Review: Brokken Knight (Brokken Road Romances Book 1) by Lynda J Cox

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Brokken Knight by Lynda J. Cox


My Rating: ❤❤❤❤❤ Spice Level: 💋💋

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Hearts break. Armor tarnishes. Honor remains.
Brokken, Texas, 1867

Abigail Bailey isn’t sure her idea was wise. She’s not even sure she can love another man after her beloved Sam perished in a Union run prisoner of war camp. But her town needs a doctor, and she has decided to accept any man competent to do the job. Yet doubt plagues her. What will he think when he finds she is uneducated, so much so that she did not pen her own letters to him?

The Civil War broke Dr. Mathew Knight. His decisions of who to save, who to allow to die, even what to use, haunts his every step. He can never be unbroken, but he wants a chance for his son. Four-year-old Ethan has been left terrorized after witnessing atrocities no one should have to see. Mathew’s child needs a mother. He hopes Abigail Bailey may fill that role, an omission he made in his letters. Perhaps, too, he’ll have a chance to start over, maybe even to find a reason to practice medicine again.

Two broken people in a broken town might be what they each need to become whole again.

My Review

Knights in shining armor aren’t always men and sometimes there is more than one. These two needed each other more than they realized and weathered the storm together. I was hooked from the moment he bought the ticket because I knew he was going to need someone to pull him up. They had an instant connection that got stronger as time went on and helped them in many ways. Ethan needed them both to help him after what he had seen and the three of them together was the strongest. There are amazing scenes and I can’t wait to read more about the town of Brokken.

Abigail loved her husband and she loves this town. She is as stubborn as they come and will battle anyone that tries to tell her what to do. I loved her right away because she didn’t bat an eye at helping Ethan and seemed to know exactly what he needed.

Mathew is very much haunted by the war and what happened with his son. He didn’t come away without scars mentally and physically, but he would do anything to help his son. I loved how open he was with her and didn’t bat an eye at her past or anything she said.

Lynda did a great job writing a sweet romance without losing the spark between.



Review: The Apothecary’s Assistant (Enduring Legacy #6) by Sandra Sookoo

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The Apothecary’s Assistant by Sandra Sookoo


My Rating: ❤❤❤❤❤ Spice Level: 💋💋💋

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When destiny calls, you can run, or stand and fight for what you’ve always wanted. Either way you’ll have no choice but to change.

Mrs. Ava Southerly, apothecary assistant and widow, lives in fear. She’s become an expert at hiding to keep second sight visions at bay. In the year 1885, such things as witches surely don’t exist anymore, regardless of her ancestry. If she doesn’t emotionally engage her heart, those otherworldly powers will stay dormant and the people she cares for won’t be hurt, but she longs for acceptance and romance.

Douglas Wallace, an American doctor and descendant of a Scottish witch hunter, is in London to deliver a series of lectures on new medical advancements and techniques. As he meets the passing glance of a blonde beauty in a restaurant window, he’s compelled to follow her, as if their lives are linked on a supernatural level. Though he believes in logic and the evidence of his own eyes, spending time in Ava’s company shows him how wrong his thinking is.

When a three-hundred-year-old evil spirit possesses Douglas in an effort to kill Ava due to her witch status, she and the doctor must find a way to thwart the threat from beyond the grave despite personal peril. As their relationship evolves into something deep and abiding, they’ll discover just how powerful a force love truly is.

My Review

If you are looking for a great chilling romance to get into the Halloween spirit then this is it. Fate brought them together to create a powerful force to stop something of pure evil. I couldn’t put it down from the start with her vision and had no clue how it would play out. A glance through a window was all it took to spark the romance between them. The spirit will send chills through you especially when he reveals his true reasons. Sparks really fly between them and help them stop it for good.

Ava has tried to bury her power and heart for years since it’s caused such pain. She didn’t know how powerful she could be until she found love. I loved seeing her get stronger and embrace her power.

Douglas doesn’t from run from anything and won’t let her hide any longer. I loved how he understood her and didn’t think her crazy. He fought hard to stop the spirit and help her find love.


