Review: Sleeping Lord Beattie (Contrary Fairy Tales #1) by Em Taylor

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Sleeping Lord Beattie by Em Taylor

My Rating: ❤❤❤❤❤

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EM TAYLOR brings you an amazing new series of Regency stories based on the fairy tales you loved as a child.

Young ladies of good breeding do not kiss gentlemen in their bed chambers even if they have been asleep for three weeks. One would think Lady Emily would know that. One would think Lady Emily would not have entered Lord Beattie’s bed chamber alone. One would have thought that kissing the handsome viscount would have been the last thing she would have done.
But kiss him she did. And that was when the apothecary walked in. All of which meant she had to marry Lord Beattie.

Why the silly little chit had kissed him when he’d been out cold for three weeks, the Lord alone knew. And now Gideon, Viscount Beattie had to marry the outspoken little minx. But there was something a little charming about her. The problem was, her uncle was after his hide, the peasants were revolting – in the rioting sense, not in the disgusting sense – and he really needed to procure some grain from up north. He may as well kill two birds with one stone and elope with the interesting, frustrating, irritating and thoroughly delightful Lady Emily – soon to be Viscountess Beattie. It would be an interesting journey.

AUTHOR’S NOTE: This book has no magic in it. While loosely based on a fairy tale, the story is gender swapped and there is no paranormal happenings.

My Review

This is an amazing take on a fairy tale that I absolutely love! I really liked the reversed roles in this and that it wasn’t full of fairy tale fluff. From the moment she kissed him I knew it was going to be a fun read. They are not your typical couple and are more real and relatable. I loved how they were learning about each other and that they both spoke their minds. I held my breath when they got to her brother’s, but loved the talking to he got from Gideon and how he was afterward. I loved the ending and the part at the ball really left me interested for more.

Emily is a favorite of mine! She is very outspoken and as curious as can be, but she also is very self-conscious. Both things make her very real and relatable. I loved her right away because of how outspoken she was and that she asked the questions that worried her. She needed him to raise her up and treat her the way she deserved.

Gideon can come off as a brute and rough at times, but he really has a kind heart and keeps his word. I loved how he would answer her questions and wanted her to know she was perfect to him. He would do anything to protect her and prove to her that she was special.