Random Friday: Behind the Scenes of Easter Photoshoot

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For Random Friday this week, I have a special treat because yesterday we did the Easter photoshoot with Lady Abigail and Lady Claire. Things have been so busy lately that we didn’t know if we would be able to do a shoot or not, but my brother (the photographer) had some down time to do it. As usual, there are plenty of behind the scenes photos for me to share and the final photos will be posted on Colt S Photography on Sunday for Easter.

We didn’t dress them up this time because it was 80 degrees out and even though the photos are done inside it’s hot and hard work for everyone. Lady Abigail did get a new flower for her collar and Lady Claire wore her other collar (that wasn’t as worn looking). These photos show Lady Claire’s silly and hyper personality and Lady Abigail’s love of photos. I only came out with one scratch to my hand from holding treats and it was better than last time in getting both to hold still and look the same direction.

Here are the fun photos:


Random Friday: I’m All For Epilogues

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There has been a debate lately on if epilogues are needed or not and who is a fan or not of them in romances. Where am I in this debate? If the title didn’t give it away then I will say it again I’m all for them and love them. There are a few reasons I love them in romances and I will talk about them all.

1. Some books don’t need them

This is true. Every once in a while there is a romance that the ending covers everything and doesn’t leave you wanting to know a tiny bit more. But most of the time the book ends without a wedding and/or without you know the reactions of some characters to something. The epilogue can jump ahead and let you know if they had kids, how someone was punished for a crime, and if they are getting along with someone again. All things that if the book continued so you could get to that point it would be much longer and you probably wouldn’t care about the details.

2. It can lead you into the next book

There is almost always a secondary character in the book that gets your interest and you want to know more about. Many times the epilogue will have what character will be in the next book. The whole epilogue may only hint at it and it depends on how much the books connect, but you will most likely get a hint of the next book.

3. How the books in the series connect

You might be wondering how or if the books in the series connect and the epilogue can help with that. You might be introduced to a new character that knows the characters from the book you just finished. Or it can tell you if the next one picks up from where this one left. Sometimes the stories actually go on at the same time and intertwine and the epilogue will show it.

Just embrace the epilogue!

I know many others love them like me for the closure they provide and I know many think they don’t add anything or they can make you want to buy the next (which is one of the points).

Are there any reasons you love that I missed or anything you have to say about them? Leave a comment below and I will reply.

Happy Halloween! Fur Babies Photo Shoot Outtakes

Halloween is my favorite holiday so of course, I need to make costumes for my fur babies. I pet my sewing skills to the test this time by actually sewing a full costume for Abigail. I had to have a nod to historical romance by making her a little saloon/dance hall girl outfit. I hand sew everything so it took about a week for me to sew it, but it was fun and kept my hands busy. I went easy with Claire’s fairy costume since this is her first Halloween and I wanted to be able to use it again and we didn’t know how well she would take to being dressed up. She didn’t mind being dressed up at all, but holding still for photos was a challenge for her even with treats and knowing to say please by sitting (she has been taught to sit).

I call these photos the herding of flying squirrels because if one held still the other didn’t even though Abigail is the best at being a model she got annoyed with Claire jumping over her and not having as much space as we usually have to sit due to a different backdrop.

Photos are courtesy of Colt S. Photography and the full shoot will be on his blog Monday morning! There is a bonus shot of the back of Abigail’s costume.


Random Facts About Me

I thought it would be fun to do a random facts about me list. So I asked my brother to list some random things about me and soon I will do the same for him.

  1. I’m a night owl. This is very true. I am the last to go to sleep and the last to get up. I have always been a night owl and spend most of the time reading.
  2. I write my name on lots of things. My dad made the mistake of saying “I don’t see your name on it” one time when I was little and now I write my name of almost everything. Usually, it’s the last piece of cake or something food related, but I do write my name on notebooks and other things.
  3. I love to crochet for others. I crochet dog clothes, gifts, bags and other things. I hardly ever make something for myself.
  4. I can not see in the dark at all. My eyes don’t adjust to the darkness like everyone else. I can barely make out anything in the dark and it’s almost pitch black for me.
  5. I have green eyes. I am the only one in my family to have green eyes. They used to look more hazel like my dad and brother, but are now a forest green color.
  6. I love to make things. I keep random boxes and other things because I could need them if I randomly decide to make something. I will see something and decide I can make it.
  7. I love old movies and music more than modern. I love music from the 50’s and up to the 90’s mainly country music, but also some old bebop like music. When it come to movies I love Cary Grant, John Wayne (and many others) and most movies from their time.

    And a random photo of my Abigail

A busy week of reading!

I have been reading like crazy this week and will be next week because so many books I’ve been waiting for released. Tomorrow I will have a review for Vexed (The Haunting of Castle Keyvnor, #1) by Erica Ridley, Ava Stone, and Elizabeth Essex. I have been looking forward to this book for awhile and I am loving it. I’ve read the first two stories and have already gotten the chills and can’t wait to see what the last one has in store.