Review: A Deceptive Bargain (The Beckett Files, Book Five) by Laura Beers

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A Deceptive Bargain by Laura Beers


My Rating: ❤❤❤❤❤ Spice Level: 💋💋

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Hiding from the horrors of her past, Miss Martha Haskett is content living her days serving as a lady’s maid to her friend Eliza, the Marchioness of Lansdowne. But then her father, the new Earl of Waterford, shows up, with the shocking news that she is now a titled lady. Further turning her life upside down, he proposes a bargain. She will have a single Season in London, and if she does not marry by the end of the Season, she will be gifted with her dowry and a small estate. Despite her mistrust of her father, Martha accepts his offer, but can’t seem to let go of the anger that has been festering inside of her, or her discomfort with a position in Society where she feels she does not belong.

Dr. Emmett Maddix is tired of the frivolity of the ton and spends his time atoning for his past sins by providing medical care to the poor. His life takes an unexpected turn when he is recruited to be an agent of the Crown. He is assigned to run a charity hospital as a front to collect information about a vicious band of smugglers known as The Cursed Lot, who have managed to overtake the entire town of Gravesend with a reign of murder and oppression.

As Emmett delves further into The Cursed Lot’s domain, he quickly discovers that not everything is what it seems, and it will take far more than one new agent to take down this ruthless gang. While the tangled web of intrigue begins to unravel, Martha and Emmett battle an undeniable but unspoken attraction that grows between them. But before either can be ready to share their hearts, they must overcome their past mistakes, and find their own reasons to keep fighting. With more than just their hearts at stake, surviving the mission will be more difficult than either of them could ever imagine.

My Review

This one will rock you to your core. It’s a journey to love through some shocking twists and learning to let go of blame. It’s a really nice change to see the hero be the one to saving someone from the dark they’ve put themselves in. Their relationship was very different and really took time to turn from friendship to love. I had a feeling to what her father was up to but had no clue to what everything was going to be. I didn’t see who was behind everything coming at all or the twist of the bow street runner. I got Musketeer vibes in the one scene and loved it! As always I love scenes with Shadow and her bow and when the others mention their name or her’s. I was holding my breath near the end. I was so excited to see what happened for them afterward.

Martha was shattered because of what she endured and Emmett was the perfect person to help her and understand her. She needed saving from her darkness before it was too late. She was also stronger than she thought and I loved seeing her grow stronger. I cheered when she stood up for herself and used that letter opener. She wasn’t going to let him slip away.

Emmett hasn’t let go of his self-blame fully, but he saw it in her and knew he had to help her. He helped himself by helping her. He was also stronger than he thought because he showed so much restraint in many situations. I loved how he wouldn’t give up on her and didn’t push.

This book could be triggering to some as it deals with rape and trafficking. There are no detailed scenes and it’s only talked about, but trauma and aftereffects play a big part in this story.


Review: Captivated by an Adventurous Lady (Thieves of the Ton #1) by Sandra Sookoo

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Captivated by an Adventurous Lady by Sandra Sookoo


My Rating: ❤❤❤❤❤ Spice Level: 💋💋💋

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The quest to break a mummy’s curse turns dangerous when a peer ends up dead.

Miles Lawrence Hawkins, fifth Earl of Archewyne, is alone and the last of his line, save for a young daughter, and he’s made peace with that…Yet unexpectedly finding an attractive female thief in his library gives him doubts. Drawn into the lady’s insane plot to retrieve various stolen mummies from around London—including the British Museum—he accompanies her merely to see what will happen next. Being captivated by her quest and intrigued by her talent for skirting the law is a much needed distraction from the stress of his own life’s misfortunes.

Lady Emmaline Darling, skilled thief and only child to the Earl of St. Ives, is under a mummy’s curse. Believing herself damned due to her father’s penchant for removing antiquities from Egypt, she’s vowed to return a pair of mummies to their eternal resting place in order to save his life and her own. Being caught by Miles wasn’t in her plan, and neither was falling for his charm, but she’ll do anything to see he’s free of the curse as well, for their histories are too intricately connected for his ills to just be bad luck.

