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Review: Wicked Laird (Brethren of Stone #2) by Tammy Andresen

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Wicked Laird by Tammy Andresen

My Rating: ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️  Spice Level: 💋💋💋


One family united by loss, driven to find love… 

Laird Blair Sinclair doesn’t need help from any man. Though the second son in the Alban line, he is as strong as his brother Stone and even more determined to build a shipping empire with his own two hands. He doesn’t have time for anything or anyone else. But when he rescue’s a beautiful woman, he can’t deny that Elle needs him. Nor can he rid himself of the feeling that he wants to need her too. 

Elspith McIntre learned the hard way to only rely on herself. Which is why it’s infuriating that she requires help from the arrogant new laird. It’s even more maddening that she can’t get rid of him. She wants no man and especially not a powerful one who could decide to crush her at any moment. She will not make that mistake again no matter how tempting the thought of leaning against his powerful chest. 

After the death of their parents, six siblings unite around their eldest brother, Stone. They consider blood a binding oath and vow to protect one another. They all must face their own demons as they find love and their places in the world. 

I can’t get enough of this family! No matter what darkness is after them there is always some humor between brothers knocking some sense into each other. These two were made for each other and didn’t know it, but everyone else did. A small misunderstanding just adds to the whirlwind of their love. I was holding my breath in the end and didn’t see all of it coming.

Elspith was determined to never get close to a man again after the last one. I loved her right away because she wasn’t going down without a fight. She didn’t run from her feelings or hide them as well as she thought.

Blair was broken hearted after the last time he rescued a woman, but he knows this is different. I loved how he didn’t let pride get in the way. He was going to help everyone.

Review: Suitor by Surprise by Claudia Dain part of The Duke of Danby’s Holiday Hijinx (The Duke of Danby’s Christmas #1)

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Suitor by Surprise by Claudia Dain

My Rating: ❤️❤️❤️❤️  Spice Level: 💋

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Miss Judith Whitton, youngest niece of the Duke of Danby, is not yet married. Having met John Copley one year ago at her first Christmas in Yorkshire, she is puzzled that John has not yet offered for her, especially after the intimacies they shared. * Mr. Alfred FitzHerbert knows why Copley has not offered for Judith: Copley is a scoundrel. If Alfred can distract Judith from her fatal infatuation with Copley successfully, Danby will fund his bridge project. Distract, not wed. No one looking at Alfie could ever imagine him being any girl’s fatal attraction, an insult no true Englishman can be expected to ignore, not even one nicknamed ‘the archbishop.’

Never underestimate the Duke of Danby’s reach! This is a whirlwind romance that will have you waiting for the next surprise. You never know what is going to happen with them. I loved the ending and what happened with Copley.

Judith isn’t completely blinded by love. She is a surprise at every turn because you think she will do one thing and she does the opposite. I loved how she acted in the end.

Alfie Thought he knew the Duke of Danby better than anyone. I loved that he was so sure of himself and his plan. He was what she needed and didn’t know it.

Three Little Words by Samatha Grace part of The Duke of Danby’s Holiday Hijinx (The Duke of Danby’s Christmas #1)

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Three Little Words by Samantha Grace

My Rating: ❤️❤️❤️❤️  Spice Level: 💋

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Disheartened but not defeated, Gavin MacBride temporarily abandon’s plans for restoring the family coffers to escort his sister-in-law’s long-lost relative to Yorkshire for a reunion. Gavin might have failed to secure funds to ensure his family’s future prosperity, but surely, he can deliver a young woman to Danby Castle in one piece. * Heiress Victoria Eastland isn’t making his job easy, though, especially when she sets off for Yorkshire alone. With no carriages for hire at the local coaching inn, Gavin is resigned to give chase on horseback in inclement weather, but a Good Samaritan takes pity on Gavin and invites him to share his coach. Soon, the newfound friends are led on a merry chase that ends with a bold rescue and an unexpected discovery. The outspoken, foolishly brave Miss Eastland has been under Gavin’s nose the whole time—and a little too close when one is unprepared to lose his heart. 

One of the funniest cases of mistaken identity I’ve read! The whole chase was hysterical and ended very well for everyone. They were instantly drawn to each other and you wonder if the Duke of Danby had planned it or not. I knew there was more to the story of her family than she thought. I wish it had been longer.

Victoria is not a woman you want to make mad and she can take care of herself. She was not going to be told what to do by anyone, but she also didn’t hold back from what her heart said.

Gavin was determined to do something right for his family. He’s one of the few that isn’t afraid of the Duke of Danby. He also didn’t hold back from his heart.

Drama in the Romance Community: Why You Shouldn’t Boycott the Books and How You Can Make Your Voice Heard

You’re getting a bonus blog today and sadly it’s not for a good reason.