After I read this I will be reading Bedeviled (The Haunting of Castle Keyvnor Book 2) and Mystified (The Haunting of Castle Keyvnor Book 3) along with the next story in A Very Wicked Christmas and then I will be reading  The Ice Duchess: Scandalous Regency Widows, Book 2 by Amy Rose Bennett and its review will be up on Friday!

So many book and only so much time to read!


What’s Coming Up In My Reading

31423878I am getting ready to start reading A Very Wicked Christmas Anthology by Heather BoydNicola DavidsonDonna CummingsBarbara MonajemWendy Vella, and Beverley Oakley. Releasing October 18!

Since there are six stories in this anthology I will be posting a review for each one as I read them on Review Wednesday and then I might do a review for the whole thing once finished. I’ve read books by Heather Boyd, Wendy Vella, and Donna Cummings before, but not Nicola Davidson, Beverley Oakley, and Barbara Monajem so I am looking forward to reading some new to me authors.

All of the stories sound amazing and very interesting. I can’t wait to see what they all have in store for me and hope you all enjoy reading the reviews.


Totally Bored of the Typical Historical Romance? Try These Books!

Are you bored with the typical historical romances that have balls, castles, and dukes? If the answer is yes then read on to see some of my favorites that I think are outside of the typical historical realm of romances books. These are books and series that I fell in love with because they were different from the other books I love and I wish there were more like them.

  1. The Rookery Rogues Series by Erica Monroe

The Rookery Rogues: Volume 1 (The Rookery Rogues Book #1-3)This series is a historical romantic suspense. The reason I love it is because there is a mystery to in each one and they connect throughout the series in a couple of ways. They also involve some bits of a real crime that happened during the time period. Another reason is because there are no balls, castles or dukes. It is set in the rookeries of London and shows the other side of London where people struggled to survive and no one involved is a part of high society. These romances feel more like real life than a fairy tale.

2. The Secrets and Scandals Series by Darcy Burke

Her Wicked Ways (Secrets & Scandals #1)Now this series does include some characters with titles, but the stories to me are not the typical ballroom romances. In Her Wicked Ways, the heroine is banished from London for her behavior and the hero is like Robin Hood stealing from the rich to take care of children. In His Wicked Heart, you get to see more about the fashion and fight clubs. The heroine is an orphaned seamstress that the hero thinks is a prostitute when they first meet. In To Seduce A Scoundrel, there is a bit of a mystery surrounding the hero and the reason he is known as a scoundrel. The heroine is all about protecting everyone’s reputation. You are also introduced to one of my all time favorite characters that adds another mystery to the series. In To Love A Theif, The hero is a former constable turned viscount and the heroine is set on getting back some stolen family heirlooms at any cost. There some twists in this story. In Never Love a Scoundrel, there are many twists and turns to the story. The heroine’s aunt keeps her under her thumb and tries to use her to take down the hero’s family. The hero’s life was turned upside down when his half-brother showed up years ago and now he is back again. In Scoundrel Ever After, The hero is trying to leave his criminal past behind him and become a gentleman only to be framed for murder. The heroine is a wallflower looking for adventure by running away with a wanted man.

3. The Black Rose Trilogy  by Renee Bernard

Black Rose Trilogy Box Set (Black Rose Trilogy, #1-3)This trilogy is on the gothic side and deals with revenge from star to finish. This is all about female justice. The heroine is taken from an orphanage to be used in a plot of revenge that has been in the works for years. Nine years later she has changed her name and became an independent woman with a mission to help other women with revenge. You will go through many emotions with this trilogy as you get to know the heroine and hero along with everyone else involved.

4. The Lady Unmasked by Ava Stone

The Lady Unmasked (Regency Seasons, #7)Is part of the Regency Season Series that I haven’t finished yet. It is a Halloween story that surrounds a haunted castle and a very interesting, but fun family. There is an ancient spirit that is released in the castle that is inspired by a Greek spirit. I have read a few books in this series and they are all worth reading. The Halloween stories are a must.


5. Regency Treasure Hunters Series by Darcy Burke

The de Valery Code (Regency Treasure Hunters, #1)The title of this series was what first caught my attention and it means what it says. I absolutely love this series because it involves treasure hunting and some medieval tales. I hope to see more of this series because It is unique.


A Busy Week: Adopting A New Kitty!

This week has been busy with preparing to bring home our new kitty. It has been over nine years since we have had a kitten in the house, but since we have a dog we decided that a kitten was best to adopt. Because a kitten can get used to a dog quicker and our dog would do better with a kitten than a full grown cat.

We went last Saturday to our local animal shelter to look at kittens and after about thirty minutes we had picked one, but we couldn’t bring her home yet. She needed to be spayed first and the soonest appointment at the clinic was Tuesday with a Wednesday pickup so that gave us time to go buy all new kitty stuff and kitten-proof the house. Which is what we spent the next few days doing by moving plants, cleaning, and looking for hazards. We also got Abigail ready for the new kitty by putting out everything and buying her a new food dish. Wednesday morning came and it was time to pick her up at 7:30am and when she got home she was ready to get out and do her thing. Abigail just wants to baby her and they will get along fine as soon as they get completely use to each other. No one is afraid of the other and it’s just learning each other.

