Review: How the Lady Was Won (The Survivors #7) by Shana Galen

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How the Lady Was Won by Shana Galen

My Rating: ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ Spice Level: 💋💋💋

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When a master of disguise marries a woman who sees right through him…
Lady Daphne, daughter of the Duke of Warcliffe, is one of the Three Suns. Society revolves around her. But there’s one person who doesn’t seem to know she’s alive—her own husband. Lady Daphne was thrilled to marry Colin FitzRoy, the son of her mother’s dear friend, seven years before. But then he left for the army, and their marriage never really had a chance. Now she’s in trouble, and Colin has reentered her life. She’s determined to refuse his help, especially after the way he’s treated her, but Colin can be persuasive…especially when he has her alone.

Baring it all is part of the seduction.
Colin FitzRoy was known as The Pretender during the war. He’s an expert in the art of disguise, but even when he takes off the mask, he hides who he really is. Colin pretends he doesn’t have feelings, but when he’s thrust together with his estranged wife, his buried emotions resurface. Before long, Colin is juggling an elderly pug, a wife-hunting Scotsman, and a duplicitous street urchin in an effort to keep Daphne safe. But his greatest challenge is not only to seduce her but to win her heart. 

This may just be my favorite in The Survivors series! Their wedding night did not go as planned and they’ve not spoken in seven years, but that all changes when trouble brings them back together. I love them together because that spark is between them and you can tell they are both fighting it for different reasons. Their emotions and feels slowly start to come to the surface and once they give in it is fireworks.

I was on pins and needles when it came to her trouble because I didn’t know what was going to happen. It was fun seeing Jasper again because he caused some trouble along the way. There are a few surprising twists throughout the story that I didn’t see coming.

Daphne is nothing like her friends when it comes to gossip and how she treats people. She is stubborn and full of fire and wants to fix her trouble herself, but she doesn’t know the danger that comes with it. I loved her right away because she didn’t hold back with anything or anyone.

Colin knows things went badly seven years ago, but his past keeps him from showing his emotions. He would do anything to protect her and wants to be with her, but he runs when his emotions start to show. I loved his skills and when he finally was able to open up.

Review: A Gypsy’s Christmas Kiss )Lady it's Cold Outside) by Dawn Brower

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A Gypsy’s Christmas Kiss by Dawn Brower

My Rating: ❤️❤️❤️❤️ Spice Level: 💋

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Fin and Lulia have a history. One that neither one has forgotten. When they meet again they are drawn together. After that chance meeting they share a magical kiss. Along the way they discover that sometimes the one thing a person needs isn’t what they would expect.

This one is kinda a whirlwind romance in a way. They met when she told him he would have to choose a path one day and neither one forgot that meeting. Then a surprising chance encounter reignites the spark between them and they quickly realize their love for each other. They come from different worlds in some ways, but they are meant to be with each other.

Lulia is a woman that had taken care of herself for years, but she does have a secret that will change how some see her. I loved her right away because of how she was with people and seemed to float between to worlds. She anchors Fin and helps him realize what path he should take.

Fin has avoided choosing his path for years and meeting Lulia again will force him to decide. He is an impulsive man at times, but that makes you love him because he doesn’t hide his feelings. I loved that nothing was going to stand in his way when it came to her.

The Beastly Earl (The Reckless Rockwoods #5) by Monica Burns

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The Beastly Earl by Monica Burns

My Rating: ❤️❤️❤️❤️ ❤️ Spice Level: 💋 💋 💋

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After eight years in the Sudan, Ewan Colquhoun returns home minus an eye and arm. His cold, grim childhood home hasn’t changed except for the boy his wife died giving birth to—a son that isn’t his. Bitter and angry at life, he quickly earns the title, the Beastly Earl of Argaty. When he finds Louisa half-dead on the moors, she stirs something inside him. Soon, he finds his life turned upside down by a woman hell-bent on taming the beast.

