Review: The Devil’s Submission by Nicola Davidson

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The Devil’s Submission by Nicola Davidson

My Rating: ❤❤❤1/2

Spice Level: 💋💋💋💋💋

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Disinherited by his parents and estranged from his wife, Fallen pleasure club co-owner Lord Grayson ‘Devil’ Deveraux long ago learned to place his trust in ledgers rather than people. But his ice-cold reserve hides the scandalous truth: he’s a man who craves pain with his pleasure, and a loving lady to instruct him.

Banished to the country when her whirlwind marriage collapsed, Lady Eliza Deveraux never knew why Grayson fell out of love with her: she’d tried so damned hard to quell her fiery self and be a proper, obedient wife. But when Eliza is forced to return to London and back into Grayson’s intoxicating world, banked passions reignite. Can a marriage built on secrets and pretense truly get a second chance?

My Review

*Received a copy via NetGalley

This is definitely not my usual style of book. I enjoyed the story between them and just wasn’t into the language being used and some of what went on in Fallen. It was different seeing other things besides what most romances have and I really like the characters. I did love the ending with her mother a lot and his brother.

Eliza is definitely bold and likes to be in charge, but her mother has drilled it into to be the opposite. When she finally realized that she needed to be her and not what her mother wanted it was great!

Grayson’s life is a bit shocking, but he is very likable and very nice even in business unless you did something wrong. He had his friends that he was open with, but he didn’t explain everything to his wife at first.

His friends sounded very interesting and fun. If you don’t mind the language and whips, feathers, and other detailed things then this is probably a good book for you.



Review: Joy To The Earl (Book #3 of A Very Wicked Christmas Anthology) By Nicola Davidson



Joy to the Earl (book #3 of A Very Wicked Christmas Anthology) by Nicola Davidson

My Rating: ❤❤❤❤

Spice Level: 💋💋💋💋💋

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Shunned for his mismatched eyes and awkward limp, Yorkshire carpenter Jack Reynolds lives a lonely and impoverished existence. Then comes a shocking discovery: he’s the discarded heir of a wealthy noble family, and if he travels to London by Christmas, he’ll not only gain and earldom, a home, and position like he’s never dreamed, but maybe – just maybe – he can finally lose his damned virginity.

Scandalous widow Rosalinda Nelson’s life centers around four things – her young daughter, helping couples suffering sexual discord, avoiding all peers, and definitely not falling in love. That is, until the day she rescues a mysterious stranger from a carriage accident. Kind, brave, and achingly seductive, Jack is everything she’s ever wanted. Nothing can destroy their growing bond…except the demons of his past…

My Review

If you like an extremely steamy read then this may be the story for you. This is normally not my cup of tea, but I did enjoy the story. It is a little shocking at first with how fast sex is brought up, but once you remember what Rosalinda does and her reputation because of it then it helps you to understand it a bit more and there is enough humor to offset it. The accident storyline is a great one and I love the Shakespree references.

I loved Rosalinda from the start. She did what she had to for her daughter and was only so scandalous because of talk. Yes, she did help couples, but not in the way people thought and she also had helped some men in other ways. Being a great listener was a good thing when she believed she had been lied to.

Jack was a great guy. You feel bad for him when he finds out being the heir and even more when you meet his mother. He didn’t shrink away when thrown into the title and stayed true to himself. I loved that he quickly thought up a plan to get Rosalinda back and never mopped. He was somebody that made friends quickly too.

Rosalinda’s daughter is something else. She can make you laugh at every turn with the things she says and does especially with her recruits and soldiers. Her aunt and uncle will also make you laugh with their craziness and frankness. There are many characters to love!

*I received a copy via NetGalley in exchange for my honest review*