Review: Her Sudden Groom (The Grooms #1) by Rose Gordon



Her Sudden Groom by Rose Gordon (also a part of It Started With A Kiss Regency Box Set)

My Rating: ❤❤❤❤❤

Spice Level:  💋💋💋1/2


The overly scientific, always respectable, and socially awkward Alexander Banks has just been informed his name resides on a betrothal agreement right above the name of the worst chit in all of England. With a loophole that allows him to marry another without consequence before the thirtieth anniversary of his birth, he has only four weeks to find another woman and make her his wife. Being the logical scientist he is, Alex decides to take his friend’s advice and treat his quest for a bride just like a science experiment…

Caroline Sinclair is still trying to scrape her jaw off the floor after hearing her cousin, Lady Olivia’s, latest announcement when the object of their conversation, Alex Banks, Olivia’s intended, arrives for what Caroline assumes is a bout of drawing room chitchat with his betrothed. But when an experiment is mentioned, Caroline, who cannot resist a science experiment any more than she can deny her lungs air, volunteers to help before she even knows what his latest experiment is!

My Review

I think Alex Banks may be my new book crush! I loved how he went from this nerdy kid to a great man. After the wedding, I was saying I don’t know what else will happen, but then there was a lot more to the story and I was surprised by it all in a good way. I cried about his father, I was shocked to learn the true identity of the experiments Alex copied, and I loved when her father showed up and to me, that is when Alex fully left behind the nerdy shy kid he was and became the great man he is.

Caroline is a shy and intelligent girl that is stuck with a cousin that acts like she above everyone. She has some surprises.

Alex is a smart man that tries to use science to get the woman he wants and keep from marrying the one he doesn’t want. He learns along the way.


Throwback Review: Anna: Bride of Alabama (American Mail-Order Brides #22) by Lily Graison



 Anna: Bride of Alabama by Lily Graison

My Rating: ❤❤❤❤

Spice Level: 💋💋

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Anna: Bride of Alabama is book 22 in the unprecedented 50-book American Mail-Order Brides series.

After a warehouse fire changes her life, Anna Davis makes a desperate decision. Along with the other single women she worked alongside, she places her fate into the hands of a random stranger she found in a mail order bride catalog, the Grooms’ Gazette. But little does she know, the man she thought placed the ad has no idea he promised to marry her.

Gabriel Montgomery has more problems than any one man needs. A neglected cotton plantation, a home in desperate need of repair and Julia, his twelve year old daughter who is more mature than she needs to be. Her antics try his patience on a daily basis but nothing prepares him for her latest scheme.

When Anna shows up on his door with an infectious smile and a promise to love, honor and cherish him, he knows Julia is behind this latest development. He has no desire to marry again, even if the sweet natured Anna is proving to be exactly the kind of woman he needs. He just has to convince Julia that she doesn’t need a new mother and himself that he doesn’t want a new wife. A task that proves almost impossible, especially when Anna reminds him that every day should be savored like its your last.

My Review

Even though it’s a short story I really liked it. Julia was my absolute favorite because she acted like a kid, but also was like an adult at times and didn’t really seem spoiled to me because she wasn’t just thinking about herself. Anna and Gabriel were perfect for each other because they seemed in sync with each other somehow. I was shocked by what happened at the party and the stuff about his first and would have loved to have gotten to know the characters better with a longer book. I needed more about his first wife to full understand everything, but it was still a great book.

*I received a copy from the author in exchange for my honest review*

Throwback Review: Forever Betrothed, Never The Bride by Christi Caldwell



 Forever Betrothed, Never the Bride by Christi Caldwell

My Rating: ❤❤❤❤❤

Spice Level: 💋💋💋

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Hopeless romantic, Lady Emmaline Fitzhugh, is tired of sitting with the wallflowers, waiting for her betrothed to come to his senses and marry her. When Emmaline reads one too many reports of his scandalous liaisons in the gossip rags, she takes matters into her own hands.

War-torn veteran, Lord Drake devotes himself to forgetting his days on the Peninsula through an endless round of meaningless associations. He no longer wants to feel anything, but Lady Emmaline is making it hard to maintain a state of numbness. With her zest for life, she awakens his passion and desire for love.

The one woman Drake has spent the better part of his life avoiding is now the only woman he needs, but he is no longer a man worthy of his Emmaline. It is up to her to show him the healing power of love.

My Review

This is my first book by Christi Caldwell and I am hooked. I love a good scandal and this was different in a great way. An arranged marriage, a wallflower and soldier that is tortured by his time at war. I loved how Emmaline had a temper, but was still understanding and didn’t run when she found out about Drake’s past and how he suffered. I really understood Drake and why he didn’t want to get married because he thought he was crazy. they really were met to be together. I can’t wait to read the rest of the series.