When tragedy strikes, Louisa becomes a widow with two young children. For two years, she’s struggled with the grief and guilt from that terrible night. Eager to let go of the past, she returns to the Rockwood family’s estate in Scotland, but an unfortunate accident places her in the path of the Earl of Argaty. She soon discovers letting go of the past is easier than taming the beast and freeing the man she loves.

​Is her love strong enough to tame the beast and free the man inside? 

This book hit me with so many emotions as every secret was revealed. Monica did an excellent job of balancing out the darker stuff with some bits of comic relief and a powerful love story. Some scenes were hard to read because they felt so real especially what was seen in visions. Even with the visions, I wasn’t sure what was coming until it was revealed. Louisa and Ewan both are haunted by the past and fate brought them together when they needed each other the most.

I absolutely loved the paranormal elements and how much a part of the story they were. This story shows how powerful real love can be and that it sees past what’s on the outside and any obstacles. There’s so much in this story to love, but I don’t want to spoil anything!

Louisa is as stubborn as they come and she was going to fight as hard as she could to make Ewan see he’s not a beast. I loved her from the start because it was clear that you don’t want to mess with her. She had healing of her own to do and I loved seeing her realize she could let go of the past.

Ewan believes he a monster in everyone’s eyes and doesn’t know what love is. You grow to love him especially after learning more about his family. He slowly learned that he needed to change and could love and be loved.

In for a Penny (In For a Penny #1) by Rose Lerner

In for a Penny by Rose Lerner

My Rating: ❤️❤️❤️ Spice Level: 💋 💋 💋

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He thought her money was the end of his problems, but it was just the beginning…

Young Lord Nevinstoke enjoys every moment of his deep-gaming, hard-drinking, womanizing life. Then his father is killed in a drunken duel, and Nev inherits a mountain of debts and responsibilities. He vows to leave his wild friends and his mistress behind, start acting respectable—and marry a rich girl.

Penelope Brown, a manufacturing heiress, seems the perfect choice. She’s pretty, ladylike, good at accounting, and looking for a marriage based on companionship and mutual esteem, not love. In fact, the only rash thing she’s ever done in her life is accept Nev’s proposal.

When the newlyweds arrive at Nev’s family estate, they discover that all the respectability and reason in the world won’t be enough to handle a hostile next-door neighbor, mutinous tenants, and Nev’s family’s propensity for scandal. In way over their heads, Nev and Penelope have no one to turn to but each other—but to their surprise, that just might be enough. 

I do enjoy a good marriage of convenience and this one definitely takes you on a journey to the happily ever after. These two are a good match for each other and liked that they both knew what they were going into. There just wasn’t enough passion between them for me and at times the romance got lost with the other stories going on. I loved the first half of the story, but the second half was full of drama outside of their relationship. I didn’t mind the added story with his sister or the stuff with the poachers and tenants but could have done without the neighbor stuff and Amy drama. If the book had focused more on the romance or maybe been shorter I think I would have liked it more.

When these two were together there was some wonderful teasing and good tension at times. The fact that they both knew what they were getting into was something I really liked. But even during their “first time” it wasn’t passionate like it should have been to me and kinda pulled me out of the story. It had too much of that old school way of how a woman’s first time should be and lacked something.

Penelope is a strong woman that is doing what she wants for once. I did love that she didn’t hide her skills and was working to help the estate. She is a very lovable character and I really liked her.

Nev will do anything he has to for his family and the people on his estate. I loved that he didn’t beat around the bush with her and wanted her to be happy. He really cared about people and making things right.

Review: Lady Be Good (Lord Love a Lady #5) by Annabelle Anders

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Lady be Good by Annabelle Anders

My Rating: ❤️❤️❤️❤️ ❤️ Spice Level: 💋 💋 💋

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In his arms, she didn’t feel like a maid… she simply felt like a woman.

Rose is a lady’s maid—albeit an educated, opinionated, hard headed and impetuous one.

Roman Spencer stands to become one of England’s most powerful earls. Sober and responsible, Viscount Darlington holds honor and duty above all else.

