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Want me to review your book?

Thank you for choosing The Sassy Book Lover to submit your request to. I love to read about people courting (or not), finding love, and their adventures along the way.  I love to do reviews, book tours, cover reveals, blitzes, excerpts, spotlights, interviews, and guest posts. If doing an interview it must be exclusive to Sassy Book Lover.

My Preferences 

If you are an author, publisher, publicist, author assistant etc… and would like me to consider your book(s) for review then please note the following:

  • I will review self-published or traditional published books, short stories, novellas, box sets, anthologies.
  • I love to read and help authors. Please read some of my reviews and/or my Authors I Love page before submitting a request. to make sure my blog is a good fit for your book and get a better idea of what I like to read.

Genres I read: I only read Historical Romance for this blog. I enjoy strong heroines, character driven stories, HEA, and sexy scenes. I love twists and surprises and sometimes a mystery to solve. I choose the books I review by the reading blurb when it’s a new to me author. Please DO NOT submit a book outside of the historical romance genre or where romance takes a backseat. My favorite Historical Romance sub-genres are listed below, but I am open to ones that I may have not read yet. I rarely read anything set after 1900.

  • Regency
  • Victorian
  • Georgian
  • Medieval
  • Celtic
  • Western
  • American Civil War
  • Pirate
  • Suspense
  • Gothic

I DO NOT read: Most erotic/erotica (I’m very picky about them so there are only a couple on my blog), inspirational romance, Christian romance, BDSM, most time travel romance(unless maybe similar to Outlander) or romances where adultery between the is hero and heroine is their main relationship (the only time I will consider these is if there is a loveless forced and abusive marriage or relationship that someone needs to be saved from).

Troupes: I generally like all romance troupes, but I do avoid ones where the heroine is compromised not by accident and by force by the hero that doesn’t love her at the time (I will consider them). I don’t mind accidents or if it’s by someone else and the hero rescues her either before the marriage or after. I love strong heroines and pay close attention to them when writing my reviews and rating the books.

Formats I accept: I accept ebooks in mobi, epub, and pdf format. I also take review copies via NetGalley and Edelweiss. Print books are welcome when available. Please do not email me directly about a review with your book file attached. I will not accept files that are sent before a request is submitted below and/or that I have not accepted. 

About My Reviews

I love discovering new to me authors, but due to my schedule, I can’t read them all so I can’t guarantee your book(s) will be accepted for review. I do respond to every request though and at times recommended another blogger.

DO NOT accept or receive monetary compensation for my reviews. I am not a professional reviewer and I do this because I love books and talking about books.

I am a planner and at times mood reader so if your book has a deadline for review please give me at least two weeks notice so that I can adjust my schedule and get in the mood for it. It’s rare that I can’t get in the mood for a book. I do try to read in the order I receive requests dependingon deadlines and box sets can take some time to complete.

My reviews are always honest and respectable and I try to find something I like in every book even if I didn’t really like it.  I will never bash an author or the book if I don’t like it because even though I may not like it, someone, else will. It’s super rare that I don’t like a book at all, but in keeping my blog honest I will still post my review. They are purely my opinion and will include what I loved, liked, what stood out to me, what I didn’t like, something that irritated me, and my feelings about the main characters.

  • The story jumping around or being hard to follow will negatively affect my rating and review. The same with the hero and heroine’s personalities and many spelling mistakes (unless it is an unedited ARC).
  • I don’t like to read a series out of sequence most of the time. If you want me to review it and I haven’t read any of the previous titles and they interconnect with previous storylines and characters very much and/or in many ways, please send me the previous titles if possible. Each one will get a review and this helps me understand the characters and story better.
  • I try not to include many spoilers, but point out sensitive matters if graphic and/or a big part of the story.

Share The Love!

What you can do after I review your book is to share the review on Facebook, tweet the review on Twitter, and any other social media. I will tag you and feel free to tag me so more people see the review and want to read your book.

Published Reviews: If I’ve reviewed your book I am happy for you to quote sections of the review on your site, on social media, and in promos. Please link back to my review and site whenever possible. I’m honored if you quote me and will share the link!

My Rating System

 I have two ratings I include with my reviews. How many hearts I give it overall and how many kisses I give the spice level. Below is my ratings and sometimes I do halves.

Heart Ratings:

1 heart = Wasn’t the book for me at all


2 hearts = liked parts of it but wasn’t feeling it


 3 hearts = enjoyed most of it and may not have been my style


4 hearts = liked it a whole lot and will be talking about it


5 hearts = absolutely loved it and adding to my list of rereads


Kiss Rating:

 1 kiss = has very little to no kisses before marriage and no hints or references of sex


2 kisses = may have more kissing and sex is either led up to, but happens off the pages or only referenced too.


3 kisses = contains sex scenes that are not graphic or explicit and may happen before marriage


4 kisses = may have more explicit language and sex scenes, but not frequently


5 kisses = has more frequent and explicit sex scenes that may not be vanilla and more like erotic romance


Submit A Request!

Please only submit a request using the form below. 

Filling out the form below does not grantee that your book(s) will be accepted for review. You will receive an email from my blog email within a couple of days with an answer. It can take longer if I have something going on in my life outside of the blog, but usually, there will be something posted on my blog and social media about me being away from it, and I will still reply as soon as possible. If you don’t hear from me at all please email me at If you email me directly please do not attach a file of your book until I accept your request.

Please don’t feel bad if I don’t accept your request. It might not be something I would enjoy. I try to only accept ones that catch my interest and think I will enjoy reading. I may have a full schedule of books to review or want to catch up on my personal book collection and don’t want to make you wait for a review. Please feel free to send other requests as your other books or next book might be perfect for me.

Feel free to look at my blog schedule for more info about my schedule. If you are interested in something else besides a review please use my other Contact Page.