If you’re on any social media and follow romance authors then you’ve probably heard about the latest drama involving a cover model. If you haven’t then just look up Suzan Tisdale on FB because she has a video talking about it.

Now the reason for this post is because Many readers are saying they won’t buy books with this model on the cover. THIS IS NOT a good thing to do because you will be hurting the authors you love more than you will be hurting him.

Reasons not to do this

  1. Not every author has control over their covers so they can’t change them. If they are with a publisher they can’t just say I don’t want him on my book anymore.
  2. Not every indie author can afford to change their cover. Most aren’t rolling in money so they can’t just change it. Covers can cost $150 and up per book and if they need to change many that’s a fortune. Stock images are cheap by themselves either.
  3. You may not even know he’s on their covers. Authors buy stock images and sometimes you don’t even recognize the model after editing. I know one that has him on several covers and I didn’t know it and can’t tell which ones.
  4. Not buying their books will mean less money coming in for them. They could be planning to change the cover, but no sales mean no money to do it.
  5. A new cover isn’t instant. If the authors are changing their covers it will take time. Cover design takes time and artists are busy (I know one that books up months in advance). They have to work with the authors to get new images and design the covers.

What you can do

  1. support the authors looking to change their covers. Buy their books and when they change their covers your Kindle editions will update. If you already have the book then buy for friends.
  2. Spread the love. If you see authors, cover artists, and cover models offering to help authors change their covers share the news. If you know of romance books that have heroines that are curvy and/or struggle with body image share them.
  3. Voice your opinions nicely to publishers. There is power in numbers and if they see a lot of readers aren’t into a cover they sometimes will change it. I’ve seen this done before when readers didn’t like a cover.

My feelings on this

I personally pay little attention to male models on covers and I don’t buy a book based on its cover. Pretty colors and dresses get my attention more. I’m not going to punish authors for having him on their covers. I’m also not a cover model follower and there are only two male models that I usually recognize right away. I only know one’s name (Michael Foster) and follow him because he is very sweet and kind at all times.

I know I was offended by what was said and not just because I’m a curvy girl. No one should by body shamed or judged by how they look. Ugly is on the inside and it comes to the surface no matter what you do.

ARC Review: To Ruin a Gentleman (The Scarlet Chronicles #1) by Shana Galen

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To Ruin a Gentleman by Shana Galen

Releases January 15, 2019

My Rating: ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ Spice Level: 💋💋💋

Amazon | Barnes & Noble | Kobo

The true story of the Scarlet Pimpernel . . .
Angelette, the recently widowed Comtesse d’Avignon, only invited Viscount Daventry to her country house party as a favor to her sister. When the handsome British lord arrives—two days late—he’s full of unnerving tales of unrest and violence in Paris. Angelette assumes it’s all exaggeration…until her chateau is attacked and her life threatened. Daventry rescues her, and the two are forced to run for their lives. But when danger closes in, will the viscount stand at her side or save himself?

Is not the one you’ve been told. 
Hugh Daventry visits France frequently to import wine for the family business. On his way out of the country, he stops at the comtesse’s house party out of obligation. But after meeting the raven-haired beauty, he tries to persuade her to leave France with him. When the peasants attack, he realizes he’s already too late, and now he must protect Angelette, whose sharp tongue is far from angelic. Too soon the couple is caught up in the rising revolution, dodging bloodthirsty mobs, hiding from soldiers, and embroiled in the attack of the Bastille. Hugh wants nothing but to leave tumultuous France for the calm of England. He knows Angelette is intelligent and resourceful—a survivor. But can Hugh survive without her? 

Be prepared for a wonderful story time that hooks you from the start and surprises you in the end! I love that it starts with Hugh telling his son the story. You will fall right into the brutal story of the attacks and riots and be holding your breath afraid of what will happen next. They are a couple at odd from the start with him trying to save her while she is determined to stay. There are many times that you think the story will go one way and it takes a turn in another way. The ending to their story will totally surprise you and it’s sweet at the same time.

Angelette is very loyal and it’s almost to a fault. She didn’t understand what was coming until it was too late, but she was different than her friends. You won’t love her right away, but you will in the end with how she surprises you.

Hugh lost his heart quickly and didn’t even know it. I loved him right away because he kept trying to make people understand what was coming. No matter what he kept coming back to her.

Review: The Gentleman’s Seduction (Seduction #4) by Lauren Smith

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The Gentleman’s Seduction by Lauren Smith

My Rating: ❤❤❤❤❤ Spice Level:💋💋💋

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‘Tis the season…for revenge. 

