Back To The Normal Routine


I am back to my normal routine and schedule with the blog after a month of reviews. I have a lighter schedule this month with books that need to be reviewed so there will be more writing updates and other posts this month so I thought I would start off with giving some updates!

Update #1 My writing!

I didn’t win at NaNoWriMo which I wasn’t aiming for and I came very close to hitting my own goal, but holiday stuff got in the way. I have been applying myself to my writing since then and I’m getting there a couple of thousand words every time I sit down and write. My brother has become the person I bounce things off of when trying to figure something out and if it makes since. His science knowledge comes in handy with some details like how I will kill someone and if it’s possible.

I somewhat know how I’m going to end it and some of the in between, but I still have to fill in some places. My characters are still leading on where they want things to go and how they will act. My Heroine surprised me by being very bold in a scene, but in a good way.

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Special Post: One Year Old! Blog Anniversary!


Today marks one year since I decided to start my blog! When I first started I didn’t know what I was really going to do with it and didn’t actually post anything until the 14th because I was working on how I wanted it to look. My first few posts  were my fur babies, nail polish, and Christmas themed. They were all spaced out and not very good looking and I still wasn’t sure about what I was going to blog about. Then one day I realized I should blog about books and here I am 103 (including this one) posts later!

There have been changes in the year since I started. I have a new logo, changed the color scheme, have a schedule for posting, added author assistant services, and few other things that you probably have noticed. It has taken time to learn and get used to everything, but I am loving it every step of the way.

I have connected with some great authors, bloggers, and aspiring writers like myself through blogging. I am looking forward to the next year of reading and writing.

What I Do When I’m Not Reading


Yes, there are times that I don’t have a book in my hands I know it’s shocking. Lol. You already know I write and post a million photos of my fur babies, but there are other things I do and I’m going to tell you about them.

I love to do crafts and currently have a few projects that are waiting to be finished. I do hand embroidery and my reason for learning to do it was because of historical romance. I loved reading about the ladies doing it and the designs they did. I love to paint and it is also somewhat inspired by historical romance too, but I started doing it for fun as a kid.  I crochet and if you follow me on Instagram then you have seen the Outlander inspired fingerless gloves I’ve made and the dog clothes. Something I don’t do often, but love is sketching and I have done it since I was little.

Something else I do when I’m not reading is I play with hair and makeup. I love to do vintage hairstyles or at least try to do them, but I also love to put different colors in my hair for fun. I love makeup and seeing what looks I can create with it. I love learning new ways to do it and the same with nail polish. My family will tell you I am addicted to painting my nails.

I spend a lot of time on YouTube watching all kind of videos from vloggers to hair and makeup to movie clips and music videos. It’s a great way to relax at night and have a good laugh depending on the videos. I use it to learn things too especially when crocheting a new stitch or a hairstyle.

I have also started virtual assisting as a job. I realized it could give me the freedom to write my book and read while working from home or where ever I am that day.

Happy Halloween! Fur Babies Photo Shoot Outtakes

Halloween is my favorite holiday so of course, I need to make costumes for my fur babies. I pet my sewing skills to the test this time by actually sewing a full costume for Abigail. I had to have a nod to historical romance by making her a little saloon/dance hall girl outfit. I hand sew everything so it took about a week for me to sew it, but it was fun and kept my hands busy. I went easy with Claire’s fairy costume since this is her first Halloween and I wanted to be able to use it again and we didn’t know how well she would take to being dressed up. She didn’t mind being dressed up at all, but holding still for photos was a challenge for her even with treats and knowing to say please by sitting (she has been taught to sit).

I call these photos the herding of flying squirrels because if one held still the other didn’t even though Abigail is the best at being a model she got annoyed with Claire jumping over her and not having as much space as we usually have to sit due to a different backdrop.

Photos are courtesy of Colt S. Photography and the full shoot will be on his blog Monday morning! There is a bonus shot of the back of Abigail’s costume.


