Top Questions

How can I be reviewed on The Sassy Book Lover?

You can submit a book review request by using the form HERE. There is more info about my review policy on that page also. I can not guarantee that your book will be reviewed if submitted due to schedule or other reasons.

How do you pick the books you review?

I am pretty open to most books. If the book is by a favorite author I will read it without even looking to see what it is about. If it is by a new to me author or one that I haven’t read many of their books then the blurb has to catch my interest and/or the title too. It also depends on my mood and what I’m into at that time. I go through phases of reading only westerns or regency and others.

Do you have a blog schedule?

Yes, I do have a schedule. I post at least three times a week. On Monday I post either a writing update or what I am currently reading. On Wednesday I post a new review of a book or sometimes a throwback review if I haven’t finished a book yet. On Friday I post a random post which can be a review, something book related, a get to know better post or a fur baby post. It all depends on the week and if there is a holiday.

Now If I am scheduled for a tour or some other post then I may have a post on a different day of the week or if it’s during amy regular schedule then I will post for that instead of what would usually be posted.

What are you writing and will you announce it when done?

I am currently writing a historical western that I post updates about on my blog. I hope to finish by the spring and I will be announcing when it is done. I have been writing stories for years that I have never let anyone read, but this is my first time writing with the purpose of publishing when done.

Do you have a newsletter?

Yes, I do. You can signup HERE.