So without further ado, I would like to introduce little miss Clarie. Claire is a fourteen-week-old tortie with sass. She has only been home for two days and knows how to get her way. She is fearless and when she sets her mind on something she figures out how to get it even if it means getting a human to do something. Playing with toys, trying to scare Abigail, and climbing as high as possible are her favorite activities.

She does not hold still for long so here are a few photos. If you follow me on Instagram @sassybooklover there are a few videos of her.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


What Makes Me Read A Book

What Makes Me Read A Book

For this week’s random post I am talking about what makes me read a book. I know this is something many authors ask their fans as trends change and everyone is different in what catches their eye from the covers to the blurb and other factors.So here is how I pick books that I read when looking at new to me authors or browsing amazon.

 The Title. The title of a book is usually the first thing to catch my eye. If it is different from the others or has a character’s name then  I will notice it right away and probably click on it. Something rare that I love is if the title describes a scene in the book like Unlaced. That was the first book that I read that actually described a scene in the story and it made it unique to me.

The Cover. The next thing that catches my eye is the cover. A well-done cover will always get my attention especially if it has bold or bright colors. I don’t really have a preference out having the couple on the cover versus just the hero or heroine. It depends on the story and title on which I like best. If the story or title mainly surrounds around the hero then I like to see him on the cover or as the focuses if the couple is on the cover same for the heroine. It’s a bonus if the cover looks like a scene in the book or matches the title or the people look a bit like the characters, but I know that isn’t always possible. The book I mentioned above has a cover that also does this and another example is The Lady Unmasked that matches the title by having a mask. It’s also good for the cover to match the spice level a bit.

The Blurb. A blurb that leaves you with a mystery of what happens will pull me in quick. I like to be left in the dark a bit about the characters pasts when reading the blurb. If it hints at something in their past without clearly saying what it is then I want to read it and find out.When I read the blurb for Stormswept I had absolutely no clue at what happened to the hero and had to know. If it mentions a mystery like a murder or a robbery then I will definitely want to read it. I also look at the blurb for an idea of the spice level because I don’t want to get something way out of my preference when I think it isn’t only to be disappointed or shocked.

Romance Tropes. I don’t have much of a preference with it comes to this and what I like changes with my mood. I have phases of loving something like friends to lovers  or enemies to lovers or star-crossed lovers that have to fight to be together. Two things I know I don’t like is if the heroine is kidnapped by the hero for no good reason or if the hero does something violent to force the heroine to marry him. Forced marriages are only good if they actually like each other before and it’s due to a misunderstanding and if a hero intentionally hurts the heroine physically to get her then he is not a hero.

Now I will be the first to admit that when it comes to some of my favorite authors that I don’t look at any of these things when it comes to their new books unless it’s a new series. I will, of course, notice the title and cover when getting the book, but I have read books without reading the blurb fully.

What do I like to read?

What do I like to read-

If you are a follower of my blog you already know I read many historicals that are set in the 1800’s England which many just refer to them as regency even if they aren’t set in the regency time period as those are the most popular and available. I do read and love other romances. I go through phases of what I want to read like many people do.

Westerns are where I started and I absolutely love them (who doesn’t love a cowboy). I burned through many westerns , but find it hard to find ones that peak my interest nowadays. It seems there aren’t as many historical westerns out there as there are contemporary or other romances. I have been seeing more recently that are not sweet or inspirational.

Medieval, Celtic and Renaissance romances are something I like to read every once in awhile. These are ones that can be hard to find too and depending on what you are looking for they can also be time travel romances. I once read one set in medieval Wales and loved the history in it, but have yet to find another one like it. When it comes to Celtic romances I do actually like fairies, healers, and spirits which I usually don’t like to read (unless it’s a Halloween story), but they add to the stories and history for me.

Civil war and pirate romances are rare ones for me to read. I have read a couple that I enjoy and it just depends on the plot and my mood. If there is a funny story or mystery involved then I will be interested. I’m not a big fan of the fighting that can be in civil war or pirate romances because they can overshadow the romance for me.

As you can see I will read just about any historical romance and it’s a bonus if there is a mystery that I can try to solve. And this post has made me want to go on a book search on Amazon since I haven’t done that in a while.

If you are interested in what I have read that hasn’t made it on here yet then check out my Goodreads All Time Favorites below. If you click the title below it will take you to my Goodreads profile where more books are listed.

Kelly’s my-all-time-favorites book montage

The Earl's Inconvenient Wife
The Rancher
The Gambler
Lady Dearing's Masquerade
Intentions of the Earl
More Than Passion
Her Wicked Ways
The Outlaw
The Lawman
Lady Bess
No Greater Glory
His Wicked Heart
To Seduce A Scoundrel
To Love A Thief
Never Love a Scoundrel
Scoundrel Ever After
To Win His Wayward Wife
Her Sudden Groom
The Officer and the Bostoner
Sonata for a Scoundrel

Kelly Snyder’s favorite books »
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