Happy Labor Day

Happy Labor Day everyone! I hope everyone has a great day. My whole house has been sick since last week and it got me late late week, which is why there was no Random Friday Post. I spent most of Friday sleeping with a horrible sore throat. I don’t have a writing update or what I’m currently reading today, but hopefully will feel better by Wednesday for a throwback review post since I haven’t gotten any reading done.

A Busy Week: Adopting A New Kitty!

This week has been busy with preparing to bring home our new kitty. It has been over nine years since we have had a kitten in the house, but since we have a dog we decided that a kitten was best to adopt. Because a kitten can get used to a dog quicker and our dog would do better with a kitten than a full grown cat.

We went last Saturday to our local animal shelter to look at kittens and after about thirty minutes we had picked one, but we couldn’t bring her home yet. She needed to be spayed first and the soonest appointment at the clinic was Tuesday with a Wednesday pickup so that gave us time to go buy all new kitty stuff and kitten-proof the house. Which is what we spent the next few days doing by moving plants, cleaning, and looking for hazards. We also got Abigail ready for the new kitty by putting out everything and buying her a new food dish. Wednesday morning came and it was time to pick her up at 7:30am and when she got home she was ready to get out and do her thing. Abigail just wants to baby her and they will get along fine as soon as they get completely use to each other. No one is afraid of the other and it’s just learning each other.

So without further ado, I would like to introduce little miss Clarie. Claire is a fourteen-week-old tortie with sass. She has only been home for two days and knows how to get her way. She is fearless and when she sets her mind on something she figures out how to get it even if it means getting a human to do something. Playing with toys, trying to scare Abigail, and climbing as high as possible are her favorite activities.

She does not hold still for long so here are a few photos. If you follow me on Instagram @sassybooklover there are a few videos of her.

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What I’m Currently Reading: The Widow’s Auction by Sabrina Jeffries

What I'm Currently Reading

Normally this week I would have a writing update, but the last week has been so busy that I hardly touched my laptop and never got a chance to write. But everything is settling down around here and I can get back into the groove of things.

The Widow's AuctionI am currently reading The Widow’s Auction by Sabrina Jeffries and its review will be up tomorrow instead of Wednesday to celebrate its release day! The cover isn’t your typical romance cover, but it defiantly catches my eye and matches the title. I can’t wait to read it.

I might also post another book review on Wednesday, but I don’t know what I will read yet and need to go through my books and see if I have another quick read.

P.S if you follow me on Instagram be prepared to be overloaded with cute kitten pictures in the coming day because we just adopted a new kitten and pick her up Wednesday!

What I’m Currently Reading (short post)

What I'm Currently Reading

This week I will be reading Never Tempt a Rogue: A Rogues’ Rulebook Novella by Christy Carlyle and then I will be starting The Widow’s Auction by Sabrina Jeffries. I am huge fans of both of them and can’t wait to read these.

Never Tempt a Rogue: A Rogues' Rulebook Novella The Widow's Auction

This is a short blog post because this is a sad time in our house right now. Our beloved cat Spot that you have seen in many pictures passed away the other night and we are taking some time to give extra love to Abigail as they were best friends. I will still post my review Wednesday and my random blog Friday.

How I Started Reading Romance

How I Got Started Reading Romance (2)

This question comes up a lot for me and probably other bloggers and I love telling the story and thought I should post it here.

I have always loved books and read all the time as a little girl, but as I got older life got in the way and my reading slowed down for quite a while with the last thing I read being a Star Trek book when I was probably twelve. I may have read here and there after that, but don’t remember.I didn’t really look at books anymore then in 2013 I discovered free ebooks on Amazon and got some random ones including my first romance.

I had heard all the serotypes about romance books and told myself I wouldn’t read them because I wasn’t into the knight and shining armor thing and that was what I had been told they all were. I went to the western section and picked a book that was a romance and thought maybe this is different from what I have been told. I was nineteen and hid that I had gotten this ebook until I read it.

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