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Today was the solar eclipse! It was amazing and we had our own little party in the backyard. The excitement was just bouncing off of my brother and infecting the rest of us. Claire was the only fur baby really looking outside during it and didn’t know what to think of it when it suddenly was darker. Abigail paid no attention and was watching tv, but did come outside right after to enjoy the change in temperature. Below are some of the photos from my Instagram where I caught Colt in action and check out my profile for more photos and a video. Check out my brother’s blog Colt S. Photography tomorrow for his photos and follow his Instagram for a preview later today.


Random Friday: Behind the Scenes of Easter Photoshoot

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For Random Friday this week, I have a special treat because yesterday we did the Easter photoshoot with Lady Abigail and Lady Claire. Things have been so busy lately that we didn’t know if we would be able to do a shoot or not, but my brother (the photographer) had some down time to do it. As usual, there are plenty of behind the scenes photos for me to share and the final photos will be posted on Colt S Photography on Sunday for Easter.

We didn’t dress them up this time because it was 80 degrees out and even though the photos are done inside it’s hot and hard work for everyone. Lady Abigail did get a new flower for her collar and Lady Claire wore her other collar (that wasn’t as worn looking). These photos show Lady Claire’s silly and hyper personality and Lady Abigail’s love of photos. I only came out with one scratch to my hand from holding treats and it was better than last time in getting both to hold still and look the same direction.

Here are the fun photos:

Special Post: One Year Old! Blog Anniversary!


Today marks one year since I decided to start my blog! When I first started I didn’t know what I was really going to do with it and didn’t actually post anything until the 14th because I was working on how I wanted it to look. My first few posts  were my fur babies, nail polish, and Christmas themed. They were all spaced out and not very good looking and I still wasn’t sure about what I was going to blog about. Then one day I realized I should blog about books and here I am 103 (including this one) posts later!

There have been changes in the year since I started. I have a new logo, changed the color scheme, have a schedule for posting, added author assistant services, and few other things that you probably have noticed. It has taken time to learn and get used to everything, but I am loving it every step of the way.

I have connected with some great authors, bloggers, and aspiring writers like myself through blogging. I am looking forward to the next year of reading and writing.

Happy Halloween! Fur Babies Photo Shoot Outtakes

Halloween is my favorite holiday so of course, I need to make costumes for my fur babies. I pet my sewing skills to the test this time by actually sewing a full costume for Abigail. I had to have a nod to historical romance by making her a little saloon/dance hall girl outfit. I hand sew everything so it took about a week for me to sew it, but it was fun and kept my hands busy. I went easy with Claire’s fairy costume since this is her first Halloween and I wanted to be able to use it again and we didn’t know how well she would take to being dressed up. She didn’t mind being dressed up at all, but holding still for photos was a challenge for her even with treats and knowing to say please by sitting (she has been taught to sit).

I call these photos the herding of flying squirrels because if one held still the other didn’t even though Abigail is the best at being a model she got annoyed with Claire jumping over her and not having as much space as we usually have to sit due to a different backdrop.

Photos are courtesy of Colt S. Photography and the full shoot will be on his blog Monday morning! There is a bonus shot of the back of Abigail’s costume.


4th of July!

Happy 4th of JulyIt’s the start of 4th of July weekend and I want to wish a happy and safe independence day. This weekend will be filled with parties, traffic, and fireworks all to celebrate our independence so please be safe and have fun even if that means curling up with a good book. I will be reading, watching fireworks and enjoying music and family.

Now on to something fun cute photos! These are sneak peeks of Abigail and Spot’s 4th of July shoot thanks to Colt of Colt S. Photography. The full shoot will be up in a few day on his site. If you follow me on Instagram (@sassybooklover) then you have seen some of the prep going into their shoot and that it’s like herding monkeys with Spot.


Easter Pet Photo Shoot – Behind the Scenes and Sneak Peek

Today was photo shoot day for Abigail and Spot for Easter! You’ve heard the term herding cats, well this is herding spider monkeys. Never plan a photo shoot when your cat’s bowl is empty and  your dog has decided to act like a puppy again.

The full shoot will be up either tonight or in the morning on my brother’s blog Colt S Photography and I will reblog it too, but here are some behind the scenes photos we took and a sneak peek of the finished shoot. We both edit differently so you will probably notice a difference in his blog from mine.

Abigail as usual was a good model once she was ready and took some great photos in exchange for cookies. Then you have Spot who decided to tear apart the setup and make us go in another direction. We had to pull our backdrop down so he would stop playing behind it and poking Abigail through it. Normally they both are great for their photos, but he was mad because his bowl was empty. We did finally get him to work for treats towards the end and we were able to get the shots of them together. Abigail loved showing off her dress and sitting with pretty flowers. She would have sat there all day for pictures. Just ignore her puppy rolls as I call them lol.

Here is the behind the scenes photos

And now the sneak peek!

Christmas is Over

The tree and decorations are already packed away for next year. We had a great dinner of roasted chicken, boiled potatoes, green beans and rolls and we stuffed ourselves. We didn’t have any snow, instead we had to have the AC on since it was almost 70 outside and raining.

Abigail and Spot loved their gifts. Abigail got a new bed and little crocheted cowl. Spot got a new squeaky mouse toy and a crocheted polo poncho. Pictures will be below.

My family knows me very well. Books and craft stuff is always a great choice for me. I got book 5, 6 and 7 of the Outlander series which will probably keep me busy until the new season, a paper cutter that I needed since I can’t cut a straight line to save my life, a large owl and barn themed paint by numbers that will take me awhile to finish, a purple book light and a nature themed adult coloring book!

They also know that craft stuff especially the painting keeps me busy and quiet for hours at a time. I don’t usually touch my phone or get online when painting which is odd since I am a multi-task person and usually doing a couple of things at once.

Spot's Christmas eve gift. The toy mouse squeaks and he loves it. #christmasevegift #happykitty

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