No Review, but an Update!

I’ve been super busy this week as my two posts (release day for two books!) yesterday showed. So I didn’t have time to read a book for review today because since I was working on things behind the scenes for different people. Since there is no review I thought I would do an update post.

Friday is a blog tour that I am super excited about! It is for Hell Hath No Fury by Annabelle Anders. She is apart of a writing group I’m in on Facebook and this is her first book and I’m thrilled to read it and be apart of the tour.

Tomorrow is the cover reveal for Christina McKnight’s Adeline and I can’t wait for it either.

You can still join my Sassy Historial Romancers group on Facebook.



Announcement!!! Facebook Group is Open!


My Facebook group is open! You can now join the Sassy Historical Romancers group. It’s open to readers and authors that love all kinds of historical romances. There are only a few rules and you can talk about books, shows (like Outlander and Poldark!), movies, and anything historical.

If you would like to join, please click here! Feel free to share with other so we can build our numbers and have even more people to talk with.