When a peer with ties to them both ends up dead and Emmaline’s jewelry is found at the scene, Miles is honor bound to offer for her and lend her his protection. Despite her refusal, desire pulls at them and scandal surrounds them, and when Miles is summoned to once more embark upon a secret mission for the Crown, he must shed everything that will become a liability, but keeping Emmaline out of trouble—and out of his mind—is easier said than done.

My Review

A perfect start to an adventurous series! It’s steamy, has a mystery, and mummies! I was drawn in from the start when they met again and never knew what was going to happen. There is a scene with a book and a dart that is movie worthy that I love. They are a unique couple from the start because they both have reason to not want to get involved in romance. I really did not expect a rival to go as far as this one did and to bring a twisted person into it. The ending definitely leaves you excited for the next one.

Emmaline doesn’t give a care to what people think and won’t be stopped on her mission. She is strong, but also a bit broken because of everything she has gone through. I loved her right away because she knew what she was doing and how to do it.

Miles will do anything to protect his daughter and live in peace. He will win you over right away with how he doesn’t think twice to help. He doesn’t care what people think and has no plans to be tricked into marriage.


Review: How to Tempt a Rogue Without Really Trying: Heart of an Heiress (Regency Hearts #4) by Ava Stone

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How to Tempt a Rogue Without Really Trying by Ava Stone


My Rating: ❤❤❤❤❤ Spice Level: 💋💋

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When Bermudian salt heiress Caitrin Beckett drops out of a tree in her haste to escape a brothel, she comes face to face with Lord Daniel Westham and instantly catches the rogue’s attention. Luckily, she secures his promise to help her locate a childhood friend who’s gone missing in London. Now if only she can keep from losing her heart to the charming rake in the process.

My Review

Ava can write a sweet book that is still full of passion and tension like no other. The moment she came face to face with him I knew they were going to be a fun couple. There was an instant connection between them that everyone could see. I was not expecting the ending to her search for her friend. I loved how they could understand each other and tell their secrets. I also didn’t expect what made him realize he loved her.

Caitrin has no plans to live in England or let her heart be broken again. She wasn’t afraid to do anything and could take care of herself. I loved her right away because she wasn’t going to sit in that room and wait to see what happened.

Daniel will melt your heart with how he is with his niece. He enjoyed the way he lived, but that changed when he met her. I loved that he didn’t put on an act and even with his reputation everyone loved him.




Review: The Pirate’s Stowaway Bride by Anne Stryker


The Pirate’s Stowaway Bride by Anne Stryker


My Rating: ❤❤ 1/2 Spice Level: 💋

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Sit still. Be quiet. Obey.

Adora has lived her entire life under her mother’s strict rules, but when obedience means marrying a man twice her age, something deep within her snaps. Fleeing the night of her wedding, she boards what she assumes is a trade ship and hides among the cargo she hopes won’t be touched until she’s far away from the life she left behind.

She never anticipated being found.

Or finding Fenix.

Fenix believes in freedom, expression, and adventure. When a woman in a wedding gown is found in the belly of his ship with eyes like fire and the disposition of something almost broken, he wants nothing more than to release the flames and mend the cracks.

But with her past catching up to them, he may not have the chance.

My Review

I was excited to read from page one with her hiding in her wedding dress. But there wasn’t enough background for me to get to know them. I think if it had been longer the romance could have sparked between them more. I expected a twist at some point that would bring them closer or reveal something, but it didn’t happen. I did love the scenes of them climbing, looking at the sky, and with the puppy. They were both different from what you would expect.

Adora is a strong girl to run when she did and not show fear. I really like how open she could be with others. She could fight too when needed.

Fenix is not your typical pirate and is very caring. I loved him with the puppy and how he was with his crew.

I think this would be a great quick read for younger girls that love HEA stories, but wouldn’t enjoy historical ways of speaking. So they get a feel for it without that part with the way this is written.