Stumbling upon one another at a Christmas House Party, the mismatched couple struggles to douse the smoldering attraction threatening to ignite between them. Will they succumb to society’s dictates or give in to the power of an everlasting love?

True everlasting love can survive anything and Rome and Rose will prove that over and over. Rumors, society, secrets, and their stations in society won’t keep them apart. I loved these two from the start because they instantly have something between them and feel safe with each other. There’s no judgment for their pasts and they push each other to break away from their safety net.

I was holding my breath when everything seemed to blow up with the rumor and the ball. But everything brought them together in the end. I was not expecting who started the rumor or why. His family is very unique and perfect for a couple like them.

Rose deserves a powerful love and to be the lady she was meant to be. I loved seeing her come out of her shell more and help him when he needed it most. I applaud her for how she shut down the rumor because that took a lot of courage.

Rome is a man that has let one thing in the past eat at him and he deserves love. I loved that he saw her for her and seemed to understand her better than most. He needed someone like her to push him to do what his heart wanted.

Unboxing a Holiday Gift Box from Darcy Burke

I’ve got something special and different today! Darcy Burke was kind enough to send me a special holiday gift box to unbox and it’s full of goodies!

This was such a wonderful box to open and I loved everything in it. The soap and candle both smell amazing. Who doesn’t love a little book swag and a copy of a wonderful Christmas themed historical romance.

My review of The Red Hot Earl

Review: Charmed at a Yuletide Ball (Thieves of the Ton #8) by Sandra Sookoo

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Charmed at a Yuletide Ball by Sandra Sookoo

My Rating: ❤️❤️❤️❤️ ❤️ Spice Level: 💋 💋 💋

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Unexpected surprises have the sweetest impact.

Emmaline, the Countess of Archewyne, is looking forward to Christmas Day. She and her family are assembled at their Cairo estate, and though she misses London and all the hustle and bustle and the snow, there is something endearing about the holiday away, for romance—and love—is always just around the corner.

Miles Lawrence Hawkins, the fifth Earl of Archewyne, is wrapping up the paperwork and packing as a result of a successful tomb discovery. However, when a valuable statue goes missing, he becomes distracted. Which is a blessing, for he’s also worried about the impending birth of his next child. So far away from home and civilization, anything could go wrong.

Their tranquil days leading up to a Yuletide ball are interrupted with the arrival of old friends and fellow king’s agents bearing news, gifts, and concerns of their own. As the house fills with anticipation, Miles fears they have a thief in their mix, while Emmaline’s worst fear comes true. A romantic tryst during the holiday revelry brings their lives into sharp relief, and if everyone survives the harrowing events that follow, Christmas will never be a happier time.

I’ve been waiting for this one and it does not disappoint! With Emmaline and Miles you know something is going to throw their plans off and a library will be probably be involved at some point. These two will always be evolving and their love just gets stronger. I loved seeing all the agents together again and all bringing news and tells of their adventures. You are in for a surprise with who the thief of the statue is and its a great added story.

This is one that will make you cry because emotions are high throughout the story. This new baby and the events surrounding its arrival will have you in tears for many reasons.

Emmaline like many women puts on a brave face and hides her worries and fears. When it comes to this baby she has many worries about how Miles is feeling, but she will find out that she doesn’t have to worry. I think this is one of the times she is the most scared and you can feel her emotions.

Miles has really changed over time when it comes to his temper and his worrying. He became the rock this time when everything started happening and Emmaline needed calming. The scene with him and Jane is one of the sweetest. I loved the ending where it hit him what the future is going to be like with these kids.

More and more Jane proves she is going a handful and a heart breaker when she gets older.

Review: Joy to the Duke (Love is All Around #3) by Darcy Burke

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Joy to the Duke by Darcy Burke

My Rating: ❤️❤️❤️❤️ ❤️ Spice Level: 💋 💋 💋

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Denied the woman of his dreams by his father’s meddling, Calder Stafford, has spent the last decade proving himself to be self-sufficient, austere, and utterly uninterested in joy. Now that he is the Duke of Hartwell, he’ll enact his revenge by abolishing the holiday traditions his father loved so well. His sisters will not sway him and neither will the woman—newly returned to town—who was stolen from him.

