Review: North of the Azores (Life on Another Island Book 1) by Ruth Danes

North of the Azores by Ruth Danes

My Rating: ❤️❤️❤️1/2 Spice Level:💋💋1/2

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The year is 1780 and the Devil’s Isles, a group of islands in the North Atlantic Ocean, have recently been conquered by Britain after a brief war. The inhabitants of the Devil’s Isles practice magic and both human and animal sacrifice. Nebula, a young princess from the islands, struggles with this and is beginning to question what she has been taught. 

Aware of a plot to kill everyone on the islands, Nebula defects to the British side where she takes on a new identity and a new life. Under the name Adeliza, she works in England as a maid for a Dr Moon. Only two men know her real identity; the kind-hearted doctor and the seemingly terrifying Mr Lastman. 

This kind of historical fiction is new to me and while not my cup of tea there were parts I really enjoyed. You get to follow the journey of Adeliza over the course of a few years as she grows from a young girl to a young woman. She is very much like every teenage girl when it comes to her heart and I enjoyed seeing her go through real struggles of a teenager.

There really isn’t much romance except for her brief love for one guy. I kinda think this would be a good story for a teenager because they could relate a bit more to Adeliza and her struggles. Love scenes aren’t graphic and there are only a couple so it’s fine for a teenager.

The author has a great imagination and did a great job with creating this story.