The Pros and Cons of Being a Book Blogger

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It’s Random Friday!

Life and work have been getting in the way of my normal schedule, but I’m back. Today I want to talk about the pros and cons of being a book blogger. I think this post will help authors, bloggers, and people thinking about being a blogger.

The Pros

1. Your voice is heard

One of the reasons I started my blog was so my reviews would be seen and read. Meaning my voice was heard more about the books I love.

2. You find new authors

I have found many new to me and new authors by blogging. These authors I probably wouldn’t have found on my own. They submitted review requests and most have become favorites of mine.

3. You help authors

This was another reason I started blogging. I could help authors by writing reviews or posting about their books. I love to help newer authors that are just starting out by reviewing their books.

4. You get free books

This is a perk to being a book blogger. When you read my reviews you have seen that some say I received a copy to review. I am sent those to review either through requests or review teams I’m on. I still buy books and review them.

5. People come to you for recommendations

I love to recommend books to people so it’s great when people ask me if I’ve reviewed a certain book or say they were waiting for you to review a certain book. It means they trust you and your reviews.

6. You get some books before others

I love being one of the first people to get a book to review. It means I can review before or on release day and that really helps spread the word about a book. Sometimes it’s months in advance and sometimes weeks.

The Cons

1. You have deadlines

I have to decide what I read based on when reviews are due for a lot of books. Sometimes authors don’t have a deadline and then I read in order I receive. This schedule is always changing.

2. Review requests come first

Your personal reading goes on the back burner. I’ve bought many books, but haven’t gotten to read them because the ones that I’m sent come first. I don’t want to leave those ones sitting and forget about them.

3. Sometimes you get too many requests

I hate when I have a packed schedule and have to turn down requests. It can be because they have a deadline or I’m backed up and don’t want them waiting months for a review. I always explain why I’m turning it down when it’s my schedule.

4. You don’t love every book

My policy is I write a review for every book I read, especially ones I’m sent. I hate it the most when a book is a 3 heart rating or less for me and I was sent it to review. I always keep my reviews positive even when I don’t like it and explain it’s not for me. But I have to keep honest and post it.


Those are my pros and cons. Do you have any to add to the list?

Review: Scottish Devil (Brethren of Stone Book 1) by Tammy Andresen

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Scottish Devil by Tammy Andresen


My Rating: ❤❤❤❤❤

Spice Level: 💋💋💋

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One family united by loss, driven to find love…

Known as the devil, Stone Sinclair, Earl of Alban, is carved of rock, hard and uncompromising. He bends for no man. A fiery lass with golden hair and a will as strong as his own? Surrender has never sounded sweeter.

Eliza McLaren detests all lairds. They are selfish, self-serving, arrogant men who only care for themselves and build their fortunes on the backs of their people. And Lord Stone Alban is the worst of the lot. When her father attempts to make a match between them, Eliza pledges to never give herself to a man like Stone, no matter how tempting his lips or how strong his arms. He isn’t the only one carved of stone.

After the death of their parents, six siblings unite around their eldest brother, Stone. They consider blood a binding oath and vow to protect one another. They all must face their own demons as they find love and their places in the world.

My Review

All the feels are in this story! They are both made of stone for different reasons and need each other even though they didn’t know it. I never was sure what was going to happen because of the rumors and how they both were buried in their grief. They were the perfect match because they could go head to head but also help each other. There are many scenes that I loved from the envelopes, the garden, Delia, and many more.

Eliza is a smart and strong woman who has a very good reason to think all lairds are the same. She was caught in her own grief that clouded her judgment, but her heart wasn’t going to let what happened keep her from love. She helped him when he needed it the most.

Stone is a man of stone, with a heart of gold. He is full of surprises as you get to know him and understand him. I really loved him because he’s different, but also a gentleman and says it how it is. He will win you over quickly.

I love that Tammy’s characters seem to have an instant connection and the stories can have a fairytale feel, but not be full of fluff.