Returning to Hartwell to care for her mother, widow Felicity Garland is delighted to be back home, especially for the holidays. However, the jolly festivities she expects are nowhere to be found. When she goes to the source of the problem—the duke—she’s astonished to see how much the young man she once loved has hardened. It’s up to her to break through the impenetrable fortress around his heart—not just to save Christmas, but to save him.

I think this may be my favorite in this series! We finally find out what turned Calder so cold and the extent of that will surprise you. They were meant to be together and Felicity wasn’t going to let him continue on the downward spiral. When they came face to face again the sparks flew and I knew it was going to be a journey for them. The ending was perfect and I loved seeing the family together again.

Felicity is a strong-willed woman that isn’t going to give up and will fight him all the way. I loved her from the start because she saw the man she loved was still inside him. She brought joy back into his life.

Calder is bitter and pushing everyone that loves him away because of the past. Once you find out why he is the way he is you will understand him and love him as time goes by. He needs joy back in his life.

Hell’s Wedding Bells ( Once Upon a Christmas Wedding) by Annabelle Anders

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Hell’s Wedding Bells by Annabelle Anders

My Rating: ❤️❤️❤️❤️ Spice Level: 💋 💋 💋


Tis the season… for wedding bells!

But, the path of true love never did run smooth… as our brides and grooms soon discover.

From the snowbound Scottish Highlands to candlelit ballrooms, follow our fearless heroines as they scorn etiquette and defy danger in pursuit of their heart’s desire.
Buy ‘Once Upon a Christmas Wedding’ and unwrap twenty-seven stories of scandalous adventure, sizzling passion, and heartwarming holiday romance.

Fall in love with Regency rakes, kilted Highlander heroes, and Victorian viscounts, earls and dukes.

This set of all-new historical Yuletide novellas from your favourite authors is available for just three months, so don’t miss out.

Twenty-seven historical romances to enjoy

This is a different kind of Christmas romance because its not full of cheer, but is a story of hope and finding peace. Lila and Vincent were forced together because of lies and cruelty and it gave them what they both needed. Need turns to love and pulls them through the hard times. The ending proves there is always a light at the end of the tunnel.

Lila has survived everything her father has thrown at her and it hasn’t broken her down. She may not have wanted this marriage, but she saw the hope of what it could bring for her and her sister.

Vincent thought he was only paying a debt left by his brother when he married her, but it was so much more. He quickly learned that she was something special and she changed things.

Review: A Second Chance for Love (Bachelors of Bond Street) by Minerva Spencer

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A Second Chance for Love by Minerva Spencer

My Rating: ❤️❤️❤️❤️ ❤️ Spice Level: 💋 💋 💋 💋

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An all-new anthology featuring novellas from acclaimed Regency historical authors Janna MacGregor, Shana Galen, and Minerva Spencer. Bond Street is famous for its elite clubs, fashionable shops and successful businesses. Now meet the bachelors who’ve made Bond Street their domain. Are these gentlemen as lucky in love as they are in business?

Justin Taylor is rich beyond his wildest dreams and he has everything he’s ever wanted: everything except revenge against the man and woman who wrecked his life a decade earlier.

When Oona Parker—one of the two people responsible for years of misery—suddenly reappears in his life, Juss knows fate has brought them together for a reason.

But is fate giving him an opportunity for vengeance—or a second chance at love?

I love a bit of enemies to lovers and a second chance at love. Neither one’s story is what the other thought and they will only realize that after striking a deal. It’s clear from that start that they weren’t going to be able to resist each other. Fate brought them together for better reasons.

Oona was shocked to see him again and wasn’t prepared to give up her secrets. She did what she had to for her future when agreeing to his deal, but her heart took over.

Juss is set on revenge, but being alone with her and telling his story makes him realize that’s not what he wants. The truth will come out and his heart will win.