Eleven years ago, during Christmas, Martin Banks’ family was thrown into the streets by wealthy landlord Edwin Hartwell. Now, this holiday season, Fate has handed Martin an unexpected gift. Vengeance. Defeating Hartwell at cards gives Martin the chance to financially ruin the man—but, damn, instead of money, Hartwell offers his daughter as payment. And, double damn, Martin stupidly accepts. How did retribution turn into seduction? Martin refuses to let himself fall in love, so there must be rules to this game.

And perhaps a bit of romance. 

Desperate to save her father from ruin, Livvy Hartwell agrees to accompany Martin as his paramour. She long ago accepted that a penniless bluestocking like herself had no chance for a well-suited marriage. If a few passionate months with a man like Martin is all she’ll ever have as far as romance, it’s an opportunity she will take. But she must guard her heart. He might be handsome as the devil and tempting as sin, but she can’t be a typical mistress and doesn’t want Martin to call her such. In fact, she has a list of rules.

My Review

Christmas time definitely brings the magic in this one. Their meeting and the whole arrangement is very shocking but makes the story perfect. There is an instant spark between them and it’s just a matter of time before they lose control. I could picture his face when she told him what she would do at the fair and l love it. They are a very passionate couple and you may need a fan for some scenes. I was not expecting what happened near the end and her father will shock you in many ways. The ending is one of my favorites too with the surprise of it.

Livvy is a bold woman that will do anything for her family. I loved her right away because she didn’t hesitate and made it clear what she expected in the arrangement. She saw the real him and understood him more than others.

Martin tries to come off as cruel and cold, but his heart wins every time. He is definitely tempting as sin with how he teases and can turn any moment into seduction. I loved him when he made it clear that he was going to make her happy.


Review: The Earl and the Reluctant Lady (Lords of Vice #3) by Robyn DeHart


The Earl and the Reluctant Lady by Robyn DeHart


My Rating: ❤❤❤ Spice Level:💋💋💋

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He knew he could never have her…

From the very moment Agnes Watkins walked into his life, Fletcher Banks, Earl of Wakefield, has wanted her. Agnes is not just beautiful, she’s clever and determined. Despite her uncommon beauty, she refuses to conform to society’s standards. She’s also the sister of the man who holds Fletcher’s career as a spy in his hands. And that makes her completely off-limits.

She thought she could change him…

Tall, impossibly broad, and handsome as a sin, Fletcher Banks is a brazen scoundrel. Known for his reputation as the greatest lover in London, he’s the only man who’s ever proved a temptation for Agnes. Her duties with the Ladies of Virtue means she can’t overlook his lustful ways. The time has come to reform this rake.

Together their desire is undeniable.

With Agnes setting her virtuous sights on him, Fletcher can’t ignore her any longer. Maybe spending more time with her will release him from his infatuation with her without falling further from her brother’s good graces. But the more time they spend together, the harder it is to deny that this infatuation may be more than lust…

My Review

It’s a charming story, but there are things I just didn’t like and somethings that went unanswered. I love a forbidden love that is forced together story like this. There’s a bit of a mystery with someone threating the group and a man that wants her for himself that brings them together. I loved that he had loved her for so long and that everyone sees it so clearly. Her brother was just like I thought he would be when it came to her. I also loved her friends seeing what she wasn’t seeing.

To me, they just seemed mismatched and I didn’t really get the passion between them that I would expect. The thing of needing to change him just rubs me the wrong way. I love a reformed rake/rogue, but the setting out to change him I don’t like. The Ladies of Virtue group doesn’t fully make sense to me because it’s not explained enough.

Agnus lives in the shadow of her mother and is constantly hounded by men thinking she is like her mother. She just wasn’t my cup of tea because she came off cold most of the time. I didn’t like how she was ready to take on things but then turned around and mad decisions that made no sense to her kind of character. Just a little too naive at times for me.

Fletcher has been beaten down by his grandfather for years and only wants to prove himself. I loved him right away because he was so naturally charming and spoke his mind. He never doubted his feelings and fought for her when he needed to. I only wish the stuff about his grandfather had been explained because it would have made it easier to understand him at times.

Overall it wasn’t my kind of read, but I know many that would love this kind of story.


Frequently Asked Questions: What is a Beta Reader and What Do They Do?

Text placeholder (6)

Today I’m answering questions that I get a lot. I get asked a lot about beta reading so I thought I would explain it and how I work.

What is a beta reader?

A beta reader is someone that reads the book and gives feedback to the author so they can adjust things, fix details, remove or add details. Usually, it’s an unedited version of the book and it’s getting ready to go to the editor.

What a beta reader does

Beta readers are not like regular reviewers. Authors want honest feedback on the books. Sometimes on specific things and they want details on the feedback. Depending on what the author wants will change a bit of what we look for and how we look at it. We don’t read it for enjoyment as much as we would normally. We have to look at it from what most readers like along with what we like.