Review: The Duke’s Scottish Lass (Taming the Heart 0.5) by Tammy Andresen

*This post contains affiliate links which means I may earn a small commission if you buy a book through my link. There is no extra charge and I use these funds to feed my book addiction and keep my puppy in sweaters and toys. I only post links for books I love.*


The Duke’s Scottish Lass by Tammy Andresen


My Rating: ❤❤❤❤❤

Spice Level: 💋💋💋

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Lady Delia Alban absolutely cannot marry the handsome rake, Roderick Maddox, fourth Duke of Manchester, despite her brother Stone’s insistence she do just that. Though he has long reformed his ways, he steals her breath away every time their eyes meet and she simply doesn’t deserve that kind of happiness. Not after the death of her brother, Reginald. She must pay penance, because, if not for her, he would still be alive.

Roderick Maddox, has known for years he would marry Delia. Before Reginald’s death, he made a promise to his friend, not only would he care for Reginald’s sister, but he would reform himself into the type of man Delia deserved. He never expected Delia to ignite such passion or to be so resistant to him. Nor did he realize he held the secret about Reginald’s death that could crush their budding feelings forever.

My Review

This one has all the fairytale feels! I was shocked by the way they first met those years ago and hooked for the same reason. That connection was instantly there between them and a nice twist was her fighting to hide her feelings where his were on full display for everyone. I love that even though it is a shorter read it doesn’t lack anything. I laughed at the other guy and how her sister in laws talked. The ending was perfect and everyone needed that closure. The scene with the baby was hysterical.

Delia has a temper and is no match for her brothers. She broke my heart with how much she blamed herself and held it not telling anyone. I loved that she said what was on her mind even if it wasn’t the most ladylike and could lead to trouble. When she remembered everything it was like she suddenly was free and a different person.

Roderick changed his ways the moment he met her and was determined to marry her. I loved how he interacted with her and his ever-growing list. He saw in her what others didn’t and knew he had to help her.


Tour and Review: The Duke of Seduction (The Untouchables #10) by Darcy Burke


The Duke of Seduction, an all-new historical romance from USA Today bestselling author Darcy Burke is LIVE!

Burke, Darcy- The Duke of Seduction (final) 800 px @ 300 dpi high res

Lady Lavinia Gillingham prefers rocks and dirt to marriage. Her passion is science, and she’s determined to marry if—and only if—she finds a man who supports her interests and intellect. So far, she’s managed to avoid attention on the Marriage Mart, but when the Duke of Seduction pens anonymous letters singing her praises, she suddenly become the toast of the ton and matrimony seems imminent.

William Beckett, Marquess of Northam possesses the reputation of a rake, but is secretly a romantic. Spurned at sixteen, he doesn’t expect to feel the sting of Cupid’s bow a second time, and yet he’s able to woo the coldest of hearts with the anonymous words he publishes. As the Duke of Seduction, he uses his skill to help Lavinia, never anticipating she has no desire for assistance. While Lavinia is pursued by several suitors, Beck is the one who is seduced when he learns that love can strike twice…


Download your copy today!

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My Review

My Rating: ❤❤❤❤ ❤ Spice Level: 💋💋💋

Be still my heart! Beck and Lavinia story is one to top them all. There is so much in the book with secrets, romance, and libraries. They are both unique and different people that fit perfectly together. Not only was I glued to their story, but that of the other girls he wrote about and his sister. Their first meeting could have been a scandal, but it brought them together in a series of fun events. I loved seeing past characters and did not see the twist coming with one, but it was a twist well deserved.

Lavinia is a sharp-tongued girl that is not afraid of anyone. I loved her right away because she met him head on and didn’t hold back. She may have been angry, but she didn’t hold onto that anger and understood him more and more. I loved that she never held back when talking.

Beck is so different from any of the other in the series with his quest to help ladies and his talents. He feels deeply about everything and everyone and his heart was always in the right place. His music and writing reflected his mood and he had his friends that understood him completely.

Copy provided for an honest and voluntary review


The room wasn’t overly large, and it was—seemingly—empty. It also wasn’t terribly well lit, with a low fire burning in the grate and a pair of sconces flickering on the wall on either side of the fireplace.

