.

Ines and Duncan are absolutely perfect for each other. Both are incredibly stubborn and have what each other needs to grow and learn about themselves. They are a very very passionate couple and there’s no denying the heat between them. I loved all the ups and downs that lead to the final push of them getting together because I never knew how either one would react to something. His mother will make your jaw drop with how she talks and she’ll shock you in the end.

Ines wants passion, adventure, and danger, but the man her sister wants her to consider is nothing like that. She unknowingly hides away in the carriage of the wild Scot that she’s admired from afar and goes to great lengths to hide who she is. I loved her right away because she saw the chance for an adventure and took it. She didn’t back down from anyone and was willing to risk her heart instead of running from Duncan.

Duncan was shocked to find her in his carriage and wanted her that moment, but his mother’s wishes of an English bride keep him from acting on it. But a man can only hold out so long when the woman is tempting him at every turn and has made it clear how much she wants him too. He needed her to help him rediscover his heart and know somethings aren’t his fault. I’ve loved him from the first time we met him in this series.

Emmaline is tired of being told, what to eat, how to dress and to keep her mouth shut. She has no intention to marry and wants to hide away until she’s firmly on the shelf, but she never expected Stratford to come after her for the reason he did. I loved how determined and outspoken she was because she surprised me at every turn. She would help anyone and anything she could.

Stratford has always been drawn to Emmaline, but a secret has kept him from acting on it until he’s alone with her and she’s how passionate and caring she is. He learns that what he’s been seeking is something he already has in his friends and Emmaline. I loved that he never tried to change her or put her down for speaking her mind.

The ending was perfect and I didn’t want to put it down because both couples were wonderful.

Review: A Secret Surrender (The Pretenders #1) by Darcy Burke

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A Secret Surrender by Darcy Burke

My Rating: ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ Spice Level: 💋💋💋 

Amazon | Bares & Noble | Kobo

A survivor of the mean streets of London’s East End, Selina Blackwell has learned to be a chameleon, and in her current iteration as a fortune-teller, she’s able to provide a Season for her sister. Only, Madame Sybila can’t be a chaperone, so Selina takes on another identity as the proper Lady Gresham. But when a Bow Street Runner takes too much of an interest in her business, it seems the crimes of her past will finally come to light.

Determined to prove that Madame Sybila is a fraud bent on fleecing London’s elite, Harry Sheffield enlists the help of the alluring Lady Gresham in exchange for introducing her to Society’s best. With his busy career and aspirations for the future, Harry has no time for marriage, but an affair is just right—until he discovers the lady’s disarming secret. Whatever his feelings for her, he can’t ignore who she is and who she’s been. And when she holds the key to the one case he couldn’t solve, he must choose justice or love.

Many secrets, lies, and gritty characters make for a book you can’t put down. I was hooked from the start with their first meeting and the instant attraction between them. This story continues the mystery of “the vicar” from the last book in The Spitfire Society series and it was a twist I never saw coming when it was all revealed.

Selina and Harry are made for each other and everyone can see it, but all the secrets hanging over them could destroy everything between them. I loved how the chemistry between them kept things light and pulled them from darkness when needed. They needed more than an affair and their love helped them find the truth in everything.

Selina has lost her true self over the years after having to do anything to survive and overcome the past. I loved her from the start because she did what she had to but also wanted to make things right and help people. She finally found her true self and the love she deserved.

Harry may come from a completely different upbringing than Selina, but he cares for people and wants justice for a crime that others forgot about. He knew deep down that he couldn’t let her go. I loved him from the start because he cares about those that others don’t seem too.

Review, Blog Tour, and Giveaway: A Dash of Romance by Paullett Golden

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A Dash of Romance by Paullett Golden

My Rating: ❤️❤️❤️❤️ Spice Level: 💋


With quills and fantasies, they write their future.

Percival Randall lives an uncomplicated life of luxury, as he likes it. Not even an
ultimatum requiring marriage can tip the scales. A conniving young lady who
compromises his name to force a betrothal, however, is an impediment to happiness Percival must confront.

Abigail Walsley dreams of publishing novels rather than marrying dashing heroes. An unexpected proposal and a subsequent Banbury tale tumble her into a betrothal with a man she has never met. Following her dreams proves a challenge with a marriage of inconvenience on the horizon.
This is the love story of Percival and Abigail, two dreamers who write their love story one scene at a time.

From second chance romances to mistaken identities, experience A Dash of
Romance in this collection of one short novel and fourteen bonus flash
fiction pieces.

What a tangled web a case of mistaken identity, a tall tale, and fake engagement can create. This was my first time reading one of Paullett Golden’s books and it won’t be my last. She weaved romance and self-discovery perfectly together with a dash of humor that I loved. Abbie and Percy and complete opposites from their backgrounds to the lives they have, but when together they are the perfect combination.

