Review: When a Marquess Tempts a Lady (Kissed by Scandal) by harriet deyo



When a Marquess Tempts a Lady  by Harriet Deyo

My Rating: ❤❤❤

Spice Level: 💋💋💋

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A brooding rogue:
You can only avoid your past for so long… The Marquess of Glenarvon has been running away from himself for years—ever since the woman he once loved betrayed him. He swore never to love again, but everything changes when he meets Catherine…

A well-read vixen:
Fiery Catherine Edmonson has two great pleasures in life: family and books. No man could ever equal the heroes in her favorite novels. Marriage is simply not for her. That is, until she discovers that her sister has a most scandalous secret—one which could put the entire family in peril. Now, Catherine is convinced that a socially advantageous marriage is the only thing that can save her family from ruin…

A scandalous wager:
When an enemy forces Glenarvon into a wager for Catherine’s hand in marriage, he has no choice but to wed the head-strong lady. Passions ignite. But as secrets pile up between the newlyweds, they must find their way to the truth, or else sacrifice what may just be a love for the ages…

My Review

I was so excited to read this one because of the blurb, but it just wasn’t my style in the end. There was too much conflict between them for me and I think if it had been longer it would have worked better. I did really like when they finally gave into the spark between them. The story with her sister was really interesting and I liked it a lot. I wanted to strangle the other guy from the start because he even showed hints of his true character and no one saw it.

Catherine went into the marriage with not the best intentions, but her love for her sister was a good reason. She was stubborn which was nice until she needed to listen to someone. I did like how she understood when she heard the full story and opened her heart again.

Glenarvon could come off as cold, but really things just came out wrong. I did like him when he dropped his walls and let his heart take over. He really had good intentions even though the way he went about it was a bad idea.