For example I recently beta read for two authors. One wanted to make sure the flow was good and that the language was fitting for the time. Plus my overall thoughts on the story and if I figured out something in it. The other asked for fresh eyes on a specific character to make sure they were likable. Then she came back with specific questions about certain things that she didn’t want to give away beforehand so I wouldn’t be looking for it.

Sometimes a beta reader will beta read the same book multiple times as changes are made. But there comes a time when they’ve read the book too many times. Just like the authors, we lose the fresh eyes to the book and might not be able to beta it as well.

What’s the difference from an ARC review

ARCs tend to be unedited or proofed like beta reads, but they are very different.

Reviews – You see on my reviews that I tend to be vague on details that aren’t in the blurb. I say my overall thoughts, what I like about the hero and heroine, and favorite scenes without giving away anything. Even with books I didn’t enjoy I try to stay vague so I don’t ruin it while saying what I didn’t like.

Examples: I loved what happened to her father. I didn’t like the heroine because of the way she acted during most of the book. See I don’t like to include details that could give away a plot point.

Beta Reads – Unlike reviews in beta reads there are details, corrections about things, feedback on the way they talk and everything else. We look for plot holes and things that aren’t needed. No sugar coating or overlooking details that might go unnoticed in a review.

Examples: This character doesn’t add to the plot in any way and I don’t feel it’s needed. This name is wrong and such and such part isn’t completed in the end. I love how different this character does this. I don’t find this character to harsh and love it.

How do they beta read?

Most beta readers have a list of things they look for if the author hasn’t given specifics or they use that in addition to the author’s specifics. Beta reading can take longer than a review because we might go back to check something while doing our notes. We also have to stop and write notes at times or highlight an area of the book is using a program to mark certain spots.

What about reviewing the book later?

Now each beta reader is different in how they handle this. Some review based on the beta read and some buy the book later on to review. I personally don’t like the idea of reviewing based on the beta read because there could be changes in the final book. What I do is if it’s a book I would like to review then I buy the book when it comes out and read it again. That way I can read from just a readers point of view and enjoy it. I’m not looking for details and taking notes.

I hope this helps you understand beta reading/

Review: To Redeem a Highland Rake: A Historical Scottish Romance (Heart of a Scot #2) by Collette Cameron

*This post contains affiliate links which means I may earn a small commission if you buy a book through my link. There is no extra charge and I use these funds to feed my book addiction and keep my puppy in sweaters and toys. I only post links for books I love.*


To Redeem a Highland Rake by Collette Cameron


My Rating: ❤❤❤❤❤ Spice Level:💋💋

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One forbidden kiss sets them on a path from which there’s no return.

In a desperate final attempt to force her cruel betrothed to call off their arranged marriage, Arieen Fleming deliberately creates a public scandal. Aware she’ll likely be shunned by Society and remain unmarried, she kisses a dashing swashbuckler at a masked ball. What she doesn’t anticipate is her powerful fascination and sensual reaction to Coburn Wallace. And she most certainly doesn’t foresee her father casting her out as a result of her madcap scheme.

Coburn Wallace is a man who enjoys life and women to the fullest. As cousin and second-in-command to a laird, he has no need or desire to marry and produce an heir. When a beautiful female pirate demands he kiss her, who is he to refuse such an unexpected gift? Upon learning Arieen’s been disowned and is destitute, he’s seized with an inexplicable urge to protect her even as his honor demands he marry Arieen for his unwitting contribution to her ruination.

Arieen has no choice but to accept Coburn’s offer, and though they can’t deny their overwhelming, mutual attraction, dare they hope for more? Can attraction blossom into love in a marriage neither wanted?

For an enthralling, emotional Scottish Highland adventure you won’t want to put down, read this second book in the Heart of a Scot Series.

Though this book is part of a series, it can easily be read as a stand-alone novel.

My Review

Desperate times call for desperate measures and they might just redeem a rake. I was hooked from the moment her plan was revealed and her back up plan. That spark between them ignited from across the room and they were goners as soon as they kissed. I was completely shocked by every word that came out of her father’s mouth when he saw them. When Coburn showed her where he came from and told her he couldn’t let her be homeless made my heart melt. The way they got married is one of my favorite scenes and I rarely see that way of doing it. A tiny part of me wished someone would really knock her father down a few more pegs, but I loved how it all ended.

Arieen will not stand by and let her father trade her like property to a man that didn’t care about her at all. She is not shy at all and has no problems saying what she heard or thinks. I loved how she kept her head up after everything her father said and with the gossip going.

Coburn may love women to the fullest, but he has a heart of gold and won’t let her suffer. He knew he wanted her and would do anything to protect her. I loved how he was just as blunt as her and that he went to great lengths to make her happy.