You see their love grows slowly page after page and how they grow as themselves and with each other. Their love is a sweet and pure love that draws you in.

Abbie wants nothing more than to write her story of a knight in shining armor, Little did she know that she was describing her own knight. I loved her from the start with how independent she was and that she wasn’t going to be forced to do anything. You can feel her emotions near the end and you want to scream for her.

Percy gives off the vibe of rogue without a care in the world, but you quickly learn he’s not all that he seems. Yes, he’s full of charm, but he’s always honest in what he says and wants. He learned a lot about himself and discovered what he wanted out of life.

You got to love both families and the support and love they give.


“Honored guests of The Tangled Fleece,” Mr. Randall said, his words enunciated, his voice loud and clear. “I have read the sage advice of Mr. Stitch from Sidvale’s prestigious newspaper, and I have taken his words to heart. Mr. Stitch is a wise man, far wiser than myself.”
The crowd mumbled, a hushed buzz circling the room. Abbie sank lower into her chair.
“Although Mr. Stitch’s words were for Miss Lucy, I must heed his advice if I am to prove my affections for a certain young lady who has stolen my heart. I stand before you today, a man struck by Cupid’s arrow. From the moment I first laid eyes on Miss Abigail Walsley, I knew myself affected. There is no cleverer or enchanting woman of my acquaintance. Would my betrothed please join me?”
Heads swiveled. Abbie sank until only her eyes peered over the table.
“Abbie, my darling love?”
She ducked under the table. Boot heels against wood clopped their way to her, louder as they approached until she could see the black sheen. A hand reached beneath the table, palm up. When the floor did not open and swallow her, she heaved a sigh and took his hand. Hoisted to her feet, her first sight was the dimpled smile and hazel eyes of her counterfeit intended. Her
heart flip-flopped. Turning her to face the onlookers, he laced their fingers. “My love for the vicar’s daughter runs so deeply that nothing could tear us asunder.” He gazed down at her, his expression full of doe-eyed, fake love. “My only hope is that we will share the same taste in curtains, for if anything could fell our affection, it would be pink, lacy curtains.”
The crowd erupted in laughter, a few of the patrons sighing with contentment.
If it was the last thing she did, she would bury him in the flower garden.

About the Author

Paullett Golden is a Houston, Texas native who now divides her time between
Northumberland, England and her hometown. She has been a university professor for over 20 years. When an oncologist told her she had three months to live, she decided it was time to fulfill her dream of being a novelist. As a survivor, she focuses her attention on writing. Her debut novel has hit the Amazon bestseller list multiple times and has won literary awards. She loves historical fiction of all kinds as a way to transport us to a
different time and place. All research comes from authentic resources of the era and from scholarly and peer-reviewed articles from researchers specializing in the time period. Though she may take liberties with the fictional aspects, she does aim for the fiction to reflect the mores, culture, laws, and environment of the time. When not writing, she can be found in her butterfly garden or on a race track.
Facebook: @paullettgolden
Twitter: @paullettgolden
Instagram: @paullettgolden


July 13-21
Prizes: autographed book of choice from any book in The Enchantresses series;
autographed A Dash of Romance.

Review: A Soft Kiss in Spring (Silver Falls #2) by Lily Graison

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A Soft Kiss in Spring by Lily Graison

My Rating: ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ Spice Level: 💋💋💋

Amazon | Barnes & Noble | Kobo | Google Play

Rose Campbell is happy being the town spinster, so when her grandfather sends off for not one, but four mail order grooms, she’s forced to turn to the man she loves to hate in order to get rid of them.

Graham Hart has spent years in a verbal battle with Rose so when she asks for his help, he jumps at the chance to finally get the upper hand. But one soft kiss changes everything and life as they knew it may never be the same again. 

The whole town knows they should be together, but their stubbornness has kept them in a battle since they were kids. That changes when her grandfather sends for four mail-order grooms and a competition for her hand starts. A deal is struck between them, but when forced to spend time together they let the walls down and those sparks of hatred turn to sparks of passion. They will have you laughing at their battles and needing a cool drink of water with their passion.

Rose thinks she no longer wants marriage after past events, but Graham makes her rethinks that the more she spends time with him. She’s as stubborn as can be and won’t let anyone force her hand and it means when she wants something she goes for it. I loved her from the start and knew she wouldn’t be shy about anything.

Graham loves nothing more than to annoy and irritate Rose and sees the deal as a win-win, but he quickly realizes there’s more to what’s between them. He makes it clear what he wants when he wants it and doesn’t hold back. I loved him and how he could talk about anything with her.

