Review: The Pirate’s Stowaway Bride by Anne Stryker


The Pirate’s Stowaway Bride by Anne Stryker


My Rating: ❤❤ 1/2 Spice Level: 💋

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Sit still. Be quiet. Obey.

Adora has lived her entire life under her mother’s strict rules, but when obedience means marrying a man twice her age, something deep within her snaps. Fleeing the night of her wedding, she boards what she assumes is a trade ship and hides among the cargo she hopes won’t be touched until she’s far away from the life she left behind.

She never anticipated being found.

Or finding Fenix.

Fenix believes in freedom, expression, and adventure. When a woman in a wedding gown is found in the belly of his ship with eyes like fire and the disposition of something almost broken, he wants nothing more than to release the flames and mend the cracks.

But with her past catching up to them, he may not have the chance.

My Review

I was excited to read from page one with her hiding in her wedding dress. But there wasn’t enough background for me to get to know them. I think if it had been longer the romance could have sparked between them more. I expected a twist at some point that would bring them closer or reveal something, but it didn’t happen. I did love the scenes of them climbing, looking at the sky, and with the puppy. They were both different from what you would expect.

Adora is a strong girl to run when she did and not show fear. I really like how open she could be with others. She could fight too when needed.

Fenix is not your typical pirate and is very caring. I loved him with the puppy and how he was with his crew.

I think this would be a great quick read for younger girls that love HEA stories, but wouldn’t enjoy historical ways of speaking. So they get a feel for it without that part with the way this is written.