She was either beneath the desk or behind the curtain. He couldn’t see the underside of the desk from the door. It wasn’t a pedestal as Lord Evenrude’s had been.

Circling around, he saw no one hiding there. That left the draperies on the window. He moved to the far wall and instantly noted the slight lump behind the blue damask. Moving forward, he reached for the fabric but hesitated before he pushed it aside. What if it wasn’t her?

The fabric moved, and she bared her face. “You found me.” Her dark gaze registered surprise. “Oh, it’s you!”

“It’s me.”

“Are you still looking for a place to hide?”

“I am.”

She reached for his lapel and held the drapery wide, pulling him into the darkness beside her. “He’ll be done counting shortly. If he isn’t already.”

“I should probably hide somewhere else,” he said, though he was loath to move. Ensconced in the dark with Lavinia, he was acutely aware of her heat and the intoxicating scent of lilies and honeysuckle.

“Yes, I suppose you should.” She turned toward him, and they were so close, her breasts brushed against his chest. “Sorry,” she murmured.

God, he wasn’t. He was only sorry he had to leave.

“Before you go, I wanted to thank you again for the fossils.” She whispered, her breath tickling his neck as she spoke. “I can’t stop looking at them. They’re absolutely extraordinary. I hope I have reason to visit Devon one day so I can hunt for my own.”

“I hope you do too. Consider yourself welcome at Waverly Court any time.”

“That’s very kind of you.”

He heard the smile in her voice and resisted the urge to run his fingers over her mouth so he could feel the curve of her lips. He really should go—

But first, he wanted to ask her something. “Do you know the Duchess of Kendal?”

“Yes, but not well. Fanny’s sister is a good friend of hers. Why?”

Why indeed. Beck wanted to enlist Lavinia’s help to see if the Duchess might be able to help him learn who SW and DC might be. However, if the Duchess had been part of a scandal, she might prefer to leave those memories in the past. Furthermore, he wasn’t sure he should include Lavinia in any of this.

And yet, he found he simply couldn’t resist. “Do you know what happened with the Duchess when she was out in Society—maybe sixteen years ago? The Duke mentioned something, and I was curious. Because my sister was out at the same time.” He added the last because he felt he had to share a reason for his inquiry. Still, he hated bringing Helen up since he didn’t want to answer too many questions about her, particularly regarding her fate.

“She was compromised. A gentleman—I can’t remember who—wooed her. They were caught kissing, and he refused to marry her. She was ruined. It was horrible because it wasn’t even her fault. It’s so unfair. Men can kiss whomever they want, and women are blamed for any indiscretion.”

“The key is to not get caught. It sounds as though this gentleman was rather inept.”

“Are you saying it was his fault?” She sounded surprised. “Most would argue they were at least both to blame.”

“Certainly she retains some culpability, but a decent gentleman would ensure they could kiss and not get caught.”

“And how would they do that?” Something in her tone changed. Her voice lowered, and it felt as though she’d moved just a hair closer.

If he leaned just a tiny bit forward, he was sure he’d feel her breasts again. God, how he wanted to. “They might hide themselves behind a drapery in the library.”

“During hide-and-seek?”

Beck’s cock lengthened and grew stiff as the air around them heated. “Probably not. In that case, someone is actually looking to find them.”

“And yet here we are.” Her voice had changed again, going nearly breathless.

“Yes, here we are.”

“Are you going to, then?” she asked, her breasts grazing his chest as she edged herself against him. “Kiss me.”

“By God, I think I am.”

“Oh, good.”

About Darcy:

Darcy Burke is the USA Today Bestselling Author of sexy, emotional historical and contemporary romance. Darcy wrote her first book at age 11, a happily ever after about a swan addicted to magic and the female swan who loved him, with exceedingly poor illustrations. Join her reader club at A native Oregonian, Darcy lives on the edge of wine country with her guitar-strumming husband, their two hilarious kids who seem to have inherited the writing gene, two Bengal cats and a third cat named after a fruit.

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