These two definitely give the town something to talk about and I hope to see more of them.

Review: A Duke Will Never Do (The Spitfire Society) by Darcy Burke

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A Duke Will Never Do by Darcy Burke

My Rating: ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ Spice Level: 💋💋💋1/2

Amazon | Barnes & Noble | Kobo

From the USA Today bestselling author of The Untouchables series comes your next Regency obsession: The Spitfire Society… Meet the smart, independent women who’ve decided they don’t need Society’s rules, their families’ expectations, or, most importantly, a husband. But just because they don’t need a man doesn’t mean they might not want one.

After failing on the Marriage Mart, Jane Pemberton has two choices: submit to her parents’ edict to marry their boring neighbor or become a self-declared spinster and take up residence in the official headquarters of the Spitfire Society. It’s really no choice at all, and Jane is eager to embrace her newfound independence. She soon finds an unconscious viscount on her doorstep and nurses him back to health. When he offers to compensate her, she requests payment in the form of private instruction of a scandalous and intimate kind.

Having spiraled into a self-destructive abyss following the murder of his parents, Anthony, Viscount Colton, physically recovers under the care of an alluring spitfire. But it is her charm and flirtatiousness that soothes his soul and arouses his desire—until an extortion scheme forces him to face the sins of his past. Now, to save the woman who’s given him everything he lost and more, he’ll have to pay the ultimate price: his heart.

I was hooked from page one and couldn’t put it down all night. Secrets and scandals surround both of them and that makes for a very different kind of courtship. They both have a charm about them that makes you love them instantly and you never know what they are going to get up to. They give each other strength and passion to overcome anything that is thrown at them.

I never got close to predicting who was behind the extortion or rumor and was on pins and needles wanting to know who and why. It’s a journey of letting go of guilt and learning to feel along with letting go of the past. The ending was perfect and I didn’t want it to end.

Jane caused a scandal by declaring herself a spinster so why not be even more scandalous and enjoy the pleasures she’s heard about. I loved her right away because she saw the hurt inside him and wasn’t going to let him keep spiraling out of control. She did what no one else could do and pulled him from his guilt and helped him to feel again.

Anthony has been trying to drink his guilt and grief away, but Jane brings a new light into his life. He doesn’t want to love her, but he can’t be without her. I loved seeing him learn to let go of the past and that he is a good man. He realized that he could survive a scandal with Jane at his side.

This series get better with each book!

Review: Ladies Prefer Adventure (Fortune and Glory #1) by Sandra Sookoo

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Ladies Prefer Adventure by Sandra Sookoo

My Rating: ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ Spice Level: 💋💋💋1/2

Amazon | Barnes & Noble | Kobo

Fulfilling a lifetime mission is much more fun when romance is woven into the adventure.

The Honorable Charlotte Blakely is closing in on the actual location of the Veil of Veronica, carrying on her beloved late grandfather’s quest. Satisfying his last wish is all she’s ever wanted from life… until the possibility of a courtship with the handsome English ambassador to Rome made itself known. But does love mean giving up her hard-won independence?

Mr. Everett Desmond spends far too much time behind a desk and entertaining dignitaries. He thought that was what he wanted from life… until an intriguing lady gave him a taste of adventure. But treasure-hunting comes at a price and, thanks to a failed engagement, he’s leery of romance.

Balancing each leg of the quest with the heat and passion simmering between them keeps Charlotte and Everett on the razor’s edge. When danger and death collide with the joy of adventure, truths they’ve denied themselves come into sharp focus. But with a bit of faith, they may discover a treasure far more priceless than a religious relic in their hands. 

These two have to be the most passionate couple and not just in the bedroom. The passion for finding the veil and the adventure leaps off the pages and it’s like you are there. Neither one was looking for romance and it’s a bumpy road for them as they try to figure out if there’s more than just passion between them and if they want more. I loved how they both slowly opened up and learned about themselves as well as each other.

I loved the search for the veil just as much as the romance and even though I figured who would cause problems I didn’t expect the reasons behind it. I was holding my breath in the end not knowing what was going to happen as they battled for their lives.

Charlotte fears love means the end of her Independence so her interest in men isn’t with marriage in mind, but her heart knows what it wants. I love her because there’s so much to her and you learn about her throughout the book. She’s passionate and headstrong but learns to open her heart.

Everett guards his heart after the woman he thought loved him left, but something about Charlotte tears down the walls surrounding it. I love that he pushes her and won’t let her push him away while helping her see she can love. There’s no doubt how he feels about her and that he won’t hold her back.

In the end I didn’t want it to end because they are such an interesting couple that I hope to see more of.